Journal Submissions from 2012



Modeling the infrared emission in Cygnus A, Jack F. Gallimore

Drosophila Egg Chamber Elongation: Insights into How Tissues and Organs Are Shaped, Julie Gates

Interpolating Blaschke Products and Angular Derivatives, Pamela Gorkin and Eva A. Gallardo Gutierrez

Reconstructing Iron Age Community Dynamics in Eskisehir Province, Central Turkey, Peter Grave, Lisa Kealhofer, Ben Marsh, Taciser Sivas, and Hakan Sivas

Evaluating Faculty Publications in Accounting Ph.D. Programs: The Author Affiliation Index as an Alternative, Cynthia P. Guthrie, John O. Everett, Jayaraman Vijayakumar, and Philip olds

Job Burnout in Public Accounting: Understanding Gender Differences, Cynthia P. Guthrie and Ambrose Jones III

Chief Audit Executives’ Evaluations of Whistle-Blowing Allegations, Cynthia P. Guthrie, Carolyn Strand Norman, and Jacob M. Rose

Iontophoresis From a Micropipette into a Porous Medium Depends on the ζ-Potential of the Medium, Y. Guy, A. H. Faraji, C. Gavigan, Timothy G. Strein, and S. G. Weber


Dementia and music: Challenges and future directions, Andrea Halpern


Introduction to Special Issue: Dementia and Music, Andrea R. Halpern, Isabelle Peretz, and Lola L. Cuddy

Embryonic exposure to corticosterone modifies the juvenile stress response, oxidative stress, and telomere length., Mark F. Haussmann, Andrew S. Longenecker, Nicole M. Marchetto, Stephen A. Juliano, and Rachel M. Bowden


Neuronal Correlates of Perception, Imagery, and Memory for Familiar Tunes, Sibylle C. Herholz, Andrea R. Halpern, and Robert J. Zatorre


Compressibility and Hydraulic Conductivity of Zeolite-Amended Soil-Bentonite Backfills, Catherine Hong, Charles D. Shackelford, and Michael A. Malusis

Hydration of the Bisulfate Ion: Atmospheric Implications, Devon E. Husar, Berhane Temelso, Alexa L. Ashworth, and George C. Shields

Effects of apomorphine on mating behavior, flank marking and aggression in male hamsters, Molly M. Hyer, Laura M. Rycek, and Owen Floody

Crystallization, optimization and preliminary X-ray characterization of a metal-dependent PI-PLC from Streptomyces antibioticus, Michael R. Jackson and Thomas L. Selby

Increasing Utilization of US Electric Grids via Smart Technologies: Integration of Load Management, Real Time Pricing, Renewables, EVs and Smart Grid Sensors, Peter Jansson


Semantic Priming of Familiar Songs, Sarah K. Johnson and Andrea R. Halpern

Role Stress and Job Outcomes in Public Accounting: Have the Gender Experiences Converged?, Ambrose Jones III, Cynthia P. Guthrie, and Venkataraman M. Iyer

Transport of Functionally Appropriate Tools by Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus apella), Peter G. Judge

Aging and mental health in the decade ahead: What psychologists need to know, Michele J. Karel, Margaret Gatz, and Michael A. Smyer

Curve Decomposition for Large Deflection Analysis of Fixed-Guided Beams With Application to Statically Balanced Compliant Mechanisms, Charles Kim and Donna Ebenstein

Active processes, morphology, and dynamics of icy debris fans: Landform evolution along rapidly degrading escarpments in alpine regions undergoing recent deglaciation, R. Craig Kochel and Jeffrey M. Trop


Urban Competitiveness and US Metropolitan Centres, Peter Karl Kresl

The Operatics of Cabiria (1914): Intermediality in Early Italian Cinema, Bernhard Kuhn


The Visual, the Epic, and Pasternak’s ‘Devjat’son pjatyj god’, Ludmila Lavine

The Lady Footballers and the British Press, 1895, James Lee

Rapid synthesis of arylgold compounds using dielectric heating, Heather K. Lenker, Thomas G. Gray, and Robert A. Stockland

β-Delayed Proton Emission in the 100Sn Region, G. Lorusso, A. Becerril, A. Amthor, T. Baumann, D. Bazin, J. S. Berryman, B. A. Brown, R. H. Cyburt, H. L. Crawford, A. Estrade, A. Gade, T. Ginter, C. J. Guess, M. Hausmann, G. W. Hitt, P. F. Mantica, M. Matos, R. Meharchand, K. Minamisono, F. Montes, G. Perdikakis, J. Pereira, M. Portillo, H. Schatz, K. Smith, J. Stoker, A. Stolz, and R.G.T. Zegers

Essays on Personhood and Transhumanism/H+, Jonathan Lyons

The Incumbent Spending Puzzle, Christopher S.P. Magee

Invariant barriers to reactive front propagation in fluid flows, John Mahoney, Dylan Bargteil, Mark Kingsbury, Kevin Mitchell, and Tom Solomon

Critical Review of Coupled Flux Formulations for Clay Membranes Based on Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics, Michael A. Malusis, Charles D. Shackelford, and James E. Maneval

Ultrabithorax Confers Spatial Identity in a Context-Specific Manner in the Drosophila Postembryonic Ventral Nervous System, Elizabeth C. Marin, Katie E. Dry, Danielle R. Alaimo, Kirstin T. Rudd, Anthony R. Cillo, Michael E. Clenshaw, Nicolas Negre, Kevin P. White, and James W. Truman

Status of Streptopus amplexifolius (Liliaceae) in Clinton County, NY, Chris Martine and E. Edelstein

Exotic Elsholtzia ciliata (Lamiaceae) Abundant in the Ausable River Delta, Clinton County< New York, Chris Martine and E. Quarta

Response to the Discussion of "The Effect on Financial Reporting Quality of an Exemption From the SEC Reporting Requirements for Foreign Private Issuers", Stacy Mastrolia and Giorgio Gotti

The Effect on Financial Reporting Quality of an Exemption From the SEC Reporting Requirements for Foreign Private Issuers, Stacy Mastrolia and Giorgio Gotti

Organizational Frames for Professional Claims: Private Military Corporations and the Rise of the Military Paraprofessional, Katherine E. McCoy

Men in Black: Fashioning Masculinity in Nineteenth-Century Spain, Collin McKinney


The Möbius Function of Generalized Subword Order, Peter R. W. McNamara and Bruce Eli Sagan


Maximal Supports and Schur-positivity Among Connected Skew Shapes, Peter McNamara and Stephanie van Willigenburg

Party Size and Representation: Evidence from the Nineteenth Century House of Representatives, Scott Meinke

Party Size and Constituency Representation: Evidence from the 19th-Century U.S. House of Representatives, Scott R. Meinke

Holocentric chromosomes: convergent evolution, meiotic adaptations, and genomic analysis, Daniel P. Melters, Leocadia V. Paliulis, Ian F. Korf, and Simon W.L. Chan

Paradigm Dramas in American Geography, Karen M. Morin

Paradigm Dramas in American Geography, Karen M. Morin

"Security Here is Not Safe": Violence, Punishment, and Space in the Contemporary US Penitentiary, Karen M. Morin

Conference Report: Historical Geography in Prague, Karen M. Morin and Nicola Thomas

Things Fall Apart: Dictatorships, Development, and Democracy in Africa, Berhanu Nega and Geoff Schneider


Cross-sectoral Coordination of Disaster Relief, Isabella M. Nolte, Eric C. Martin, and Silke Boenigk


Solar thermal decoupled water electrolysis process I: Proof of concept, R. Palumbo, R. B. Diver, C. Larson, E. N. Coker, J. E. Miller, J. Guertin, J. Schoer, M. Meyer, and Nathan P. Siegel

Enhanced Sensitivity by Nonuniform Sampling Enables Multidimensional MAS NMR Spectroscopy of Protein Assemblies, Sivakumar Paramasivam, Christopher L. Suiter, Guangjin Hou, Shangjin Sun, Melissa Palmer, Jeffrey C. Hoch, David Rovnyak, and Tatyana Polenova


A remotely interrogated all-optical Rb-87 magnetometer, B. Patton, O. O. Versolato, D. C. Hovde, E. Corsini, James M. Higbie, and D. Budker

Structures of Cage, Prism, and Book Isomers of Water Hexamer from Broadband Rotational Spectroscopy, Cristóbal Pérez, Matt T. Muckle, Daniel P. Zaleski, Nathan A. Seifert, Berhane Temelso, George C. Shields, Zbigniew Kisiel, and Brooks H. Pate


SAFE: Simulation Automation Framework for Experiments, Luiz Felipe Perrone, Bryan C. Ward, and Christopher S. Main


Tags in the Catalogue: Insights From a Usability Study of LibraryThing for Libraries, Carrie M. Pirmann

Development of the Heat and Energy Concept Inventory: Preliminary Results on the Prevalence and Persistence of Engineering Students' Misconceptions, Michael Prince, Margot A.S. Vigeant, and Katharyn Nottis

Trapping Polystyrene Radicals Using Nitrones: Synthesis of Polymers with Mid-chain Alkoxyamine Functionality, S. C. Radzinski and Eric S. Tillman


Frequent Arousal from Hibernation Linked to Severity of Infection and Mortality in Bats with White-Nose Syndrome, DeeAnn Reeder, Craig L. Frank, Gregory G. Turner, Carol U. Meteyer, Allen Kurta, Eric R. Britzke, Megan E. Vodzak, Scott R. Darling, Craig W. Stihler, Alan C. Hicks, Roymon Jacob, Laura E. Grieneisen, Sarah A. Brownlee, Laura K. Muller, and David S. Blehert


The Role of Olfactory Cues in the Sequential Radiation of a Gall-boring Beetle, Mordellistena convicta, Bradley Rhodes, Catherine Blair, Mizuki Takahashi, and Warren G. Abrahamson II

The role of olfactory cues in the sequential radiation of a gall-boring beetle, Mordellistena convicta, Bradley C. Rhodes, Catherine P. Blair, Mizuki K. Takahashi, and Warren G. Abrahamson II


Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know About Academic Advising (Well, Almost...), Rich Robbins


Numerical Computation of a Certain Dirichlet Series Attached to Siegel Modular Forms of Degree Two, Nathan C. Ryan, Nils-Peter Skoruppa, and Fredrik Stroemberg

Ancient Calendars and Bolivian Modernity: Tiwanaku’s Gateway of the Sun, Arthur Posnansky, and the World Calendar Movement of the 1930s, Clare A. Sammells

The Accident and the Beautiful: On Alan Shapiro's "The Accident", Harold Schweizer


High-speed acousto-optic shutter with no optical frequency shift, W J. Schwenger and James M. Higbie

Computational Study of the Hydration of Sulfuric Acid Dimers: Implications for Acid Dissociation and Aerosol Formation, George C. Shields

Hydration of the Bisulfate Ion: Atmospheric Implications, George C. Shields

Quantum Mechanical Study of Sulfuric Acid Hydration: Atmospheric Implications, George C. Shields


A Blueprint for Buddhist Revolution: The Radical Buddhism of Seno’o Girō (1889–1961) and the Youth League for Revitalizing Buddhism, James Shields


Radical Buddhism, Then and Now: Prospects of a Paradox, James Shields

Sex Differences in Hookup Behavior: a Replication and Examination of Parent-Child Relationship Quality, Jen Shukusky and T. Joel Wade


Thermal Energy Storage for Solar Power Production, Nathan P. Siegel

Using FTIR spectroscopy to model alkaline pretreatment and enzymatic saccharification of six lignocellulosic biomasses, Deborah L. Sills and James M. Gossett

Using FTIR to predict saccharification from enzymatic hydrolysis of alkali-pretreated biomasses, Deborah L. Sills and James M. Gossett


Unexpected Polymorphism and Unique Particle Morphologies from Monodisperse Droplet Evaporation, Ryan Snyder and Kelly Carver

America's Shifting Color Line? Reexamining Determinants of Latino Racial Self-Identification, Atiya Kai Stokes-Brown


The Spatial Signature of Biotic Interactions of a Clonal and a Non-clonal Palmetto in a Subtropical Plant Community, Mizuki Takahashi, Toshiro Kubota, Liana M. Horner, Nathan A. Keller, and Warren G. Abrahamson II


5a-Butyl-1,3,8,10-tetra-chloro-7,13-bis-(4-nitro-benzo-yl)-5a,6a,12a,12b-tetra-hydro-7H,13H-thieno[2,3-b:4,5-b']bis-(1,4-benzoxazine), Kai Tang and Margaret E. Kastner

Quantum Mechanical Study of Sulfuric Acid Hydration: Atmospheric Implications, Berhane Temelso, Thomas E. Morrell, Robert M. Shields, Marco A. Allodi, Elena K. Wood, Karl N. Kirschner, Thomas C. Castonguay, Kaye A. Archer, and George C. Shields


Computational Study of the Hydration of Sulfuric Acid Dimers: Implications for Acid Dissociation and Aerosol Formation, Berhane Temelso, Thuong Ngoc Phan, and George C. Shields

A Mobile Ad Hoc Networking Competition: A Retrospective Look at the MANIAC Challenge, Michael S. Thompson, Allen B. MacKenzie, Luiz A. DaSilva, and George Hadjichristofi

Miocene basin development and volcanism along a strike-slip to flat-slab subduction transition: Stratigraphy, geochemistry, and geochronology of the central Wrangell volcanic belt, Yakutat-North America collision zone, Jeffrey M. Trop, William K. Hart, Darin Snyder, and Bruce Idleman


Investigation into the Specificity of Angiotensin II-induced Behavioral Desensitization, Peter J. Vento, Kevin P. Myers, and Derek Daniels

Synthesis of Macrocyclic Polymers Formed via Intramolecular Radical Trap-Assisted Atom Transfer Radical Coupling, Andrew F. Voter, Eric S. Tillman, Peter M. Findeis, and Scott C. Radzinski

Are There Sex Differences in Reaction to Different Types of Sexual Infidelity?, T. Joel Wade

Individual Differences in First and Fourth Year College Women’s Short Term Mating Strategy Preferences and Perceptions, T. Joel Wade


Sex Differences in Hookup Behavior: A Replication and Examination of Parent-Child Relationship Quality, T. Joel Wade


Individual differences in first and fourth year college women’s short term mating strategy preferences and perceptions, T. Joel Wade and Maggie Cohen


Are there sex differences in reaction to different types of sexual infidelity?, T. Joel Wade, Ryan Kelley, and Dominique Church


Promoting Amphibian Conservation through the College Classroom: Detection of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis among Local Amphibians, Julie Wunder, Noel Lampazzi, Kelsey Acre, Nicholas Bent, Sadie Canter, Alexandra Chapman, Margaret Davies, David Kashan, Jonathan Keiley, Rachel Macintyre, Tamara Milton, Kara Weichler, Matthew Wilson, and Mizuki Takahashi

Queering the 'Human Situation', Thelathia Young

Effects of Flashing and Upset Sequences on Microstructure, Hardness, and Tensile Properties of Welded Structural Steel Joints, Constance Ziemian, Mala Sharma, and Donald Whaley

Natural History on Blocks, in Bodies, and on the Hearth: Juvenile Science Literature and Games, 1850-1875., Virginia Zimmerman

On Accidental Archaeology, Virginia Zimmerman

‘Time Seemed Fiction’ -- Archaeological Encounters in Victorian Poetry., Virginia Zimmerman

Journal Submissions from 2011

Satellite Communications, Data Communications, and Simulation, Maurice Aburdene and Kundan Nepal