Submissions from 2017

Nanoindentation of Compliant Materials Using Berkovich and Flat Tips, Congrui Jin and Donna M. Ebenstein

(Re)thinking Like an Economist: pluralism, critical thinking and economic pedagogy, David Kristjanson-Gural

Film Melodrama and Opera: La Tosca in Italian Cinema, Bernhard Kuhn


Il teatro e la vita non son la stessa cosa? Self-references and their Cultural Context in Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci, Bernhard Kuhn

Solanum jobsonii, a novel andromonoecious bush tomato species from a new Australian national park, L. Mae Lacey, Jason T. Cantley, and Chris Martine

Exit Time Moments and Eigenvalue Estimates, Jeffrey J. Langford, Emily Dryden, and Patrick McDonald


Syntactic Change and the Rise of Transitivity, James Lavine


Manifestations of classical physics in the quantum evolution of correlated spin states in pulsed NMR experiments, Martin K. Ligare


Immune responses in hibernating little brown myotis (Myotis lucifugus) with white-nose syndrome, Thomas M. Lilley, Jenni M. Prokkola, Elisabeth Jeanine Rogers, Sarah Gronsky, Allen Kurta, DeeAnn Reeder, and Kenneth A. Field


Molecular Detection of Candidatus Bartonella mayotimonensis in North American Bats, Thomas M. Lilley, Cali Ann Wilson, Riley F. Bernard, Emma V. Wilcox, Eero J. Vesterinen, Quinn MR Webber, Laura Ann Kurpiers, Jenni M. Prokkola, Imran Ejotre, Allen Kurta, Kenneth A. Field, DeeAnn M. Reeder, and Arto T. Pulliainen

To Battle, Erik R. Lofgren

Review: Mabey, R. The Cabaret of Plants (W.W. Norton and Company, 2015)., Chris Martine

Civil Society as Social Movement, Organization, Network and Government: the Rapidly Changing Relationship Between Governments, NGOs, and the Voluntary Sector in Ukraine, Eric C. Martin

The Formality of Informal Civil Society: Ukraine’s EuroMaidan, Eric C. Martin

Lymph Node Effective Vascular Permeability and Chemotherapy Uptake, Eelco F. J. Meijer, Cedric Blatter, Ivy X. Chen, Echoe Bouta, Dennis Jones, Ethel R. Pereira, Keehoon Jung, Benjamin J. Vakoc, James W. Baish, and Timothy P. Padera


Reproducibility and Stability of Aqueous Metabolite Levels in Extracted Serum by NMR Spectroscopy, Matthew M. Miele, Brian A. Irving, Broc R. Wenrich, Philliip L. Martin, and David Rovnyak


The Collapse of Intermediate Structures?, Carl Milofsky and Margaret Harris


Museum collections: Natural history training bridges time, space, and digital platforms., Anna Monfils, Karen Powers, Christopher J. Marshall, James F. Smith, Chris Martine, and L. Alan Prather

Short-term mate poaching in heterosexual men: The effect of dissimilarity in couples attractiveness and mate poaching, James Moran, Barry X. Kuhle, T. Joel Wade, and Mark Seid

Role of Vascular Normalization in Benefit from Metronomic Chemotherapy, Fotios Mpekris, James W. Baish, Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos, and Rakesh K. Jain


Sensory-specific satiety is intact in rats made obese on a high-fat, high-sugar choice diet., Kevin P. Myers


Honey Bee Deformed Wing Virus Structures Reveal that Conformational Changes Accompany Genome Release, Lyndsey J. Organtini, Kristen L. Shingler, Robert E. Ashley, Elizabeth A. Capaldi, Kulsoom Durrani, Kelly A. Dryden, Alexander M. Makhov, James F. Conway, Marie Pizzorno, and Susan Hafenstein


Design of a thermosyphon-based thermal valve for controlled high-temperature heat extraction, Christopher J. Oshman, Corey L. Hardin, Jonathan Rea, Michele L. Olsen, Nathan P. Siegel, Greg C. Glatzmaier, Philip A. Parilla, David S. Ginley, and Eric S. Toberer


Acid and alkali catalyzed hydrothermal liquefaction of dairy manure digestate and food waste, Roy Posmanik, Celia M. Martinez, Borja Cantero-Tubilla, Danilo A. Cantero, Deborah Sills, Maria Jose Cocero, and Jefferson W. Tester


Residential proximity to high-density poultry operations associated with campylobacteriosis and infectious diarrhea, Melissa N. Poulsen, Jonathan Pollak, Deborah Sills, Joan A. Casey, Sara G. Rasmussen, Keeve E. Nachman, Sara E. Cosgrove, Dalton Stewart, and Brian S. Schwartz


Pseudogymnoascus destructans transcriptome changes during white-nose syndrome infections, Sophia M. Reeder, Jonathan M. Palmer, Jenni M. Prokkola, Thomas M. Lilley, DeeAnn M. Reeder, and Ken Field

A Portrait of the Animal as a Young Artist: Animality, Instinct, and Cognition in Joyce’s Early Prose, John Rickard


The design of metal halide-based high flux solar simulators: Optical model development and empirical validation, Jeffrey P. Roba and Nathan P. Siegel


Waiting as Resistance: Lingering, Loafing, and Whiling Away, Harold Schweizer


An empirical assessment of administration & planning activity and their impact on the realization of sustainability related initiatives and programs in higher education, Elizabeth Semeraro and Neil Boyd


Immanent Frames: Meiji New Buddhism and the 'Religious Secular', James Shields


Design of a pilot scale directly irradiated, high temperature, and low pressure moving particle cavity chamber for metal oxide reduction, Abhishek Singh, Justin Lapp, Johannes Grobbel, Stefan Brendelberger, Jan P. Reinhold, Lamark Olivera, Ivan Ermanoski, Nathan P. Siegel, Anthony McDaniel, Martin Roeb, and Christian Sattler


Pluto and the Platypus: An Odd Ball and an Odd Duck — On Classificatory Norms, Matthew H. Slater


Colloidal Covalent Organic Frameworks, Brian J. Smith, Lucas R. Parent, Anna C. Overholts, Peter A. Beaucage, Ryan P. Bisbey, Anton D. Chavez, Nicky Hwang, Chiwoo Park, Austin M. Evans, Nathan C. Gianneschi, and William R. Dichtel


Farming the front line, Ron J. Smith and Martin Isleem

Dynamics of a thermally driven film climbing the outside of a vertical cylinder, Linda Smolka


Greening Gray: Climate Action for an Aging World, Mick Smyer

Jonas Losch and Augsburg’s Artisan Singers, B. Ann Tlusty

Manuscript Fragments of Pesiqta Rabbati from the Cairo Geniza and European Collections., Rivka Ulmer


Planar granular shear flow under external vibration, Brian Utter and Eric P. Hoppmann


Emergent Eigenstate Solution to Quantum Dynamics Far from Equilibrium, Lev Vidmar, Iyer Deepak, and Marcos Rigol


Anomalous Dimension in a Two-Species Reaction–Diffusion System, Benjamin Vollmayr-Lee, Jack Hanson, R Scott McIsaac, and Joshua D. Hellerick

Sex differences in reconciliation behavior after romantic conflict, T. Joel Wade, Justin Miogilski, and Rachael Schoneberg

Sex and the perceived effectiveness of short-term mate poaching acts in college students., T. Joel Wade and James Moran

Unreciprocated love or sexual attraction: Which is most upsetting?, T. Joel Wade, James Moran, and Kelsey Salerno

Generativity or Reproduction of Privilege? How Institution and Family Affect Legacy Students, Jarrett B. Warshaw, Richard Henne-Ochoa, and Joseph L. Murray


Black Lives, Sacred Humanity, and the Racialization of Nature, or Why America Needs Religious Naturalism Today, Carol W. White

Understory dominance and the new climax: Impacts of Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) invasion on native plant diversity and recruitment in a riparian woodland, Matthew Wilson, Anna E. Freundlich, and Chris Martine

Formulation and Validation of Minimum Brace Stiffness For Systems of Compression Members, Ronald D. Ziemian and Constance W. Ziemian

Submissions from 2016

Strategic Adjustment of Parental Care in Tree Swallows: Life-History Trade-Offs and the Role of Glucocorticoids, Caglar Akcay, Adam Z. Lendvai, M. Stanback, Mark F. Haussmann, Ignacio T. Moore, and Frances Bonier

The Radial and Rotational Velocities of PSO J318.5338-22.8603, a Newly Confirmed Planetary-mass Member of the β Pictoris Moving Group, Katelyn N. Allers


Direct Measurement of the Thermodynamics of Chiral Recognition in Bile Salt Micelles, Shauna Lynn Anderson, David Rovnyak, and Timothy Strein

Moral Entrepreneurship: Thinking and Acting at the Landscape Level to Foster Sustainability Transitions, Nino Antadze and Katharine A. McGowan

Slow and Long-Ranged Dynamical Heterogeneities in Dissipative Fluids, Karina E. Avila, Horacio E. Castillo, Katharina Vollmayr-Lee, and Annette Zippelius


Introducing B2B Service Level Measures via a Poker‐Card Activity, Matthew D. Bailey and Chun-Miin Chen


Synchronization and Random Triggering of Lymphatic Vessel Contractions, James W. Baish, Christian Kunert, Timothy P. Padera, and Lance L. Munn

Optimal Product Bundling with Dependent Valuations: The Price of Independence, Mihai Banciu and Fredrik Odegaard

The Necessity for Adopting a Strategic Vision for Technology, Param Bedi

Canonical Agler Decompositions and Transfer Function Realizations, Kelly Bickel and Greg Knese


A Study of the Matrix Carleson Embedding Theorem with Applications to Sparse Operators, Kelly Bickel and Brett D. Wick

Bounds for the Hilbert Transform with Matrix A2 Weights, Kelly Bickel, Brett Wick, and Stefanie Petermichl

Exploring Emerging Adults’ Relational Spirituality: a Longitudinal, Mixed-methods Analysis, Chris Boyatzis, Kaye Cook, Cynthia Kimball, and Kathleen Leonard


Matteo Garrone's Reality:The Big Brother Spectacle and its Rupture, Anna Paparcone Bronner


Polytopes of Large Rank for PSL(4,q), Peter A. Brooksbank and Dimitri Leemans

Biomechanics of Step Initiation After Balance Recovery With Implications for Humanoid Robot Locomotion, Christine Buffinton, Elise M. Buffinton, Kathleen Bieryla, and Jerry E. Pratt


Multiple Records of Monoecy in Dioecious Taxa of Hawaiian Coprosma spp. (Rubiaceae)., Jason T. Cantley, Danielle Frohlich, and Chris Martine


New and resurrected Hawaiian species of pilo (Coprosma, Rubiaceae) from the island of Maui, Jason T. Cantley, Margaret J. Sporck-Koehler, and Marian M. Chau

Modules with Pure Resolutions over Koszul Algebras Revisited, Thomas Cassidy

Complexity of Short Rectangles and Periodicity, Van Cyr and Bryna Kra

The Automorphism Group of a Shift of Subquadratic Growth, Van Cyr and Bryna Kra

Weather Matters: Begging Calls are Temperature- and Size-Dependent Signals of Offspring State, R. Dakin, Jenny Q. Ouyang, Adam Z. Lendvai, Mark F. Haussmann, Ignacio T. Moore, and Frances Bonier

The U.S. Occupation of Haiti and the Hispanic Caribbean, Rafe Dalleo

R. G. Collingwood and Autobiography: Historical Thinking, Political Action, and Writing in the 1930s, Erica Delsandro

Supporting sense making with mathematical bet lines, Lara Dick, Tracey Foote White, A Trocki, Paola Sztajn, Daniel J. Heck, and K Herrema

Semi-classical Weights and Equivariant Spectral Theory, Emily Dryden, Rosa Sena-Dias, and Victor Guillemin

Recovering $S^1$-Invariant Metrics on $S^2$ from the Equivariant Spectrum, Emily Dryden, Rosa Sena-Dias, and Diana Macedo

Savoir dérouter. Pierre Senges, érudit égarant, Nathalie Dupont


An Edge Selection Mechanism for Chirally Selective Solubilization of Binaphthyl Atropisomeric Guests by Cholate and Deoxycholate Micelles, Kyle W. Eckenroad, Gregory A. Manley, Jenna B. Yehl, Ross T. Pirnie, and Timothy G. Strein


Design and construction of a cascading pressure reactor prototype for solar-thermochemical hydrogen production, Ivan Ermanoski, Johannes Grobbel, Abhishek Singh, Justin Lapp, Stefan Brendelberger, Martin Roeb, Christian Sattler, Josh Whaley, Anthony McDaniel, and Nathan P. Siegel

A Neuroimaging Review of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, David W. Evans

Asymmetry of Fusiform Structure in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Trajectory and Association with Symptom Severity, David W. Evans

Inter-Method Inconsistencies and Inter-Site Variability of Brain Volume in Autism, David W. Evans

Neural Substrates of Schizophrenia-Spectrum Behavior in Typically-Developing Children: Further Evidence of a Normal-Pathological Continuum, David W. Evans

Relationship Between Repetitive Behaviours and Fears Across Normative Development, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Down Syndrome, David W. Evans

Relationship Between Restricted and Repetitive Behaviours in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Their Parents, David W. Evans

On Semi-Cubically Hyponormal Operators with First Two Equal Weights, George R. Exner, Seunghwan Baek, Il Bong Jung, and Chunji Li

Berger Measure for Some Subnormal Shifts, George R. Exner and Raul Curto

The Use and Impact of Job Search Procedures by Migrant Workers in China, Tony Fang, Morley Gunderson, and Carl Lin


Some types of hookups may be riskier than others for campus sexual assault., William F. Flack Jr., Brooke E. Hansen, Allyson B. Hopper, Leigh A. Bryant, Katherine W. Lang, Andrea A. Massa, and Jenni E. Whalen


Quantum Mock Modular Forms Arising From Eta-Theta Functions, Amanda Folsom, Sharon Garthwaite, Soon-Yi Kang, Holly Swisher, and Stephanie Treneer

Multicultural Education and Newcomer Youth: Re-imagining a More Inclusive Vision for Immigrant and Refugee Students, Ramona Fruja and Kevin Roxas

Target Cultivation and Financing Parameters for Sustainable Production of Fuel and Feed from Microalgae, Leda N. Gerber, Jefferson W. Tester, Colin M. Beal, Mark E. Huntley, and Deborah L. Sills

Uniform Approximation by Indestructible Blaschke Products, Pamela Gorkin and John Akeroyd

Thin Sequences and Their Role in Model Spaces and Douglas Algebras, Pamela Gorkin and Brett Wick


Introduction to understandings of place: a multidisciplinary symposium, Brandn Green and Kristal Jones

Marine Microalgae CLIMATE, ENERGY, AND FOOD SECURITY FROM THE SEA, Charles H. Greene, Mark E. Huntley, Ian Archibald, Leda N. Gerber, Deborah L. Sills, Joe Granados, Jefferson W. Tester, Colin M. Beal, Robert R. Bidigare, Susan L. Brown, William P. Cochlan, Zackary I. Johnson, Xin Gen Lei, Stephen C. Machesky, Donald G. Redalje, Ruth E. Richardson, Viswanath Kiron, and Virginia Corless


Attentional Flexibility and Memory Capacity in Conductors and Pianists, Andrea R. Halpern and Clemens Wöllner


On-sun testing of an advanced falling particle receiver system, Clifford K. Ho, Joshua M. Christian, Julius Yellowhair, Nathan P. Siegel, Sheldon Jeter, Matthew Golob, Said I. Abdel-Khalik, Clayton Nguyen, and Hany Al-Ansary


Reframing the Archive: Vietnamese Refugee Narratives in the Post-9/11 Period, Mai-Linh Hong

Arabic-Hebrew codeswitching: the case of the Druze community in Israel, Martin Isleem