Submissions from 2016

Arabic-Hebrew codeswitching: the case of the Druze community in Israel, Martin Isleem

Arabic-Hebrew codeswitching: the case of the Druze community in Israel, Martin Isleem

'Nothing Is Sweet in My Mouth': Food, Identity, and Religion in African Lisbon, Michelle C. Johnson

The New Normal? Enhanced Psychological Well-Being from Public Accounting: Mitigating Conflict with Flexibility and Role Clarity, Ambrose Jones III and Cindy Guthrie

Unconventional Gas and Oil Development in the United States: Economics Experience and Policy Issues, Timothy W. Kelsey, Mark D. Partridge, and Nancy E. White

Enhanced Stability of the Fe(II)/Mn(II) State in a Synthetic Model of Heterobimetallic Cofactor Assembly, William D. Kerber, Joshua T. Goheen, Kaitlyn A. Perez, and Maxime A. Siegler

The Effect of Youth Poverty Rates and Migration on Adult Wages, Thomas A. Knapp and Nancy E. White


A Brain System for Auditory Working Memory, Sukhbinder Kumar, Sabine Joseph, Phillip E. Gander, Nicolas Barascud, Andrea R. Halpern, and Timothy D. Griffiths

Reply to Davis: Nitric Oxide Regulates Lymphatic Contractions, Christian Kunert, James W. Baish, Shan Liao, Timothy P. Padera, and Lance L. Munn

Subharmonicity, Comparison Results, and Temperature Gaps in Cylindrical Domains, Jeffrey J. Langford

The Clamped Plate in Gauss Space, Jeffrey J. Langford and Laura Mercredi Chasman


Avalanche Statistics from Data with Low Time Resolution, Michael LeBlanc, Aya Nawano, Wendelin J. Wright, Xiaojun Gu, Jonathan T. Uhl, and Karin A. Dahmen

The Experience of Magic, Jason Leddington


White-Nose Syndrome Survivors Do Not Exhibit Frequent Arousals Associated With Pseudogymnoascus destructans Infection, Thomas Mikael Lilley, Joseph Samuel Johnson, Lasse Ruokolainen, Elisabeth Jeanine Rogers, Cali Ann Wilson, Spencer Mead Schell, Ken Field, and DeeAnn Marie Reeder

The Effects of the Minimum Wage on Earnings Inequality: Evidence from China, Carl Lin and Myeong-Su Yun


Superiority in Humor Theory, Sheila Lintott


Inclusive Pedagogy: Beyond Simple Content, Sheila Lintott and LIssa Skitolsky

Adapting Female Agency: Rape in The Outrage and Rashōmon, Erik R. Lofgren

Differential Gaze Patterns on Eyes and Mouth During Audiovisual Speech Segmentation, Laina G. Lusk and Aaron D. Mitchel

Unused Medications and Disposal Patterns at Home: Findings from a Medicare Patient Survey and Claims Data, Daniel D. Maeng, Ryan Snyder, Charles J. Medico, Winona M. Mold, and James E. Maneval

Membrane Efficiency and Diffusive Tortuosity of a Dense Prehydrated Geosynthetic Clay Liner, Michael A. Malusis and Akmal S. Daniyarov

Prenatal Stress and Newborn Telomere Length, Nicole M. Marchetto, Rebecca A. Glynn, Mackenzie L. Ferry, Maja Ostojic, Sandra M. Wolff, Ruofan Yao, and Mark F. Haussmann


Evidence of Rock Kangaroo Seed Dispersal via Faecal Seed Storage in a Tropical Monsoon Community, Chris Martine, Ally Boni, Elizabeth Capaldi, Gemma Lionheart, and Ingrid E. Jordon-Thaden


New Functionally Dioecious Bush Tomato, Solanum ossicruentum, May Utilize “Trample Burr” Seed Dispersal., Chris Martine, Jason T. Cantley, Emma S. Frawley, Alice R. Butler, and Ingrid E. Jordon-Thaden

Solanum watneyi, a new bush tomato species from the Northern Territory, Australia named for Mark Watney of the book and film “The Martian”, Chris Martine, Emma S. Frawley, Jason T. Cantley, and Ingrid E. Jordon-Thaden

Communication, Cooperation, Coordination, Collaboration - The 4Cs: Interorganizational Partnering in Haiti, Eric C. Martin, Isabella Nolte, and Emma Vitola


Shirdi Sai Baba as Guru and God: Narasimhaswami’s Vision of the Samartha Sadguru, Karline McLain


Re-Building Coal Country: A Church/University Partnership, Carl Milofsky and Brandn Green

Morphology and Toughness Enhancements in Recycled High-Density Polyethylene (rHDPE) via Solid-State Shear Pulverization (SSSP) and Solid-State/Melt Extrusion (SSME), Evan V. Miu, Andrew J. Fox, Samuel H. Jubb, and Katsuyuki Wakabayashi

Carceral Space: Prisoners and Animals, Karen M. Morin

The Late-Modern American Jail: Epistemologies of Space and Violence, Karen M. Morin

Introduction to the Special Issue: Feminist Historical Geographies, Karen M. Morin, Tamar Rothenberg, and Mona Domosh


'As a Lever Gains Power by Its Distance from the Fulcrum’: Tracing Frederick Douglass in the Irish Atlantic World, Adrian N. Mulligan


Solid Stress and Elastic Energy as Measures of Tumour Mechanopathology, Hadi T. Nia, Hao Liu, Giorgio Seano, Meenal Datta, Dennis Jones, Nuh Rahbari, Joao Incio, Vikash P. Chauhan, Keehoon Jung, John D. Martin, Vasileios Askoxylakis, Timothy P. Padera, Dai Fukumura, Yves Boucher, Francis J. Hornicek, Alan J. Grodzinsky, James W. Baish, Lance L. Munn, and Rakesh K. Jain


Solar thermoelectricity via advanced latent heat storage, Michele L. Olsen, Jonathan E. Rea, Greg C. Glatzmaier, Corey L. Hardin, Christopher J. Oshman, J Vaughn, T. Roark, J. W. Raade, R. W. Bradshaw, Jeff Sharp, A. D. Avery, D. Bobela, R. Bonner, R. Wiegand, D. Campo, Philip A. Parilla, Nathan P. Siegel, E. S. Toberer, and D. S. Ginley

Improving Bayesian Reasoning: The Effects of Phrasing, Visualization, and Spatial Ability, Alvitta Ottley, Evan M. Peck, Lane T. Harrison, Daniel Afergan, Caroline Ziemkiewicz, Holly A. Taylor, Paul K.J. Han, and Remco Chang

Do Hormones, Telomere Lengths, and Oxidative Stress form an Integrated Phenotype? A Case Study in Free-Living Tree Swallows., Jenny Q. Ouyang, Adam Z. Lendvai, Ignacio T. Moore, Frances Bonier, and Mark F. Haussmann


Modern ‘Junk Food’ and Minimally-processed ‘Natural Food’ Cafeteria Diets Alter the Response to Sweet Taste but Do Not Impair Flavor-Nutrient Learning in Rats, Kristen M. Palframan and Kevin P. Myers


Balancing the Costs of Wildlife Research with the Benefits of Understanding a Panzootic Disease, White-Nose Syndrome, DeeAnn Marie Reeder, Ken Field, and Matthew H. Slater


Concerted Hydrogen-Bond Breaking by Quantum Tunneling in the Water Hexamer Prism, Jeremy O. Richardson, Cristobal Perez, Simon Lobsiger, Adam A. Reid, Berhane Temelso, George C. Shields, Zbigniew Kisiel, David J. Wales, Brooks H. Pate, and Stuart C. Althorpe

“Count Him a Human Being”: David Grossman’s See Under: Love and Holocaust Perpetrators in Israeli Fiction, Or Rogovin

Ka-Tzetnik's Moral Viewpoint, Or Rogovin

Against Critique: Fluxus and the Hacker Aesthetic, Roger Rothman

Computing Jacobi Forms, Nathan C. Ryan, Nicolás Sirolli, Nils-Peter Skoruppa, and Gonzalo Tornaría

Formulas for Central Values of Twisted Spin L-Functions Attached to Paramodular Forms, Nathan C. Ryan, Gonzalo Tornaría, and Ralf Schmidt

Restaurants, Fields, Markets, and Feasts: Food and Culture in Semi-Public Spaces, Clare Sammells and Edmund Searles

To Sell Or Not to Sell: Country Food Markets and Inuit Identity in Nunavut, Edmund Searles


Peasant Revolts as Anti-authoritarian Archetypes for Radical Buddhism in Modern Japan, James Shields

Comparative Life Cycle and Technoeconomic Assessment for Energy Recovery from Dilute Wastewater, Deborah L. Sills, Valerie L. Wade, and Thomas D. DiStefano

Lessons Learned from Implementing Application-Oriented Hands-On Activities for Continuous-Time Signal Processing Courses, Mario Simoni and Maurice F. Aburdene

Oil Capture from a Water Surface by a Falling Sphere, Linda Smolka, Clare K. McLaughlin, and Thomas P. Witelski


Perceived and Induced Emotion Responses to Popular Music: Categorical and Dimensional Models, Yading Song, Simon Dixon, Marcus T. Pearce, and Andrea R. Halpern

Ghrelin Receptor (GHS-R1A) Antagonism Alters Preference for Ethanol and Sucrose in a Concentration-Dependent Manner in Prairie Voles, Jennie Stevenson, Lisa Francomacaro, Amelia Bohidar, K. A. Young, B. F. Pesarchick, J. M. Buirkle, Elyse McMahon, and C. M. O'Bryan


Facultative Oviposition of Eastern Newt (Notophthalmus viridescens) in Response to Water Reduction of Aquatic Habitats, Mizuki Takahashi and Carolyn McPhee

From Embryos to Larvae: Seven-Month-Long Paternal Care by Male Japanese Giant Salamander, Mizuki Takahashi, Sumio Okada, and Yukihiro Fukuda


Toxic Residents: Health and Citizenship at Love Canal, Jennifer Thomson


Waiting for a Place: At Gravedigger’s Pub, Jeffrey Alan Tolbert

Queen of the Corporate Gadflies: Wilma Porter Soss, Janice Traflet

The Product Archaeology Canvas, Joseph Tranquillo

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in Professional Development and Continuing Education for the Health Professions, Joseph Tranquillo and M Stecker


Tilasite From Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, New Jersey: A Newly Recognized Assemblage, James A. Van Fleet and Earl R. Verbeek

Universal Scaling in the Aging of the Strong Glass Former SiO2, Katharina Vollmayr-Lee, Christopher H. Gorman, and Horacio E. Castillo


Does Skin Color, Facial Shape, and Facial Width to Height Ratio (FWHR) Play a Role in Black Male Facial Evaluation, T. Joel Wade


Sex and the Perceived Effectiveness of Flirtation Techniques, T. Joel Wade and Andrea Feldman

Algal food and fuel coproduction can mitigate greenhouse gas emissions while improving land and water-use efficiency, Michael J. Walsh, Leda Gerber Van Doren, Deborah L. Sills, Ian Archibald, Colin M. Beal, Xin Gen Lei, Mark E. Huntley, and Zackary Johnson

How Game Changers Catalyzed, Disrupted, and Incentivized Social Innovation: Three Historical Cases of Nature Conservation, Assimilation, and Women’s Rights, Frances R. Westley, Katharine A. McGowan, Nino Antadze, Jaclyn Blacklock, and Ola Tjornbo


Staging (Within) Violence: A Conversation with Frank Wilderson and Jaye Austin Williams, Jaye Austin Williams

Resource Allocation in Food-Restricted Male Physocyclus mexicanus (Banks 1898) Spiders Does Not Favor Proportionally Larger Testes (Araneae: Pholcidae), Diane E. Wilson, Leocadia V. Paliulis, Kristen D. Felt, Emily N. Campbell, Olivia R. Cohen, Lauren E. Geisel, and Jove H. Graham

Attentional Flexibility and Memory Capacity in Conductors and Pianists, Clemens Wöllner and Andrea R. Halpern

Experimental Evidence for Both Progressive and Simultaneous Shear During Quasistatic Compression of a Bulk Metallic Glass, Wendelin J. Wright, Yun Liu, Xiaojun Gu, Katherine D. Van Ness, Steven L. Robare, Xin Liu, James Antonaglia, Michael LeBlanc, Jonathan T. Uhl, Todd C. Hufnagel, and Karin A. Dahmen

Telomere Length and Environmental Conditions Predict Stress Levels But Not Parental Investment in a Long-Lived Seabird, Rebecca C. Young, Christopher P. Barger, I Dorresteijm, Mark F. Haussmann, and Alexander S. Kitaysky

Characterization of Stiffness Degradation Caused By Fatigue Damage of Additive Manufactured Parts, Constance W. Ziemian, Ronald D. Ziemian, and Kellen V. Haile

Submissions from 2015

Synergistic Co-Digestion of Solid-Organic-Waste and Municipal-Sewage-Sludge: 1 plus 1 Equals More than 2 in Terms of Biogas Production and Solids Reduction, Peter Aichinger, Tanush Wadhawan, Martin Kuprian, Matthew Higgins, Christian Ebner, Christian Fimml, Sudhir Murthy, and Bernhard Wett

Constructing Frostman-Blaschke Products and Applications to Operators on Weighted Bergman Spaces, John R. Akeroyd and Pamela Gorkin

A Recently Discovered Pathogenic Paramyxovirus, Sosuga Virus, is Present in Rousettus aegyptiacus Fruit Bats at Multiple Locations in Uganda, Brian R. Ammon, Cesar G. Albarino, Brian H. Bird, Luke Nyakarahuka, Tara K. Sealy, Stephen Balinandi, Amy J. Schuh, Shelly M. Campbell, Ute Stroher, Megan E.B. Jones, Megan E. Vodzak, DeeAnn Reeder, Winyi Kaboyo, Stuart T. Nichol, and Jonathan S. Towner

Examining the Role of Substantive Justice in Planning Controversial Facilities, Nino Antadze

Mapping Properties of the Heat Operator on Edge Manifolds, Eric Bahuaud, Emily Dryden, and Boris Vertman

Capital Accumulation, Profitability, and Crisis: Neoliberalism in the United States, Erdogan Bakir

Is Over-investment the Cause of the Post-2007 US Economic Crisis?, Erdogan Bakir and Al Campbell

Algal Biofuel Production for Fuels and Feed in a 100-Ha Facility: A Comprehensive Techno-Economic Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment, Colin M. Beal, Leda N. Gerber, Deborah L. Sills, Mark E. Huntley, Stephen C. Machesky, Michael J. Walsh, Jefferson W. Tester, Ian Archibald, Joe Granados, and Charles H. Greene


Aligning IT Funding Models to the Pace of Technology Change: Enabling Financial Flexibility for Core, Flexible, and Transformative Services, Param Bedi, Michael Biagini, Jennifer Burns, Michael D. Erickson, Christopher Falldine, Paige Francis, Jagan Gudur, Kyle Johnson, Gerard Krawczyk, Heather Maddox White, Angela Neria, Steven Smith, Nadine Stern, Jerome F. Waldron, and Deborah B. Whitten


Making a Difference: Moving Your Organization from Transactional to Transformational, Param Bedi and Jason Snyder

Evaluating the Impact of Rail-Trails: A Methodology for Assessing Travel Demand and Economic Impacts, Michelle Beiler, Kelly Burkhart, and Mike Nicholson

Teaching Sustainability Topics to Attract and Inspire the Next Generation of Civil Engineers, Michelle Beiler and Jeffrey C. Evans

Measuring the Sustainability of Shared-Use Paths: Development of the GreenPaths Rating System, Michelle Oswald Beiler and Emily Waksmunski

Integrating Innovation and Entrepreneurship Principles into the Civil Engineering Curriculum, Michelle R. Beiler


Effects of Prenatal Environment Are Revealed by Post-natal Challenges: Embryonic Hormone Exposure, Adrenocortical Function and Food in Seabird Chicks, Z. Morgan Benowitz-Fredericks, Jannik Schultner, and Alexander S. Kitaysky

Effects of Prenatal Environment on Phenotype Are Revealed by Postnatal Challenges: Embryonic Hormone Exposure, Adrenocortical Function, and Food in Seabird Chicks, Z. Morgan Benowitz-Fredericks, J. Schutner, and A. S. Kitaysky

Impulsive People Have a Compulsion for Immediate Gratification - Certain or Uncertain, Wojciech Bialaszek, Maciej Gaik, Elton G. McGoun, and Piotr Zielonka

Xbox Kinect Training to Improve Clinical Measures of Balance in Older Adults: A Pilot Study, Kathleen Bieryla

Effects of Age and Step Length on Joint Kinetics During Stepping Task, Kathleen Bieryla and Christine Buffinton

Effects of Age and Step Length on Joint Kinetics During Stepping Task, Katie Bieryla and Christine Buffinton

Macrocyclic Poly(Methyl Acrylate) and Macrocyclic Poly(Methyl Acrylate-Block-Styrene) Synthesized by Radical Trap-Assisted Atom Transfer Radical Coupling, Scott C. Blackburn, Kenneth D. Myers, and Eric Tillman

Synthesis of Cyclic Poly(methyl methacrylate) Directly from Dihalogenated Linear Precursors, Scott C. Blackburn and Eric Tillman

Introducing Thriving at Work to the Field of Community Psychology, Neil Boyd

Organization Theory in Community Contexts, Neil Boyd

Chromosome Interaction over a Distance in Meiosis, Mary Brady and Leocadia V. Paliulis

The Photophysics of Three Naphthylmethylene Malononitriles, Jens Breffke, Brian W. Williams, and Mark Maroncelli


The Module Isomorphism Problem Reconsidered, Peter A. Brooksbank

The Module Isomorphism Problem Reconsidered, Peter A. Brooksbank and James B. Wilson