Journal Submissions from 2015

Devaluation as a Policy Instrument for Caricom Countries, Winston H. Griffith

The Personal Budget Project: A Practical Introduction to Financial Literacy, Cindy Guthrie and Curtis M. Nicholls


The Effect of Exercise-Induced Arousal on Chosen Tempi for Familiar Melodies, Andrea Halpern


Musical Tasks Targeting Preserved and Impaired Functions in Two Dementias, Andrea Halpern, Hannah L. Golden, Nadia Magdalinou, Pirada Witoonpanich, and Jason D. Warren


Absolute Pitch in Naturalistic Singing: A Commentary On Olthof et al., Andrea R. Halpern


Differences in Auditory Imagery Self-Report Predict Neural and Behavioral Outcomes, Andrea R. Halpern

Repeated Stressors in Adulthood Increase the Rate of Biological Ageing, Michaela Hau, Mark F. Haussmann, Timothy J. Greives, Christa Matlack, David Costantini, Michael Quetting, James S. Adelman, Ana Catarina Miranda, and Jesko Partecke

Do Telomere Dynamics Underlie the Link Between Stress Exposure and Ageing Across Generations?, Mark F. Haussmann and Britt J. Heidinger

Telomere Dynamics May Link Stress Exposure and Ageing across Generations, Mark F. Haussmann and Britt J. Heidinger

Gliding Motility in Apicomplexan Parasites, Matthew B. Heintzelman

Glass Formers Display Universal Non-Equilibrium Dynamics on the Level of Single-Particle Jumps, J. Helfferich, Katharina Vollmayr-Lee, F. Ziebert, H. Meyer, and J. Baschnagel

Who Is Responsible for Saving the Language? Performing Generation in the Face of Language Shift, Richard Henne-Ochoa and Richard Bauman

Demonstrated Large-Scale Production of Marine Microalgae for Fuels and Feed, Mark E. Huntley, Zackary I. Johnson, Susan L. Brown, Deborah Sills, Leda Gerber, Ian Archibald, Stephan C. Machesky, Joe Granados, Colin M. Beal, and Charles H. Greene

Demonstrated large-scale production of marine microalgae for fuels and feed (vol 10, pg 249, 2015), Mark E. Huntley, Zackary I. Johnson, Susan L. Brown, Deborah L. Sills, Leda Gerber, Ian Archibald, Stephen C. Machesky, Joe Granados, and Charles H. Greene

Sociolinguistic Status of Arabic in Israel: A Contextual Examination, Martin Isleem


GEOPHYSICAL EXPLORATIONS ON AND NEAR THE ISMENION HILL, THEBES, GREECE, 2011, Robert W. Jacob, Stephanie Larson, Kevin Daly, and Emily Bitely


Ground-Penetrating Radar Velocity Determination and Precision Estimates Using Common-Mid-Point (CMP) Collection with Hand-Picking, Semblance Analysis, and Cross-Correlation Analysis: a Case Study and Tutorial for Archaeologists, Robert W. Jacob and T.M. Urban


The Speed of Our Mental Soundtracks: Tracking the Tempo of Involuntary Musical Imagery in Everyday Life, Kelly Jakubowski, Nicolas Farrugia, Andrea Halpern, Sathish K. Sankarpandi, and Lauren Stewart


The Effect of Exercise-Induced Arousal on Chosen Tempi for Familiar Melodies, Kelly Jakubowski, Andrea Halpern, Mick Grierson, and Lauren Stewart

Constituency Deliberation, Michael James

Two Concepts of Constituency, Michael Rabinder James


Antibodies to Pseudogymnoascus destructans are not sufficient for protection against white-nose syndrome, Joseph S. Johnson, DeeAnn M. Reeder, Thomas M. Lilley, and Ken Field

Genetic Consequences of Pleistocene Sea-Level Change on Hawaiian Megalagrion Damselflies, Brandon R. Jones and Steve Jordan

Tectonic and Sedimentary Linkages between the Belt-Purcell Basin and Southwestern Laurentia during the Mesoproterozoic, ca. 1.60-1.40 Ga, James V. Jones III, Christopher G. Daniel, and Michael F. Doe

Modified CTAB and Trizol Protocols Improve RNA Extraction from Chemically Complex Embryophyta, Ingrid E. Jordon-Thaden, Andre A. Chanderbali, Matthew A. Gitzendanner, and Douglas E. Soltis

Angiopoietin-4 Increases Permeability of Blood Vessels and Promotes Lymphatic Dilation, Cristina T. Kesler, Ethel R. Pereira, Cheryl H. Cui, Gregory M. Nelson, David J. Masuck, James W. Baish, and Timothy P. Padera

Kinematics of a Generalized Class of Pneumatic Artificial Muscles, Girish Krishnan, Joshua Bishop-Moser, Charles Kim, and Sridhar Kota


Mechanobiological Oscillators Control Lymph Flow, Christian Kunert, James W. Baish, Shan Liao, Timothy P. Padera, and Lance L. Munn

Trait Body Shame Predicts Health Outcomes in College Women: A Longitudinal Investigation, Jean Lamont

Neumann Comparison Theorems in Elliptic PDEs, Jeffrey J. Langford

Symmetrization of Poisson's equation with Neumann Boundary Conditions, Jeffrey J. Langford

Low Cost Audiovisual Playback and Recording Triggered by Radio Frequency Identification Using Raspberry Pi, Adam Z. Lendvai, Caglar Akcay, Talia Weiss, Mark F. Haussmann, Ignacio T. Moore, and Frances Bonier

Socioecological Variables Predict Telomere Length in Wild Spotted Hyenas, Nora Lewin, Lisa A. Treidel, Kay E. Holekamp, Ned J. Place, and Mark F. Haussmann


Feel the Noise: Relating Individual Differences in Auditory Imagery to the Structure and Function of Sensorimotor Systems, Cesar F. Lima, Nadine Lavan, Samuel Evans, Zarinah Agnew, Andrea R. Halpern, Pradheep Shanmugalingam, Sophie Meekings, Dana Boebinger, Markus Ostarek, Carolyn McGettigan, Jane E. Warren, and Sophie K. Scott

How Do Immigrants from Taiwan Fare in the U.S. Labor Market?, Carl Lin

Friendship and Bias: Ethical and Epistemic Considerations, Sheila Lintott


Sheila Lintott, “Friendship and Bias: Ethical and Epistemic Considerations,”, Sheila Lintott

The Interstitial Feminine and Male Dominance in Rashōmon, Erik R. Lofgren

Reconsidering Regime Type and Growth: Lies, Dictatorships, and Statistics, Christopher S. Magee and John A. Doces

Frozen Reaction Fronts in Steady Flows: A Burning-Invariant-Manifold Perspective, John R. Mahoney, John Li, Carleen Boyer, and Thomas H. Solomon


Restricted Salt Diffusion in a Geosynthetic Clay Liner, Michael A. Malusis, Jong Beom Kang, and Charles D. Shackelford

Understanding the Role of Social Factors in Farmworker Housing and Health, Ben Marsh, Carl Milofsky, Edward Kissam, and Thomas A. Arcury

Inference by Exclusion in Lion-Tailed Macaques (Macaca silenus), a Hamadryas Baboon (Papio hamadryas), Capuchins (Sapajus apella), and Squirrel Monkeys (Saimiri sciureus), Heidi L. Marsh, Alexander Q. Vining, Emma K. Levendoski, and Peter G. Judge

Parasitism Disruption a Likely Consequence of Belowground War Waged by Exotic Plant Invader, Chris Martine and Alison N. Hale


European Frogbit (Hydrocharis morsus-ranae) in the Champlain/Adirondack Region: Recent Inferences, Chris Martine, Stephen Langdon, Timothy Shearman, Casey Binggeli, and Timothy B. Mihuc

Communication, Cooperation, Coordination, Collaboration - The 4Cs: Interorganizational Partnering in Haiti, Eric C. Martin, Isabella Nolte, and Emma Vitola

A Novel ATR-FTIR Technique for Identifying Colloid Composition in Natural Waters, Molly M. McGuire and Ellen K. Herman


On the Topology of the Permutation Pattern Poset, Peter R. W. McNamara and Einar Steingrímsson

Pinning of Reaction Fronts by Burning Invariant Manifolds in Extended Flows, P. W. Megson, M. L. Najarian, Katie Lilienthal, and Thomas H. Solomon


Bayesian Function-on-Function Regression for Multilevel Functional Data, Mark J. Meyer, Brent A. Coull, Francesco Versace, Paul Cinciripini, and Jeffrey S. Morris

The Positive and Negative Consequences of Stressors during Early Life, Pat Monaghan and Mark F. Haussmann


The Role of Parental Cognitive, Behavioral, and Motor Profiles in Clinical Variability in Individuals with Chromosome 16p11.2 Deletions, Andres Moreno-De-Luca, David W. Evans, K B. Boomer, Ellen Hanson, R Bernier, R. P. Goin-Kochel, S. M. Myers, Thomas D. Challman, Daniel Moreno-De-Luca, Mylissa M. Slane, Abby E. Hare, W K. Chung, J. Spiro, W. A. Faucett, C. L. Martin, and David H. Ledbetter

Hydraulic Interaction between Rock Cross Vane Stream Restoration Structures and a Bridge Crossing, Jessica Newlin and B. P. Schultz


Paternal Care Behaviors of Japanese Giant Salamander Andrias japonicus in Natural Populations, Sumio Okada, Yukihiro Fukuda, and Mizuki Takahashi

Programming in the Digital Humanities, James O'Sullivan, Diane K. Jakacki, and Mary Galvin

Integrating GIS and AHP to Prioritize Transportation Infrastructure Using Sustainability Metrics, Michelle R. Oswald and Christian Treat

Weathering the Storm: Parental Effort and Experimental Manipulation of Stress Hormones Predict Brood Survival, J. Q. Ouyang, A. Z. Lendvai, R. Dakin, A. D. Domalik, V. J. Fasanello, B. G. Vassallo, Mark F. Haussmann, I. T. Moore, and F. Bonier

Chromosome Interaction over a Distance in Meiosis, Leocadia V. Paliulis and Mary Brady

Back to the Roots: Segregation of Univalent Sex Chromosomes in Meiosis., Leocadia V. Paliulis, Gunar Fabig, and Thomas Müller-Reichert

Sensitivity of Nonuniform Sampling NMR, Melissa R. Palmer, Christopher L. Suiter, Geneive E. Henry, James Rovnyak, Jeffrey C. Hoch, Tatyana Polenova, and David Rovnyak


Age-Related Patterns in Emotions Evoked by Music, Marcus T. Pearce and Andrea Halpern


Crowding increases salivary cortisol but not self-directed behavior in captive baboons, Brandon L. Pearson, DeeAnn Reeder, and Peter G. Judge

Designing Brain-Computer Interfaces for Attention-Aware Systems, Evan M. Peck, Emily Carlin, and Robert Jacob

Fed to Perfection: Mother's Milk, Roman Family Values, and the Transformation of the Soul in Gregory of Nyssa, John David Penniman

"The Health-Giving Cup": Cyprian's Ep. 63 and the Medicinal Power of Eucharistic Wine, John David Penniman

Two Transiting Earth-Size Planets Near Resonance Orbiting a Nearby Cool Star, Erik A. Petigura, Joshua E. Schlieder, Ian J.M. Crossfield, Andrew W. Howard, Katherine M. Deck, David R. Ciardi, Evan Sinukoff, Katelyn N. Allers, William M.J. Best, Michael C. Liu, Charles A. Beichman, Howard Isaacson, Brad M.S. Hansen, and Sebastien Lepine


A Mechanism for Sensorimotor Translation in Singing: the Multi-Modal Imagery Association (MMIA) Model, Peter Q. Pfordresher, Andrea Halpern, and Emma B. Greenspon

On Groups Presented by Monadic Rewriting Systems with Generators of Finite Order, Adam Piggott

Ethnography of the Ek-Static Experience: Poesie Auto-Socioanalytique in the Work of Michel Leiris, Alexander Riley

Environmental Management and Open-Air Experiments in Brazilian Amazonia, David Rojas

Fluxus, or the Work of Art in the Age of Information, Roger Rothman


Is Any Job Better than No Job? Labor Market Experiences and Depressive Symptoms in People Living with HIV, Sergio Rueda, Peter Smith, Tsegaye Bekele, Kelly O'Brien, Winston Husbands, Alan Li, Murray Jose-Boerbridge, Nicole Mittmann, Anita Rachlis, Liza Conyers, K B. Boomer, and Sean O'Rouke

Dynamic Blockage in an Exclusion Process, Mamata Sahoo, Jiajia Dong, and Stefan Klumpp

An Embedded Active Nucleus in the OH Megamaser Galaxy IRAS16399-0937, Dinalva Sales, Andy Robinson, David J. Axon, Jack F. Gallimore, Preeti Kharb, Rachel L. Curran, Christopher P. O'Dea, Stefi A. Baum, Moshe Elitzur, and Rupal Mittal

Assessment of Dynamic Properties of a Crowd Model for Human-Structure Interaction Modeling, Kelly A. Salyards and Yue Hua


Right Parietal Cortex Mediates Recognition Memory for Melodies, Nora K. Schaal, Amir-Homayoun Javadi, Andrea Halpern, Bettina Pollok, and Michael J. Banissy

Nycteria Parasites of Afrotropical Insectivorous Bats, Juliane Schaer, DeeAnn Reeder, Megan E. Vodzak, Kevin J. Olival, Natalie Weber, Frieder Mayer, Kai Matuschewski, and Susan L. Perkins

Shayma Interviewed by a Medical Red Cross Staff Member in Corigliano, Calabro, Harold Schweizer

Emission of herbivore elicitor-induced sesquiterpenes is regulated by stomatal aperture in maize (Zea mays) seedlings, I. Seidl-Adams, A. Richter, K B. Boomer, N. Yoshinaga, and J. H. Tumlinson

Why the Body Comes First: Effects of Experimenter Touch on Infants' Word Finding, Amanda Seidl, Ruth Tincoff, Christopher Baker, and Alejandrina Cristia

Effect of Surface Preparation on the Microstructure, Adhesion, and Tensile Properties of Cold-Sprayed Aluminum Coatings on AA2024 Substrates, Mala M. Sharma, Timothy Eden, and Brock T. Golesich

A microscopic study on the corrosion fatigue of ultra-fine grained and conventional Al–Mg alloy, Mala M. Sharma, Josh D. Tomedi, and Jeffery M. Parks


A Microscopic Study on the Corrosion Fatigue of Ultra-Fine Grained and Conventional Al–Mg Alloy, Mala M. Sharma, Josh D. Tomedi, and Jeffery M. Parks

Development of an Observation Protocol to Study Undergraduate Engineering Student Resistance to Active Learning, Prateek Shekhar, Matt Demonbrun, Maura Borrego, Cynthia Finelli, Michael J. Prince, Charles Henderson, and Cynthia Waters


The Development of Direct Absorption and Storage Media for Falling Particle Solar Central Receivers, Nathan P. Siegel, Michael D. Gross, and Robert Coury


Two-Band Fast Hartley Transform, A. N. Skodras, Maurice F. Aburdene, and A. K. Nandi


Natural Kindness, Matthew H. Slater

Healthcare under Siege: Geopolitics of Medical Service Provision in the Gaza Strip, Ron J. Smith

The Engagement Gap: Social Mobility and Extracurricular Participation among American Youth, Kaisa Snellman, Jennifer Silva, Carl B. Frederick, and Robert D. Putnam

The Definition, Recognition, and Interpretation of Convergent Evolution, and Two New Measures for Quantifying and Assessing the Significance of Convergence, Tristan Stayton


GHS-R1A Antagonism Reduces Alcohol but Not Sucrose Preference in Prairie Voles, Jennie Stevenson, J M. Buirkle, L E. Buckley, Katelyn Young, K M. Albertini, and Amelia Bohidar

Origin of Brines, Salts and Carbonate from Shales of the Marcellus Formation: Evidence from Geochemical and Sr Isotope Study of Sequentially Extracted Fluids, Brian W. Stewart, Elizabeth C. Chapman, Rosemary C. Capo, Jason D. Johnson, Joseph R. Graney, Carl S. Kirby, and Karl T. Schroeder

Towards Optimal Design of Cancer Nanomedicines: Multi-stage Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Solid Tumors, Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos, Eva-Athena Economides, James W. Baish, Dai Fukumura, and Rakesh K. Jain

Thirty Years of Hybridization between Toads along the Agua Fria River in Arizona: I. Evidence from Morphology and mtDNA, Brian K. Sullivan, Jessica Wooten, Terry D. Schwaner, Keith O. Sullivan, and Mizuki Takahashi

Formation of Deprotonated 2-Imidazoline-4(5)-One Product Ions in the Collision-Induced Dissociation of Some Serine-Containing Dipeptides, James Swan, Peter M. Findeis, Sheena Hilton, Kathryn M. Lebold, Berhane Temelso, and George C. Shields

Importance and Reliability of Small Basis Set CCSD(T) Corrections to MP2 Binding and Relative Energies of Water Clusters, Berhane Temelso, Carla R. Renner, and George C. Shields

Invincible Blades and Invulnerable Bodies: Weapons Magic in Early Modern Germany, B. Ann Tlusty

Invincible Blades and Invulnerable Bodies: Weapons Magic in Early-Modern Germany, B. Ann Tlusty


"Dark and Wicked Things": Slender Man, the Folkloresque, and the Implications of Belief, Jeffrey A. Tolbert

Comparison of Spherical and Flat Tips for Indentation of Hydrogels, Kelly J. Tong and Donna M. Ebenstein