Submissions from 2015

From Restrained Golden Age to Creeping Platinum Age: A Periodization of Latin American Development in the Robinsonian Tradition = Da Idade do Ouro a Era Platinum Rastejante: Uma Periodização do Desenvolvimento Latino Americano na Tradição Robinsoniana, Matias Vernengo


How to Flirt Best: the Perceived Effectiveness of Flirtation Techniques, T. Joel Wade

How to Flirt Best: the Perceived Effectiveness of Flirtation Techniques, T. Joel Wade and Jennifer Slemp


I Can Dance: Further Investigations of the Effect of Dancing Ability on Mate Value, T. Joel Wade, Erin Weinstein, Nina Dalal, and Kelsey J. Salerno

I Can Dance: Further Investigations of the Effect of Dancing Ability on Mate Value, T. Joel Wade, Erin Weinstein, Nina Dalal, and Kelsey J. Salerno

Active, Collaborative Learning via Real-World Projects with Local Industrial Clients: Materials Selection and Product Design in an Upper-Level Undergraduate Elective, Kat Wakabayashi

Enhanced Flavor-Nutrient Conditioning in Obese Rats on a High-Fat, High-Carbohydrate Choice Diet, Hallie S. Wald and Kevin P. Myers

Enhanced Biosynthetically Directed Fractional Carbon-13 Enrichment of Proteins for Backbone NMR Assignments, Broc Wenrich, Reilly Sonstrom, Riju A. Gupta, and David Rovnyak


Combining Data from Multiple Agencies to Assess Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities in a Large Gravel-Bed River, Matthew J. Wilson, Matthew McTammany, Michael D. Bilger, Sean Reese, and Benjamin R. Hayes

The Timing of Embryonic Exposure to Elevated Temperature Alters Stress Endocrinology in Domestic Chickens (Gallus domesticus), Kathryn Wilsterman, Andrew D. Mast, Thuyvan H. Luu, and Mark F. Haussmann

Ase and Amen, Sister! Black Feminist Scholars Engage in Interdisciplinary, Dialogical, Transformative Ethical Praxis, Thelathia Young and Shannon J. Miller

Brown Capuchin Monkeys (Sapajus apella) Plan Their Movements on a Grasping Task, Stacey L. Zander and Peter G. Judge

Tensile and Fatigue Behavior of Layered Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Sophia Ziemian, Maryvivian Okwara, and Constance W. Ziemian

The Curating Child: Runaways and Museums in Children's Fiction, Virginia Zimmerman

Submissions from 2014

The Reproduction and Ecology of Hypericum edisonianum: An Endangered Florida Endemic, Warren G. Abrahamson II and Sam P. Vander Kloet

k-Hyponormality and n-Contractivity for Agler-Type Shifts, Gregory Adams and George Exner


Novel Paramyxovirus Associated with Severe Acute Febrile Disease, South Sudan and Uganda, 2012, César G. Albariño, Michael Foltzer, Jonathan S. Towner, Lory A. Rowe, Shelley Campbell, Carlos M. Jaramillo, Brian H. Bird, DeeAnn Reeder, Megan E. Vodzak, Paul Rota, Maureen G. Metcalfe, Christina F. Spiropoulou, Barbara Knust, Joel P. Vincent, Michael A. Frace, Stuart T. Nichol, Pierre E. Rollin, and Ute Ströher

Bulk Metallic Glasses Deform via Slip Avalanches, James Antonaglia, Wendelin Wright, Xiaojun Gu, Rachel R. Byer, Todd C. Hufnagel, Michael LeBlanc, Jonathan T. Uhl, and Karin A. Dahmen

Strong Dynamical Heterogeneity and Universal Scaling in Driven Granular Fluids, Karina E. Avila, Horacio E. Castillo, Andrea Fiege, Katharina Vollmayr-Lee, and Annette Zippelius

A ten-year retrospective of organization studies in community psychology: Content, theory, and impact, Neil Boyd

A ten-year Retrospective of Organization Studies in Community Psychology: Content, Theory, and Impact, Neil Boyd


Psychological Sense of Community: A New Construct for the Field of Management, Neil Boyd and Branda Nowell

Advantages and applications of transforming empirical model input space with dimensional models, Indranil Brahma

Analysis and prediction of transient opacity spikes using dimensional modeling, Indranil Brahma

An Investigation into the Accuracy of Orifice Based Flow Estimates for Pulsating Compressible Flows, Indranil Brahma


Groups Acting on Tensor Products, Peter A. Brooksbank


On Groups with a Class-Preserving Outer Automorphism, Peter A. Brooksbank

Distinctive Convergence in Australian Floral Colours Seen Through the Eyes of Australian Birds, Martin Burd, Tristan Stayton, Mani Shrestha, and Adrian G. Dyer

Hydration of the Sulfuric Acid-Methylamine Complex and Implications for Aerosol Formation, Danielle J. Bustos, Berhane Temelso, and George C. Shields


Hydration of the Sulfuric Acid−Methylamine Complex and Implications for Aerosol Formation, Danielle J. Bustos, Berhane Temelso, and George C. Shields

Effect of Trapping Agent and Polystyrene Chain End Functionality on Radical Trap-Assisted Atom Transfer Radical Coupling, Elizabeth M. Carnicom, Jessica A. Abruzzese, Yacouba Sidibe, Kenneth D. Myers, and Eric Tillman

Polymerization of Styrene and Cyclization to Macrocyclic Polystyrene in a One-Pot, Two-Step Sequence, Elizabeth M. Carnicom and Eric Tillman


Quotients of Koszul algebras and 2-d-determined algebras, Thomas Cassidy and Christopher Phan

Corrigendum to ``Generalizations of Graded Clifford Algebras and of Complete Intersections", Thomas Cassidy and Michaela Vancliff

Vibrational Relaxation of O3(v2) by O(3P), Karen Castle

Vibrational Relaxation of O3(nu2) by O((3)P), Karen J. Castle, Labe A. Black, and Tara J. Pedersen

A Cross-Sectional Survey of Repetitive Behaviors and Restricted Interests in a Typically Developing Turkish Child Population, Ahmet Cevikaslan, David W. Evans, Ceyda Dedeoglu, Sibel Kalaca, and Yanki Yazgan


More Skin, More Sun, More Tan, More Melanoma, Caroline Chang, Era Caterina Murzaku, Lauren Penn, Naheed R. Abbasi, Paula Davis, Marianne Berwick, and David Polsky

Looking to the Future: Training a New Generation for Balinese Arja, Bethany J. Collier

National Values and Theatrical Values. The Battle of the Siege de Calais (1765), Logan Connors

The Power of Tragedy: An Eighteenth-Century Debate on Theater and its Relevance to Literature Pedagogy Today, Logan Connors

Who gets to dispute? Gender, nation and representation in two versions of Pierre de Belloy's Le Siège de Calais", Logan Connors

Three Strategies for Promoting Intellectual Engagement in Advanced Undergraduate Seminars, Logan Connors, Nathalie Dupont, and John Westbrook

Examining the role of vocational rehabilitation on access to care and public health outcomes for people living with HIV/AIDS, Liza M. Conyers and K B. Boomer

Examining the Role of Vocational Rehabilitation on Access to Care and Public Health Outcomes for People Living with HIV/AIDS, Liza M. Conyers and K B. Boomer


The Complexity of Quest in Emerging Adults’ Religiosity, Well-being, and Identity., Kaye V. Cook, Cynthia N. Kimball, Kathleen C. Leonard, and Chris Boyatzis

The Complexity of Quest in Emerging Adults' Religiosity, Well-Being, and Identity, Kaye V. Cook, Cynthia N. Kimball, Kathleen C. Leonard, and Chris Boyatzis

Use of Land Surface Temperature to Estimate Surface Energy Fluxes: Contributions of Wilfried Brutsaert and Collaborators, Richard Crago and Russell J. Qualls

Rilke and Ironic Nostalgia in Virginia or the Inside of the World of Alvaro Pombo, Isabel Cunado

“Clara Sánchez: geografías de la distopía”, Isabel Cuñado

“Rilke y la nostalgia irónica en Virginia o el interior del mundo de Álvaro Pombo, Isabel Cuñado

"The independence so hardly won has been maintained": C.L.R. James and the U.S. Occupation of Haiti., Rafe Dalleo


Strategic Deployments of ‘Sisterhood’ and Questions of Solidarity at a Women’s Development Project in Janakpur, Nepal, Coralynn V. Davis


Transnational Marriage: Modern Imaginings, Relational Realignments, and Persistent Inequalities, Coralynn V. Davis

Dynamic blockage in an exclusion process, JiaJia Dong

High solids co-digestion of food and landscape waste and the potential for ammonia toxicity, Margaret Drennan and Thomas D. DiStefano

High Solids Co-Digestion of Food and Landscape Waste and the Potential for Ammonia Toxicity, Margaret F. Drennan and Thomas D. DiStefano

Isospectrality and Heat Content, Emily Dryden, Michiel van den Berg, and Thomas Kappeler

Aleatory Sovereignty and the Rule of Sensitive Spaces, Elizabeth Cullen Dunn and Jason Cons

L'Oeuvre assassine d'Éric Chevillard, Nathalie Dupont

Valère Novarina – opus incertum, Nathalie Dupont

Effects of Calcification Modulus and Geometry on Stress in Models of Calcified Atherosclerotic Plaque, Donna M. Ebenstein

Multiscale Characterization of Acrylic Bone Cement Modified with Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles, Donna M. Ebenstein


Thermochemical cycle of a mixed metal oxide for augmentation of thermal energy storage in solid particles, B. Ehrhart, Eric Nicholas Coker, Nathan P. Siegel, and A. Weimer


Annual average efficiency of a solar-thermochemical reactor, Ivan Ermanoski and Nathan P. Siegel

Adaptive and Maladaptive Correlates of Repetitive Behavior and Restricted Interests in Persons with Down Syndrome and Developmentally-Matched Typical Children: A Two-Year Longitudinal Sequential Design, David W. Evans, F L. Kleinpeter, Mylissa M. Slane, and K B. Boomer

A Microfluidic Method to Measure Small Molecule Diffusion in Hydrogels, Stephanie M. Evans, Andrew L. Litzenberger, Anne E. Ellenberger, James E. Maneval, Erin L. Jablonski, and Brandon M. Vogel

Backward Extensions of Recursively Generated Weighted Shifts and Quadratic Hyponormality, George Exner, Il Bong Jung, Mi Ryeong Lee, and Sun Hyun Park

k-hyponormality and n-contractivity for Agler-type shifts, George R. Exner and Gregory Adams

Backward 3-step extensions of recursively generated weighted shifts, George R. Exner and Il Bong Jung

Backward extension of recursively generated weighted shifts and quadratic hyponormality, George R. Exner and Il Bong Jung

Public Attitudes Toward Social Spending in the United States: The Differences Between Direct Spending and Tax Expenditures, Christopher Faricy and Christopher Ellis


News Framing and Charter School Reform, Abe Feuerstein

Morphological and Mechanical Changes in Juvenile Red-Eared Slider Turtle (Trachemys Scripta Elegans) Shells During Ontogeny, Jennifer F. Fish and Tristan Stayton

Processes Regulating the Initiation and Postejaculatory Resumption of Copulatory Behavior in Male Hamsters, Owen Floody

Rapid Facilitation of Ultrasound Production and Lordosis in Female Hamsters by Horizontal Cuts Between the Septum and Preoptic Area, Owen Floody and Sheena L. Czipri

Role of Acetylcholine in Control of Sexual Behavior of Male and Female Mammals, Owen R. Floody

Spirocyclic Acylphloroglucinol Derivatives from Hypericum pyramidatum, Rebecca Force, Shui Ling Chen, Emily Fortier, Emily Rowlands, Jean Heneks, David Rovnyak, and Geneive E. Henry

Strong Local Passivity in Finite Quantum Systems, Michael R. Frey, Ken Funo, and Masahiro Hotta

Automated Portal Placement for Arthroscopic Hip Surgery, Emily Geist

Transport of Hydraulic Fracturing Water and Wastes in the Susquehanna River Basin, Pennsylvania, Kevin R. Gilmore, Rebekah L. Hupp, and Janine Glathar

A Cohort Model of Fertility Postponement, Joshua R. Goldstein and Thomas Cassidy


Thin sequences and the Gram matrix, Pamela Gorkin, John E. McCarthy, Sandra Pott, and Brett Wick

Thin Sequences and the Gram Matrix, Pamela Gorkin, John E. McCarthy, Sandra Pott, and Brett D. Wick

Ceramics, Trade, Provenience and Geology: Cyprus in the Late Bronze Age, Peter Grave, Lisa Kealhofer, Ben Marsh, Ulf-Dietrich Schoop, Jurgen Seeher, John W. Bennett, and Attila Stopic


Significance of the Deformation History within the Hinge Zone of the Pennsylvania Salient, Appalachian Mountains, Mary Beth Gray, Peter B. Sak, and Zeshan Ismat

Leaving the Garden: al-Razi and Nietzsche as Wayward Epicureans, Peter S. Groff

A Novel Exercise for Teaching the Philosophy of Science, Gary Hardcastle and Matthew H. Slater

Democratization, Education Reform, and the Mexican Teachers' Union, Douglas Hecock

The Political Economy of FDI in Latin America 1986-2006: A Sector-Specific Approach, Douglas Hecock and Eric M. Jepsen

The Development of Reporting Norms without Explicit Guidance: An Example from Accounting for Gift Cards, Karen M. Hennes and Kristy M. Schenck


Geographies of Tolerance: Human Development, Heteronormativity, and Religion, Alexis Henshaw


Technology advancements for next generation falling particle receivers, Clifford K. Ho, Joshua M. Christian, D Gill, A. Moya, Sheldon Jeter, Said I. Abdel-Khalik, D. Sadowski, Nathan P. Siegel, Hany Al-Ansary, and L. Amsbeck


“All Data is Credit Data,” or, On Close Reading as a Reciprocal Process in Digital Knowledge Environments, John Hunter

Simulating the Sooting Propensity of JP-8 with Surrogate Fuels from Hydrocarbon Fluids, Venkatesh Iyer, Suresh S. Iyer, Milton J. Linevsky, Thomas A. Litzinger, Robert J. Santoro, Stephen Dooley, Frederick L. Dryer, and Christopher J. Mordaunt

Host, Pathogen, and Environmental Characteristics Predict White-Nose Syndrome Mortality in Captive Little Brown Myotis (Myotis lucifugus), Joseph S. Johnson, DeeAnn Reeder, James W. McMichael 3rd, Melissa B. Meierhofer, Daniel W. F. Stern, Shayne S. Lumadue, Lauren E. Sigler, Harrison D. Winters, Megan E. Vodzak, Allen Kurta, Joseph A. Kath, and Ken Field

Speciation of Ferric Phenoxide Intermediates during the Reduction of Iron(III)-mu-Oxo Dimers by Hydroquinone, William D. Kerber, Kaitlyn Perez, Chuqiao Ren, and Maxime A. Siegler

Application of Discrete Fourier Inter-Coefficient Difference for Assessing Genetic Sequence Similarity, Brian R. King, Maurice F. Aburdene, Alex Thompson, and Zach Warres


Variability in Macroinvertebrate Communities of the Susquehanna River in Central Pennsylvania, Nicole R. King, Matthew McTammany, Matthew Wilson, Jamie C. Chakany, Haley N. Coffin, and Meghan E. Reilly

A Natural Gas Severance Tax-An Economic Analysis, Thomas C. Kinnaman