Submissions from 2014


Effect of substrate surface roughening and cold spray coating on the fatigue life of AA2024 specimens, Constance Ziemian, Mala M. Sharma, Ben D. Bouffard, Timothy Eden, and Travis Nissley

Storm and Stone: Accidental Archaeology at Skara Brae in Orkney, Virginia Zimmerman

Submissions from 2013

Tridiagonal Reproducing Kernels and Subnormality, Gregory Adams, Nathan S. Feldman, and Paul McGuire

A Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Young Field Ultracool Dwarfs, Katelyn N. Allers and Michael C. Liu

Symposium on Iris Murdoch: A Response to Nora Hamalainen and David Robjant, Maria Antonaccio

On Certain Applications of the Khukhro-Makarenko Theorem, Ahmet Arikan, Howard Smith, and Nadir Trabelsi


Paths of Discovery: Comparing the Search effectiveness of EBSCO Discovery Service, Summon, Google Scholar, and Conventional Library Resources, Andrew Asher, Lynda M. Duke, and Suzanne Wilson

Detection of Internal Defects in Concrete Members Using Global Vibration Characteristics, H. Sezer Atamturktur, Christopher R. Gilligan, and Kelly A. Salyards

The Financial Rate of Profit: What Is It, and How Has It Behaved in the United States?, Erdogan Bakir and Al Campbell

Hierarchical Approach for Survivable Network Design, Anantaram Balakrishnan, Mihai Banciu, Karolina Glowacka, and Prakash Mirchandani

New Results Concerning Probability Distributions with Increasing Generalized Failure Rates, Mihai Banciu and Prakash Mirchandani

Beta-Endorphin Modulates the Effect of Stress on Novelty-Suppressed Feeding, Elizabeth T. Barfield, V. Alexandra Moser, Annie Hand, and Judith E. Grisel

Model Predictive Control for Vehicle Stabilization at the Limits of Handling, Craig Earl Beal and J. Christian Gerdes

Characterization of HgCl2 Tridentate Amine Complexes by X-ray Crystallography, NMR and ESI-MS, Deborah C. Bebout, Edith V. Bowers, Rachel E. Freer, Margaret E. Kastner, Damon A. Parrish, and Raymond J. Butcher

Identifying Resiliency Performance Measures for Megaregional Planning Case Study of the Transportation Corridor Between Boston, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC, Michelle Oswald Beiler, Sue McNeil, David Ames, and Rebekah Gayley

Yolk Androstenedione in Domestic Chicks (Gallus Gallus Domesticus): Uptake and Sex-Dependent Alteration of Growth and Behavior, Z. Morgan Benowitz-Fredericks and Melissa Hodge

Effects of Food Availability on Yolk Androgen Deposition in the Black-Legged Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla), a Seabird with Facultative Brood Reduction, Z. Morgan Benowitz-Fredericks, Alexander S. Kitaysky, Jorg Welcker, and Scott A. Hatch

Changes in annual reporting rituals of financial services firms in periods of market crisis, Mark Bettner and Kate Sowinski

Changes in Annual Reporting Rituals of Financial Services Firms in Periods of Market Crisis, Mark Bettner and Kate Sowinski

Feasibility of Wii Fit Training to Improve Clinical Measures of Balance in Older Adults, Katie Bieryla and Neil M. Dold

From Craton to Rift: Empirically Based Ground-Truth Criteria for Local Events Recorded on Regional Networks, K. B. Boomer, R. A. Brazier, J. P. O'Donnell, A. A. Nyblade, J. Kokoska, and S. Liu

Fidelity of Implementation of Research-Based Instructional Strategies (RBIS) in Engineering Science Courses, Maura Borrego, Stephanie Cutler, Michael J. Prince, Charles Henderson, and Jeffrey E. Froyd

Influence of Engineering Instructors' Teaching and Learning Beliefs on Pedagogies in Engineering Science Courses, Maura Borrego, Jeffrey E. Froyd, Charles Henderson, Stephanie Cutler, and Michael J. Prince

Human Resource Performance Metrics: Methods & Processes That Demonstrate You Care, Neil Boyd

Groups Acting on Tensor Products, Peter A. Brooksbank and James B. Wilson

White-Nose Syndrome-Affected Litttle Brown Myotis (Myotis Lucifugus) Increase Grooming and Other Active Behaviors During Arousals from Hibernation, Sarah A. Brownlee-Bouboulis and DeeAnn Reeder

Processing-Structure-Property Relationships in Solid-State Shear Pulverization: Parametric Study of specific energy, Philip J. Brunner, Joshua T. Clark, John M. Torkelson, and Kat Wakabayashi

Engineering Ethics: Looking Back, Looking Forward, Richard A. Burgess, Michael Davis, Marilyn A. Dyrud, Joseph R. Herkert, Rachelle D. Hollander, Lisa Newton, Michael S. Pritchard, and P. Aarne Vesilind

Selective Formation of Diblock Copolymers Using Radical Trap-Assisted Atom Transfer Radical Coupling, William E. Butcher, Scott C. Radzinski, and Eric Tillman

One Pot, Two Step Sequence Converting Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Directly to Radical Trap-Assisted Atom Transfer Radical Coupling, Elizabeth M. Carnicom, William E. Coyne, Kenneth D. Myers, and Eric Tillman

Prime and Semiprime Inner Functions, Isabelle Chalendar, Pamela Gorkin, and Jonathan R. Partington


Anisotropy in plastic deformation of extruded magnesium alloy sheet during tensile straining at high temperature, David E. Cipoletti, Allan F. Bower, and Paul E. Krajewski

UV Responses in Native Hawaiians or Other Pacific Islanders and Asians Residing in Hawaiʻi and in Maryland, Leticia U. Colmenares, Sergio Coelho, Sharon A. Miller, K B. Boomer, and Janusz Z. Beer

Narrating Boundaries: Framing and Contesting Suffering, Community, and Belonging in Enclaves along the India-Bangladesh Border, Jason Cons


Interplay Between Finite Resources and a Local Defect in an Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process, L. Jonathan Cook, Jiajia Dong, and Alexander LaFleur


Developing the next generation of music teachers: Sample music education association programs that promote our profession and prepare future colleagues., Kimberly H. Councill

Career Influences of Music Education Audition Candidates, Kimberly H. Councill, W. D. Brewer, D. A. Rickels, W. Fredrickson, M. Hairston, D. L. Perry, A. Porter, and M. Schmidt

The Value of Intuitive Concepts in Evaporation Research, Richard Crago and Russell J. Qualls

Electrolyte Depletion in White-nose Syndrome Bats, Paul M. Cryan, Carol Uphoff Meteyer, David S. Blehert, Jeffrey M. Lorch, DeeAnn Reeder, Gregory G. Turner, Julie Webb, Melissa Behr, Michelle Verant, Robin E. Russe, and Kevin T. Castle

“Siempre quedará París: pasado y futuro del exilio femenino en Carmen Martín Gaite y Carme Riera”., Isabel Cuñado

Detrital Zircon Evidence for Non-Laurentian Provenance, Mesoproterozoic (ca. 1490-1450 Ma) Deposition and Orogenesis in a Reconstructed Orogenic Belt, Northern New Mexico, USA: Defining the Picuris Orogeny, Christopher G. Daniel; Lily S. Pfeifer; James V. Jones, III; and Christopher M. McFarlane

Factors Affecting Vocational Rehabilitation Service Use among Latino Men with HIV/AIDS: A National Perspective, Paul A. Datti, Liza M. Conyers, and K B. Boomer


Mass Transport Perspective on an Accelerated Exclusion Process: Analysis of Augmented Current and Unit-Velocity Phases, Jiajia Dong, Stefan Klumpp, and R K P Zia

The Turkish Drawbridge: European Integration and the Cultural Economics of National Planning, Mehmet Dosemeci

Equivariant Inverse Spectral Theory and Toric Orbifolds, Emily Dryden, Victor Guillemin, and Rosa Sena-Dias

Poetic Becomings: Studies in Contemporary French Literature, Nathalie Dupont

Health insurance coverage of Hispanic adults: An assessment of subgroup difference and the impact of immigration, Elizabeth Durden and Lucy G. Dean

Social Context and Economic Biases in Representation, Christopher Ellis

Planetary Gear Modal Vibration Experiments and Correlation against Lumped-Parameter and Finite Element Models, Tristan M. Ericson and Robert G. Parker


A New Reactor Concept for Efficient Solar-Thermochemical Fuel Production, Ivan Ermanoski, Nathan P. Siegel, and Ellen B. Stechel


Quadratically hyponormal weighted shifts with recursive tail, George R. Exner, Il Bong Jung, Mi Ryeong Lee, and Sun Hyun Park

Masculinity in the Eighteenth-Century Moravian Mission Field:: Contact and Negotiation, Katherine Faull

Knuckling Under? School Superintendents and Accountability-Based Educational Reform, Abe Feuerstein

Anomalous Velocity Distributions in Active Brownian Suspensions, Andrea Fiege, Benjamin Vollmayr-Lee, and Annette Zippelius

Montaigne, Lying and Early Modern Self-Fashioning: A Discursive Dialogue with Lope's El perro del hortelano on the Page and on Stage, Susan L. Fischer

Oxotremorine Delays and Scopolamine Accelerates Sexual Exhaustion When Applied to the Preoptic Area in Male Hamsters, Owen R. Floody

Responses to Central Oxotremorine and Scopolamine Support the Cholinergic Control of Male Mating Behavior in Hamsters, Owen R. Floody and Laina G. Lusk

Accounting for Fetal Death: Vital Statistics and the Medicalization of Pregnancy in the United States, Lauren Fordyce


Common parietal activation in musical mental transformations across pitch and time, Nicholas E.V. Foster, Andrea Halpern, and Robert J. Zatorre

Quantum Energy Teleportation Between Spin Particles in a Gibbs State, Michael R. Frey, Karl Gerlach, and Masahiro Hotta

Estimates of Use of Research-Based Instructional Strategies in Core Electrical or Computer Engineering Courses, Jeffrey E. Froyd, Maura Borrego, Stephanie Cutler, Charles Henderson, and Michael J. Prince

Studying the Roles of Nonprofits, Government, and Business in Providing Activities and Services to Youth in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Joseph Galaskiewicz, Olga V. Mayorova, and Beth Duckles

Market Prices and Food Aid Local and Regional Procurement and Distribution: A Multi-Country Analysis, Teevrat Garg, Christopher B. Barrett, Miguel I. Gomez, Erin C. Lentz, and William J. Violette

Zeros of Weakly Holomorphic Modular Forms of Levels 2 and 3, Sharon Garthwaite and Paul Jenkins

Dancing Diaspora: Chineseness as a Moving Concept, Eugenia P. Gerdes

The Chinese Currency and Global Rebalancing: A Discussion, Wei Ge

Computations of Vector-Valued Siegel Modular Forms, Alexandru Ghitza, Nathan C. Ryan, and David Sulon

Risk Judgment in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Testing a Dual-Systems Account, Gideon Goldin, Mascha Van 't Wout, Steven A. Sloman, David W. Evans, Benjamin D. Greenberg, and Steven A. Rasmussen

On the composition of Frostman Blaschke products, Pamela Gorkin and John R. Akeroyd

Prime and semiprime inner functions, Pamela Gorkin, Jonathan R. Partington, and isabelle Chalendar


Secondary collisions revisited: real-world crash data and relationship to crash test criteria, Randall C. Gowat and Douglas J. Gabauer

Cultural Dynamics and Ceramic Resource Use at Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age Troy, Northwestern Turkey, Peter Grave, Lisa Kealhofer, Pavol Hnila, Ben Marsh, Carolyn Aslan, Diane Thumm-Dograyan, and Wendy Rigter


Stability of Art Preference in Frontotemporal Dementia, Andrea Halpern and Margaret G. O'Connor

Tradeoffs or Synergies? Assessing Local and Regional Food Aid Procurement through Case Studies in Burkina Faso and Guatemala, Aurelie P. Harou, Joanna B. Upton, Erin C. Lentz, Christopher B. Barrett, and Miguel I. Gomez

Congressional Endorsements in the Presidential Nomination Process: Democratic Superdelegates in the 2008 Election, Edward B. Hasecke, Scott Meinke, and Kevin M. Scott

Running Hot and Cold: Economic Liberalization and Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America by Sector, R Douglas Hecock and Eric M. Jepsen

Should Countries Engage in a Race to the Bottom? The Effect of Social Spending on FDI, R Douglas Hecock and Eric M. Jepsen


''Get Your Asphalt Off My Ancestors!'': Reclaiming Richmond's African Burial Ground, Mai-Linh Hong


Organic Interfaces; or, How Human Beings Augment Their Digital Devices, John Hunter

Druze linguistic landscape in Israel: indexicality of new ethnolinguistic identity boundaries, Martin Isleem

Integrated Geophysical Investigation of the St. James Fault Complex: A Case Study, Robert W. Jacob, Jeremy B. Byler, and Mary Beth Gray

Culture's Calling: Mobile Phones, Gender, and the Making of an African Migrant Village in Lisbon, Michelle C. Johnson

Culture's Calling: Mobile Phones, Gender, and the Making of an African Migrant Village in Lisbon, Michelle C. Johnson

Witnessing reconciliation reduces arousal of bystanders in a baboon group (Papio hamadryas hamadryas), Peter G. Judge and Katherine A. Bachmann


Witnessing reconciliation reduces arousal of bystanders in a baboon group (Papio hamadryas hamadryas), Peter G. Judge and Katherine A. Bachmann


Capuchin Monkeys Exercise Self-control by Choosing Token Exchange Over an Immediate Reward, Peter G. Judge and Jennifer L. Essler

Scaling Ceramic Provenience at Lydian Sardis, Western Turkey, Lisa Kealhofer, Peter Grave, and Ben Marsh

Attachment to God: A Qualitative Exploration of Emerging Adults’ Spiritual Relationship with God., Cynthia N. Kimball, Chris Boyatzis, Kaye V. Cook, Kathleen C. Leonard, and Kelly S. Flanagan

Meaning Making in Emerging Adults' Faith Narratives: Identity, Attachment, and Religious Orientation, Cynthia N. Kimball, Kaye V. Cook, Chris Boyatzis, and Kathleen C. Leonard

Study Abroad Increases Risk for Sexual Assault in Female Undergraduates: A Preliminary Report, Matthew Kimble, William F. Flack Jr., and Emily Burbridge


Estimating Willingness to Pay for River Amenities and Safety Measures Associated with Shale Gas Extraction, Thomas C. Kinnaman


Waste Disposal and Recycling, Thomas C. Kinnaman


A Departmental Focus on High Impact Undergraduate Research Experiences, Robin Kinnel, Adam W. Van Wynsberghe, Ian J. Rosenstein, Karen S. Brewer, Myriam Cotten, George C. Shields, Charles J. Borton, SueAnn Z. Senior, Gregory S. Rahn, and Timothy E. Elgren

The Returns to Migration: The Influence of Education and Migration Type, Thomas A. Knapp, Nancy E. White, and Amy M. Wolaver

Eliminating Adhesion Errors in Nanoindentation of Compliant Polymers and Hydrogels, Julie C. Kohn and Donna Ebenstein

The Centrality of Urban Economies to the Study of Competitiveness, Peter Karl Kresl

A Kinetostatic Formulation for Load-Flow Visualization in Compliant Mechanisms, Girish Krishnan, Charles Kim, and Sridhar Kota

A Metric to Evaluate and Synthesize Distributed Compliant Mechanisms, Girish Krishnan, Charles Kim, and Sridhar Kota


Cyclosporine A Drives a Th17‐and Th2‐Mediated Posttransplant Obliterative Airway Disease, Phillipe Lemaître, Benoit Vokaer, Louis-Marie Charbonnier, Y. Iwakura, Ken Field, M. Estenne, M. Goldman, O. Leo, M. Remmelink, and Alain Le Moine

The Economics and Nutritional Impacts of Food Assistance Policies and Programs, Erin C. Lentz and Christopher B. Barrett