Submissions from 2016


Does Skin Color, Facial Shape, and Facial Width to Height Ratio (FWHR) Play a Role in Black Male Facial Evaluation, T. Joel Wade


Sex and the Perceived Effectiveness of Flirtation Techniques, T. Joel Wade and Andrea Feldman

Algal food and fuel coproduction can mitigate greenhouse gas emissions while improving land and water-use efficiency, Michael J. Walsh, Leda Gerber Van Doren, Deborah L. Sills, Ian Archibald, Colin M. Beal, Xin Gen Lei, Mark E. Huntley, and Zackary Johnson

How Game Changers Catalyzed, Disrupted, and Incentivized Social Innovation: Three Historical Cases of Nature Conservation, Assimilation, and Women’s Rights, Frances R. Westley, Katharine A. McGowan, Nino Antadze, Jaclyn Blacklock, and Ola Tjornbo


Staging (Within) Violence: A Conversation with Frank Wilderson and Jaye Austin Williams, Jaye Austin Williams

Resource Allocation in Food-Restricted Male Physocyclus mexicanus (Banks 1898) Spiders Does Not Favor Proportionally Larger Testes (Araneae: Pholcidae), Diane E. Wilson, Leocadia V. Paliulis, Kristen D. Felt, Emily N. Campbell, Olivia R. Cohen, Lauren E. Geisel, and Jove H. Graham

Attentional Flexibility and Memory Capacity in Conductors and Pianists, Clemens Wöllner and Andrea R. Halpern

Experimental Evidence for Both Progressive and Simultaneous Shear During Quasistatic Compression of a Bulk Metallic Glass, Wendelin J. Wright, Yun Liu, Xiaojun Gu, Katherine D. Van Ness, Steven L. Robare, Xin Liu, James Antonaglia, Michael LeBlanc, Jonathan T. Uhl, Todd C. Hufnagel, and Karin A. Dahmen

Telomere Length and Environmental Conditions Predict Stress Levels But Not Parental Investment in a Long-Lived Seabird, Rebecca C. Young, Christopher P. Barger, I Dorresteijm, Mark F. Haussmann, and Alexander S. Kitaysky

Characterization of Stiffness Degradation Caused By Fatigue Damage of Additive Manufactured Parts, Constance W. Ziemian, Ronald D. Ziemian, and Kellen V. Haile

Submissions from 2015

Synergistic Co-Digestion of Solid-Organic-Waste and Municipal-Sewage-Sludge: 1 plus 1 Equals More than 2 in Terms of Biogas Production and Solids Reduction, Peter Aichinger, Tanush Wadhawan, Martin Kuprian, Matthew Higgins, Christian Ebner, Christian Fimml, Sudhir Murthy, and Bernhard Wett

Constructing Frostman-Blaschke Products and Applications to Operators on Weighted Bergman Spaces, John R. Akeroyd and Pamela Gorkin

A Recently Discovered Pathogenic Paramyxovirus, Sosuga Virus, is Present in Rousettus aegyptiacus Fruit Bats at Multiple Locations in Uganda, Brian R. Ammon, Cesar G. Albarino, Brian H. Bird, Luke Nyakarahuka, Tara K. Sealy, Stephen Balinandi, Amy J. Schuh, Shelly M. Campbell, Ute Stroher, Megan E.B. Jones, Megan E. Vodzak, DeeAnn Reeder, Winyi Kaboyo, Stuart T. Nichol, and Jonathan S. Towner

Examining the Role of Substantive Justice in Planning Controversial Facilities, Nino Antadze

Mapping Properties of the Heat Operator on Edge Manifolds, Eric Bahuaud, Emily Dryden, and Boris Vertman

Capital Accumulation, Profitability, and Crisis: Neoliberalism in the United States, Erdogan Bakir

Is Over-investment the Cause of the Post-2007 US Economic Crisis?, Erdogan Bakir and Al Campbell

Algal Biofuel Production for Fuels and Feed in a 100-Ha Facility: A Comprehensive Techno-Economic Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment, Colin M. Beal, Leda N. Gerber, Deborah L. Sills, Mark E. Huntley, Stephen C. Machesky, Michael J. Walsh, Jefferson W. Tester, Ian Archibald, Joe Granados, and Charles H. Greene


Aligning IT Funding Models to the Pace of Technology Change: Enabling Financial Flexibility for Core, Flexible, and Transformative Services, Param Bedi, Michael Biagini, Jennifer Burns, Michael D. Erickson, Christopher Falldine, Paige Francis, Jagan Gudur, Kyle Johnson, Gerard Krawczyk, Heather Maddox White, Angela Neria, Steven Smith, Nadine Stern, Jerome F. Waldron, and Deborah B. Whitten


Making a Difference: Moving Your Organization from Transactional to Transformational, Param Bedi and Jason Snyder

Evaluating the Impact of Rail-Trails: A Methodology for Assessing Travel Demand and Economic Impacts, Michelle Beiler, Kelly Burkhart, and Mike Nicholson

Teaching Sustainability Topics to Attract and Inspire the Next Generation of Civil Engineers, Michelle Beiler and Jeffrey C. Evans

Measuring the Sustainability of Shared-Use Paths: Development of the GreenPaths Rating System, Michelle Oswald Beiler and Emily Waksmunski

Integrating Innovation and Entrepreneurship Principles into the Civil Engineering Curriculum, Michelle R. Beiler


Effects of Prenatal Environment Are Revealed by Post-natal Challenges: Embryonic Hormone Exposure, Adrenocortical Function and Food in Seabird Chicks, Z. Morgan Benowitz-Fredericks, Jannik Schultner, and Alexander S. Kitaysky

Effects of Prenatal Environment on Phenotype Are Revealed by Postnatal Challenges: Embryonic Hormone Exposure, Adrenocortical Function, and Food in Seabird Chicks, Z. Morgan Benowitz-Fredericks, J. Schutner, and A. S. Kitaysky

Impulsive People Have a Compulsion for Immediate Gratification - Certain or Uncertain, Wojciech Bialaszek, Maciej Gaik, Elton G. McGoun, and Piotr Zielonka

Xbox Kinect Training to Improve Clinical Measures of Balance in Older Adults: A Pilot Study, Kathleen Bieryla

Effects of Age and Step Length on Joint Kinetics During Stepping Task, Kathleen Bieryla and Christine Buffinton

Effects of Age and Step Length on Joint Kinetics During Stepping Task, Katie Bieryla and Christine Buffinton

Macrocyclic Poly(Methyl Acrylate) and Macrocyclic Poly(Methyl Acrylate-Block-Styrene) Synthesized by Radical Trap-Assisted Atom Transfer Radical Coupling, Scott C. Blackburn, Kenneth D. Myers, and Eric Tillman

Synthesis of Cyclic Poly(methyl methacrylate) Directly from Dihalogenated Linear Precursors, Scott C. Blackburn and Eric Tillman

Introducing Thriving at Work to the Field of Community Psychology, Neil Boyd

Organization Theory in Community Contexts, Neil Boyd

Chromosome Interaction over a Distance in Meiosis, Mary Brady and Leocadia V. Paliulis

The Photophysics of Three Naphthylmethylene Malononitriles, Jens Breffke, Brian W. Williams, and Mark Maroncelli


The Module Isomorphism Problem Reconsidered, Peter A. Brooksbank

The Module Isomorphism Problem Reconsidered, Peter A. Brooksbank and James B. Wilson


In Search of Flavour-Nutrient Learning: A Study of the Samburu Pastoralists of North-Central Kenya, Jeffrey M. Brunstrom, Peter J. Rogers, Kevin P. Myers, and Jon D. Holtzman

Comparison of Mechanical Testing Methods for Biomaterials: Pipette Aspiration, Nanoindentation, and Macroscale Testing, Christine Buffinton, Kelly J. Tong, Roberta A. Blaho, Elise M. Buffinton, and Donna M. Ebenstein

Computationally Efficient Fastener-Based Models of Cold-Formed Steel Shear Walls with Wood Sheathing, Stephen Buonopane, G. Bian, T. H. Tun, and B. W. Schafer

Towards an Understanding of Crisis Episodes in Latin America: a Post-Keynesian Approach, Esteban Perez Caldentey and Matias Vernengo

Vibrational Relaxation of (CO2)-C-13(v(2)) by Atomic Oxygen, Michael R. Cecchini and Karen Castle

MarkerMiner 1.0: A New Application for Phylogenetic Marker Development Using Angiosperm Transcriptomes, Srikar Chamala, Nicolas Garcia, Grant T. Godden, Vivek Krishnakumar, Ingrid E. Jordon-Thaden, Riet De Smet, W. Brad Barbazuk, Douglas E. Soltis, and Pamela S. Soltis

Hidden Constraints in the Design of Liberal Studies in Engineering, Alan Cheville

Cultural Difference in George Macartney’s "An Embassy to China 1792-1794”, Greg Clingham

Terrorism as Organization, Network and Social Movement, Jordi Comas, Paul Shrivastava, and Eric C. Martin


From Anti-Theater to Anti-Theatricality, Logan Connors


Increasing Engagement in French and Francophone Studies: Structured Journaling on the Emotions in La Fayette's La princesse de Clèves, Logan Connors


The Theater's Many Enemies, Logan Connors


Validating the Client Focused Considering Work Model for People Living With HIV and Quantifying the Phases of Change of Commitment to Work, Liza M. Conyers and K B. Boomer


Religiousness and Spirituality Among Highly Religious Emerging Adults, Kaye V. Cook, Cynthia Kimball, Chris Boyatzis, and Kathleen C. Leonard

Goal Setting and Monetary Incentives: When Large Stakes Are Not Enough, Brice Corgnet, Joaquin Gomez-Minambres, and Roberto Hernan-Gonzalez

Passive Acoustic Mapping Utilizing Optimal Beamforming in Ultrasound Therapy Monitoring, Christian Coviello, Richard J. Kozick, James Choi, Miklos Gyoengy, Carl Jensen, Penny Probert Smith, and Constantin C. Coussios


Multiple Endosymbiont Infections and Reproductive Manipulations in a Linyphiid Spider Population, M M. Curry, Leocadia V. Paliulis, K D. Welch, J D. Harwood, and J A. White

Nonexpansive Z(2)-Subdynamics and Nivat's Conjecture, Van Cyr and Bryna Kra


Decomposing Finite Blaschke Products, Ulrich Daepp, Pamela Gorkin, Andrew Shaffer, Benjamin Sokolowsky, and Karl Voss


Mathematical Model of Oxygen Transport in Tuberculosis Granulomas, Meenal Datta, Laura E. Via, Wei Chen, James W. Baish, Lei Xu, Clifton E. Barrry 3rd, and Rakesh K. Jain


Virginia Woolf Miscellany, "1930s Woolf", Erica Delsandro

Trade and Democracy: A Factor-Based Approach, John A. Doces and Christopher S. Magee


Spatial Structures in a Simple Model of Population Dynamics for Parasite-Host Interactions, JiaJia Dong

Taxonomy and Phylogeny of the Asphondylia Species (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) of North American Goldenrods: Challenging Morphology, Complex Host Associations, and Cryptic Speciation, Netta Dorchin, Jeffrey B. Joy, Lukas K. Hilke, Michael J. Wise, and Warren G. Abrahamson II

Exploring the Intersection of Entrepreneurship Education and ABET Accreditation Criteria, N Duval-Couetil, L Kisenwether, Joseph Tranquillo, and J Wheadon

Characterization of Dermal Plates from Armored Catfish Pterygoplichthys pardalis Reveals Sandwich-Like Nanocomposite Structure, Donna M. Ebenstein, Carlos Calderon, Omar P. Troncoso, and Fernando G. Torres

Revolutionizing Cultural Pluralism: The Political Odyssey of Louis Adamic, 1932-1951, John P. Enyeart

Clinical Phenotype of the Recurrent 1q21.1 Copy Number Variation, David W. Evans

Social Cognition and Brain Morphology: Implications for Developmental Brain Dysfunction, David W. Evans, Steven M. Lazar, K B. Boomer, Aaron Mitchel, Andrew M. Michael, and Gregory J. Moore

Weighted Shifts Induced by Hamburger Moment Sequences, George R. Exner, Joo Young Jinh, Ii Bong Jung, and Mi Ryeong Lee

Minimum Wages and Employment in China, Tony Fang and Carl Lin

Monomorphic ornamentation related to oxidative damage and assortative mating in the Black Guillemot (Cepphus grylle), Vincent Fasanello, Elizabeth Carlton, Maddie Pott, Nicole M. Marchetto, Emily Vaughn, Kevin McGraw, Robert A. Mauck, and Mark F. Haussmann

Digital Learning in an Undergraduate Context: Promoting Long Term Student-Faculty Collaboration., Katherine Faull and Diane K. Jakacki

Analyzing the Visual Discourse of Charter Schools in the News, Abe Feuerstein

Parent Trigger Laws and Framing in Educational Politics, Abe Feuerstein

Rituals of Verification: Department Chairs and the Dominant Discourse of Assessment in Higher Education, Abe Feuerstein

The White-Nose Syndrome Transcriptome: Activation of Anti-fungal Host Responses in Wing Tissue of Hibernating Little Brown Myotis, Ken Field, Joseph S. Johnson, Thomas M. Lilley, Sophia M. Reeder, Elizabeth J. Rogers, Melissa J. Behr, and DeeAnn M. Reeder

Provenance signature of changing plate boundary conditions along a convergent margin: Detrital Record of Spreading-Ridge and Flat-Slab Subduction Processes, Cenozoic Forearc Basins, Alaska, Emily S. Finzel, Kenneth D. Ridgway, and Jeffrey M. Trop

Sexual Assault Victimization Among Female Undergraduates During Study Abroad: A Single Campus Survey Study, William F. Flack Jr., Matthew O. Kimble, Brooke E. Campbell, Allyson B. Hopper, Oana Peterca, and Emily J. Heller

Voluntary Locomotor Activity Mitigates Oxidative Damage Associated with Isolation Stress in the Prairie Vole (Microtus ochrogaster), Kelsey L. Fletcher, Brittany N. Whitley, Lisa A. Treidel, David Thompson, Annie Williams, Jose C. Noguera, Jennie Stevenson, and Mark F. Haussmann

Diet-Related Chronic Disease in the Northeastern United States: a Model-Based Clustering Approach, Abby Flynt

Diet-Related Chronic Disease in the Northeastern United States: a Model-Based Clustering Approach, Abby Flynt and Madeleine I.G. Daepp

'Set Alight to Her Husband’s House': Teaching as Scholarship and Activism in the Gambian Archives, Cymone Fourshey

Influence of Horizontally Curved Roadway Section Characteristics on Motorcycle-to-Barrier Crash Frequency, Doug Gabauer and Xiaolong Li

On the Binary Frequency of the Lowest Mass Members of the Pleiades with Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera 3, E. V. Garcia, Trent J. Dupuy, Katelyn N. Allers, Michael C. Liu, and Niall R. Deacon

Climate-Induced Range Contraction of a Rare Alpine Aquatic Invertebrate, J. Joseph Giersch, Steve Jordan, Gordon Luikart, Leslie A. Jones, F. Richard Hauer, and Clint C. Muhlfeld

Finding the best predictor of reproductive performance of Leach’s Storm-Petrels, Morgan Gilmour, Christine Lattin, Michael Romero, Mark F. Haussmann, Robert A. Mauck, and Donald C. Dearborn


The Role of Intelligence in Mating: an Investigation of How Mating Intelligence Relates to Mate Selection and Mating-Relevant Constructs, Stefanie Gisler and T. Joel Wade

Temptation, Horizontal Differentiation and Monopoly Pricing, Joaquin Gomez-Minambres

Constructing Frostman-Blaschke Products and Applications to Operators on Weighted Bergman Spaces, Pamela Gorkin and John Akeroyd

Thin Sequences and Their Role in H-P Theory, Model Spaces, and Uniform Algebras, Pamela Gorkin, Sandra Pott, and Brett D. Wick

Thin Sequences and Their Role in Hp Theory, Model Spaces, and Uniform Algebras, Pamela Gorkin, Brett Wick, and Sandra Pott

Experimental Studies of Coherent Structures in an Advection-Reaction-Diffusion System, Savannah Gowen and Thomas H. Solomon


Students Implement the Affordable Care Act: A Model for Undergraduate Teaching and Research in Community Health and Sociology, Brandn Green, Kristal Jones, Neil Boyd, Carl Milofsky, and Eric C. Martin


Implementing the Affordable Care Act in Central Pennsylvania, Brandn Green, Kristal Jones, and Carl Milofsky


Sex and hibernaculum temperature predict survivorship in white-nose syndrome affected little brown myotis (Myotis lucifugus), Laura E. Grieneisen, Sarah A. Brownlee-Bouboulis, Joseph S. Johnson, and DeeAnn Reeder

Devaluation as a Policy Instrument for Caricom Countries, Winston H. Griffith

The Personal Budget Project: A Practical Introduction to Financial Literacy, Cindy Guthrie and Curtis M. Nicholls


The Effect of Exercise-Induced Arousal on Chosen Tempi for Familiar Melodies, Andrea Halpern


Musical Tasks Targeting Preserved and Impaired Functions in Two Dementias, Andrea Halpern, Hannah L. Golden, Nadia Magdalinou, Pirada Witoonpanich, and Jason D. Warren


Absolute Pitch in Naturalistic Singing: A Commentary On Olthof et al., Andrea R. Halpern


Differences in Auditory Imagery Self-Report Predict Neural and Behavioral Outcomes, Andrea R. Halpern