Journal Submissions from 2018

Compressions of the Shift on the Bidisk and their Numerical Ranges, Kelly Bickel and Pamela Gorkin

Derivatives of Rational Inner Functions: Geometry of Singularities and Integrability at the Boundary, Kelly Bickel, James Pascoe, and Alan Sola

The Impact of Psychosocial Factors on Health and Retention Outcomes for People Living With HIV: Implications for Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators, Yung-Chen Jen Chiu, K B. Boomer, and Liza M. Conyers

Journal Submissions from 2017

Properties of Beurling-Type Submodules via Agler Decompositions, Kelly Bickel and Constanze Liaw

Characterizations of A2 Matrix Power Weights, Kelly Bickel, Naba Mukhtar, and Katherine Lunceford

A Fast Isomorphism Test for Groups Whose Lie Algebra Has Genus 2, Peter A. Brooksbank, Joshua Maglione, and James B. Wilson

Exit time moments and eigenvalue estimates, Emily Dryden

Spectral geometry of the Steklov problem on orbifolds, Emily Dryden

Moebius transformations and Blaschke products: the geometric connection., Pamela Gorkin, Ulrich Daepp, Andrew Shaffer, and Karl Voss

Quiz 1: What color was George Washington's white horse? The mathematical version, Pamela Gorkin, Ulrich Daepp, and Karl Voss

Ellipses and compositions of finite Blaschke products, Pamela Gorkin and Nathan Wagner

Exit Time Moments and Eigenvalue Estimates, Jeffrey J. Langford, Emily Dryden, and Patrick McDonald

Dynamics of a thermally driven film climbing the outside of a vertical cylinder, Linda Smolka

Journal Submissions from 2016

Canonical Agler Decompositions and Transfer Function Realizations, Kelly Bickel and Greg Knese


A Study of the Matrix Carleson Embedding Theorem with Applications to Sparse Operators, Kelly Bickel and Brett D. Wick

Bounds for the Hilbert Transform with Matrix A2 Weights, Kelly Bickel, Brett Wick, and Stefanie Petermichl


Polytopes of Large Rank for PSL(4,q), Peter A. Brooksbank and Dimitri Leemans

Modules with Pure Resolutions over Koszul Algebras Revisited, Thomas Cassidy


Validating the client focused considering work model for people living with HIV, Liza M. Conyers and K B. Boomer

Complexity of Short Rectangles and Periodicity, Van Cyr and Bryna Kra

The Automorphism Group of a Shift of Subquadratic Growth, Van Cyr and Bryna Kra

Semi-classical Weights and Equivariant Spectral Theory, Emily Dryden, Rosa Sena-Dias, and Victor Guillemin

Recovering $S^1$-Invariant Metrics on $S^2$ from the Equivariant Spectrum, Emily Dryden, Rosa Sena-Dias, and Diana Macedo

On Semi-Cubically Hyponormal Operators with First Two Equal Weights, George R. Exner, Seunghwan Baek, Il Bong Jung, and Chunji Li

Berger Measure for Some Subnormal Shifts, George R. Exner and Raul Curto