Journal Submissions from 2012


Unexpected Polymorphism and Unique Particle Morphologies from Monodisperse Droplet Evaporation, Ryan Snyder and Kelly Carver

America's Shifting Color Line? Reexamining Determinants of Latino Racial Self-Identification, Atiya Kai Stokes-Brown


The Spatial Signature of Biotic Interactions of a Clonal and a Non-clonal Palmetto in a Subtropical Plant Community, Mizuki Takahashi, Toshiro Kubota, Liana M. Horner, Nathan A. Keller, and Warren G. Abrahamson II


5a-Butyl-1,3,8,10-tetra-chloro-7,13-bis-(4-nitro-benzo-yl)-5a,6a,12a,12b-tetra-hydro-7H,13H-thieno[2,3-b:4,5-b']bis-(1,4-benzoxazine), Kai Tang and Margaret E. Kastner

Quantum Mechanical Study of Sulfuric Acid Hydration: Atmospheric Implications, Berhane Temelso, Thomas E. Morrell, Robert M. Shields, Marco A. Allodi, Elena K. Wood, Karl N. Kirschner, Thomas C. Castonguay, Kaye A. Archer, and George C. Shields


Computational Study of the Hydration of Sulfuric Acid Dimers: Implications for Acid Dissociation and Aerosol Formation, Berhane Temelso, Thuong Ngoc Phan, and George C. Shields

A Mobile Ad Hoc Networking Competition: A Retrospective Look at the MANIAC Challenge, Michael S. Thompson, Allen B. MacKenzie, Luiz A. DaSilva, and George Hadjichristofi

Miocene basin development and volcanism along a strike-slip to flat-slab subduction transition: Stratigraphy, geochemistry, and geochronology of the central Wrangell volcanic belt, Yakutat-North America collision zone, Jeffrey M. Trop, William K. Hart, Darin Snyder, and Bruce Idleman


Investigation into the Specificity of Angiotensin II-induced Behavioral Desensitization, Peter J. Vento, Kevin P. Myers, and Derek Daniels

Synthesis of Macrocyclic Polymers Formed via Intramolecular Radical Trap-Assisted Atom Transfer Radical Coupling, Andrew F. Voter, Eric S. Tillman, Peter M. Findeis, and Scott C. Radzinski

Are There Sex Differences in Reaction to Different Types of Sexual Infidelity?, T. Joel Wade

Individual Differences in First and Fourth Year College Women’s Short Term Mating Strategy Preferences and Perceptions, T. Joel Wade


Sex Differences in Hookup Behavior: A Replication and Examination of Parent-Child Relationship Quality, T. Joel Wade


Individual differences in first and fourth year college women’s short term mating strategy preferences and perceptions, T. Joel Wade and Maggie Cohen


Are there sex differences in reaction to different types of sexual infidelity?, T. Joel Wade, Ryan Kelley, and Dominique Church


Promoting Amphibian Conservation through the College Classroom: Detection of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis among Local Amphibians, Julie Wunder, Noel Lampazzi, Kelsey Acre, Nicholas Bent, Sadie Canter, Alexandra Chapman, Margaret Davies, David Kashan, Jonathan Keiley, Rachel Macintyre, Tamara Milton, Kara Weichler, Matthew Wilson, and Mizuki Takahashi

Queering the 'Human Situation', Thelathia Young

Effects of Flashing and Upset Sequences on Microstructure, Hardness, and Tensile Properties of Welded Structural Steel Joints, Constance Ziemian, Mala Sharma, and Donald Whaley

Natural History on Blocks, in Bodies, and on the Hearth: Juvenile Science Literature and Games, 1850-1875., Virginia Zimmerman

On Accidental Archaeology, Virginia Zimmerman

‘Time Seemed Fiction’ -- Archaeological Encounters in Victorian Poetry., Virginia Zimmerman

Journal Submissions from 2011

Satellite Communications, Data Communications, and Simulation, Maurice Aburdene and Kundan Nepal

Wow! Linear systems and signal processing is fun!, Maurice Aburdene and Kundan Nepal

Measurement of neutrino-induced charged-current charged pion production cross sections on mineral oil at E(ν) similar to 1 GeV, A. Aguilar-Arevalo and Sally Koutsoliotas

Measurement of νμ-induced charged-current neutral pion production cross sections on mineral oil at E(ν) is an element of 0.5-2.0 GeV correlation functions of a driven granular fluid in steady state, A. Aguilar-Arevalo and Sally Koutsoliotas

Preferential accumulation within tumors and in vivo imaging by functionalized luminescent dendrimer lanthanide complexes, M. A. Alcala, C. M. Shade, H. Uh, S. Y. Kwan, M. Bischof, Z. P. Thompson, K. A. Gogick, A. R. Meier, Timothy G. Strein, D. L. Bartlett, R. R. Modzelewski, Y. J. Lee, S. Petoud, and C. K. Brown

A Divided City in a Common Market: EU Citizenship and Everyday Instrumentalities on the Polish-German Border, Andrew Asher


A Pieri Rule for Skew Shapes, Sami H. Assaf and Peter R. W. McNamara


Scaling Rules for Diffusive Drug Delivery in Tumor and Normal Tissues, James W. Baish, Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos, Ryan Lanning, Walid S. Kamoun, Dai Fukumura, Lance L. Munn, and Rakesh K. Jain


A Keck LGS AO search for brown dwarf and planetary mass companions to upper Scorpius brown dwarfs, B. Biller, Katelyn N. Allers, Michael Liu, Laird Close, and Trent Dupuy

Development of Dynamic Constraint Models for a Model Based Transient Calibration Process, Indranil Brahma

Development of a model-based transient calibration process for diesel engine electronic control module tables – Part 1: data requirements, processing, and analysis, Indranil Brahma and John Chi

Development of a model-based transient calibration process for diesel engine electronic control module tables – Part 2: modelling and optimization, Indranil Brahma and John Chi

Professional development delivered right to your door!, M. L. Breyfogle and B. Spotts

Hydrogen Abstraction Followed by Nitroxide Mediated Polymerization: Synthesis of 2,7-Dibromofluorene-Labeled Polystyrene, W. E. Butcher and Eric Tillman

The Effect of PCAOB Inspections of Big 4 Audit Quality, Joseph V. Carcello, Carl Hollingsworth, and Stacy Mastrolia


A microstructure based model of the deformation mechanisms and flow stress during elevated temperature straining of a magnesium alloy, David E. Cipoletti Ph.D., Allan F. Bower, and Paul E. Krajewski


Search for plant biomagnetism with a sensitive atomic magnetometer, Eric Corsini, Victor Acosta, Nicolas Baddour, James M. Higbie, Brian Lester, Paul Licht, Brian Patton, Mark Prouty, and Dmitry Budke


Contextual Information and Memory for Unfamiliar Tunes in Older and Younger Adults, S.A. Deffler and Andrea Halpern


Re-Evaluating Vietnam’s Nghe-Tinh Soviets (1930-1931) using a Historical GIS: Some Preliminary Observations, David W. Del Testa


Hurricanes and Revolutions, Michael J. Drexler


“Those ‘Old Colonial Establishments’ and The New Negro: The Problem of Slavery in The Career of William Dunlap”, Michael J. Drexler

Cortical activity and children’s rituals, habits and other repetitive behavior: A visual P300 study, David W. Evans and Ashley Maliken

Synthesis and Characterization of a Hydrogel with Controllable Electroosmosis: A Potential Brain Tissue Surrogate for Electrokinetic Transport, A. H. Faraji, J. J. Cui, Y. Guy, L. Li, C. A. Gavigan, Timothy Strein, and S. G. Weber

The Politics of Accountability and Teacher Preparation: A Case Study from Pennsylvania, Abe Feuerstein

Cholinergic Control of Male Mating Behavior in Hamsters: Effects of Central Oxotremorine Treatment, Owen Floody

Cholinergic Control of Male Mating Behavior in Hamsters: Effects of Systemic Agonist or Antagonist Treatment, Owen Floody


Organization of Mating Behavior in Male Hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus), Owen Floody

Oxidative damage to DNA related to survivorship and carotenoid-based sexual ornamentation in the common yellowthroat, Corey R. Freeman-Gallant, Joel Amidon, Brittany Berdy, Stephanie Wein, Conor C. Taff, and Mark F. Haussmann

Pervasive Algebras and Maximal Subalgebras., Pamela Gorkin and Anthony G. O'Farrell


The persistence of musical memories: A descriptive study of earworms, Andrea Halpern and J.C. Bartlett

Telomere measurement tools: Telometric produces biased estimates of telomere length, Mark F. Haussmann, H. M. Salomons, and Simon Verhulst


Magnetometry with mesospheric sodium, James M. Higbie, Simon M. Rocheste, Brian Patton, Ronald Holzlöhner, Domenico Bonaccini Calia, and Dmitry Budker

Are Comic Books an Effective Way to Engage Nonmajors in Learning and Appreciating Science?, Jay Hosler and K B. Boomer


Picture Recognition of Food by Macaques (Macaca silenus), Peter G. Judge

Perseveration on a reversal-learning task correlates with rates of self-directed behavior in nonhuman primates, Peter G. Judge, David W. Evans, Kara K. Schroepfer, and Alyssa C. Gross


Economic Policies to Address the Environmental Consequences of Global Reuse, Thomas C. Kinnaman


The Economic Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction: Moving Beyond Jobs and Tax Revenues, Thomas C. Kinnaman

Interactions between forming stars and dense gas in the small low mass cluster Cederblad 110, Edwin F. Ladd, T. Wong, T. L. Bourke, and K. L. Thompson


Poema of Lieutenant Schmidt’s End: Pasternak’s Dialogue with Tsvetaeva through the Prism of Genre., Ludmila Lavine


Small-sized dichroic atomic vapor laser lock, Changmin Lee, G. Z. Iwata, E. Corsini, James M. Higbie, S. Knappe, M. P. Ledbetter, and D. Budker


Propagation of quantized fields in negative-index media, Martin K. Ligare and J. Mod


Preservation, Passivity, and Pessimism, Sheila Lintott


Experimental Infection of Bats with Geomyces destructans Causes White-nose Syndrome, Jeffrey M. Lorch, Carol U. Meteyer, Melissa J. Behr, Justin G. Boyles, Paul M. Cryan, Alan C. Hicks, Anne E. Ballmann, Jeremy T.H. Coleman, David N. Redell, DeeAnn Reeder, and David S. Blehert


Hydraulic Conductivity of Model Soil-Bentonite Backfills Subjected to Wet-Dry Cycling, Michael A. Malusis, Jeffrey C. Evans, and SeungChoel Yeom

Market Botany: A Plant Biodiversity Lab Module, Chris Martine

DNA Analysis Identifies Solanum from Litchfield National Park as a Lineage of S. dioicum, Chris Martine, E. M. Lavoie, N. P. Tippery, and D. H. Les

Media reform and development in Bosnia: An interorganizational account of the Media Issues Group, Eric Martin

Male-biased reproductive effort in a long-lived seabird., Robert A. Mauck, Jennifer L. Zangmeister, Jack Cercihara, Chalres E. Huntington, and Mark F. Haussmann

Tailoring Instructional Tasks to Meet Students’ Needs, A. R. McDuffie, K. Wohlhuter, and M. L. Breyfogle


Be United, Be Virtuous: Composite Culture and the Growth of Shirdi Sai Baba Devotion, Karline McLain

Review of Women Elders' Life Stories of the Omaha Tribe: Macy, Nebraska, 2004-2005, Karen M. Morin


Our Theories, Ourselves: Hierarchies of Place and Status in U.S. Academia, Karen M. Morin and Tamar Rothenberg


Levels-of-processing effects on "remember" responses in recognition for familiar and unfamiliar tunes, E. Mungan, Z. Peynircioglu, and Andrea Halpern


Levels-of-Processing Effects on "Remember" Responses in Recognition For Familiar and Unfamiliar Tunes, Esra Mungan, Zehra F. Peynircioğlu, and Andrea R. Halpern


Rats' Learned Preferences for Flavors Encountered Early or Late in a Meal Paired with the Postingestive Effects of Glucose, Kevin P. Myers and Margaret C. Whitney

Addressing Misconceptions about Heat Transfer in Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Instruction, Katharyn E. K. Nottis, Michael J. Prince, and Margot A. Vigeant

Pinning and mode-locking of reaction fronts by vortices, G. M. O'Malley, M. S. Paoletti, M. E. Schwartz, and Thomas H. Solomon

Learning to write about mathematics, R. Parker and M. L. Breyfogle

Probing the Effects of Pi-pi Stacking on the Controlled Radical Polymerization of Styrene and Fluorinated Styrene, P. D. Pickett, S. C. Radzinski, and Eric Tillman

Effect of Pi-pi Stacking on the Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of Styrene, P. D. Pickett, Eric Tillman, and A. F. Voter

Probing the Steric Limits of Rhodium Catalyzed Hydrophosphinylation. E-H addition vs. Dimerization/Oligomerization/Polymerization, M. E. Richard, K. P. Reese, J. J. Stone, P. D. Pickett, Eric Tillman, and R. A. Stockland Jr.

Testing the Functional Equation of High-degree Euler Products, Nathan C. Ryan, David W. Farmer, and Raf Schmidt

A Böcherer-Type Conjecture for Paramodular Forms, Nathan C. Ryan and Gonzalo Tornaría

Fatigue Behavior of SiC Particulate Reinforced Spray-Formed 7XXX Series Aluminum Alloys, Mala Sharma, Constance Ziemian, and Timothy Eden


Smashing the Mirror of Yamato: Sakaguchi Ango, Decadence & a Postmetaphysical Buddhist Critique of Culture, James Shields

Genisses, exiles and (liberal) postmodern subjectivities, Rosemary E. Shinko

Assessment of commercial hemicellulases for saccharification of alkaline pretreated perennial biomass, Deborah L. Sills and James M. Gossett

Fingering instability down the outside of a vertical cylinder, Linda Smolka and Marc SeGall


Changes in Preservice Teachers’ Self-Efficacy: From Science Methods to Student Teaching, Lori Smolleck


Playing with Science: An Investigation of Young Children’s Science Conceptions and Misconceptions, Lori Smolleck


The Investigation of the Ways in Which Gender Stereotypes are Perpetuated through Questioning and Assessment Strategies in Inquiry-Based Science Classroom, Lori Smolleck

Investigating the Effects of Conductivity of Zone Overlap with EMMA: Computer Simulation and Experiment, J. W. Stahl, A. D. Catherman, S. K. Ranasinghe, C. A. Seniveratne, and Timothy G. Strein

Biomechanics on the Half Shell: Functional Performance Influences Patterns of Morphological Variation in the Emydid Turtle carapace, Tristan Stayton

Terrestrial feeding in aquatic turtles: environment-dependent feeding behavior modulation and the evolution of terrestrial feeding in Emydidae, Tristan Stayton

Finite Element Modeling of Shell Shape in the Freshwater Turtle Pseudemys concinna Reveals a Trade-Off between Mechanical Strength and Hydrodynamic Efficiency, Tristan Stayton and Gabriel Rivera


Extensive clonal spread and extreme longevity in saw palmetto, a foundation clonal plant, Mizuki K. Takahashi, Liana M. Horner, Toshiro Kubota, Nathan A. Keller, and Warren G. Abrahamson II


Extensive clonal spread and extreme longevity in saw palmetto, a foundation clonal plant, Mizuki K. Takahashi, Liana M. Horner, Toshiro Kubota, Nathan A. Keller, and Warren G. Abrahamson II

Benchmark Structures and Binding Energies of Small Water Clusters with Anharmonicity Corrections, Berhane Temelso, Kaye A. Archer, and George C. Shields