Submissions from 2022

Coupled Bend-Twist Mechanics of Biomimetic Scale Substrate, Sanjay Dharmavaram, Hossein Ebrahimi, and Ranajay Ghosh


Continuous Improvement Lesson Study: A Model of MTE Professional Development, Lara Dick, Mollie M. Appelgate, Dittika D. Gupta, and Melissa M. Soto

Strengthening a Linear Reformulation of the 0-1 Cubic Knapsack Problem via Variable Reordering, Richard Forrester and Lucas Waddell

Submissions from 2021

Two-weight Tb Theorems for Well-localized Operators, Kelly Bickel, Brett Wick, and Taneli Korhonen


On the ranks of string C-group representations for symplectic and orthogonal groups, Peter A. Brooksbank

Examining the Relationships Between Social Determinants of Health and Health-related Quality of Life Among Individuals Living with HIV, Yung-Chen Jen Chiu, K B. Boomer, Liza Conyers, Yili Wang, and Mark Misrok

A Gauge-fixing Procedure for Spherical Fluid Membranes and Application to Computations, Sanjay Dharmavaram

When Students Use Technology Tools, What are You Noticing?, Lara Dick, Allison McCulloch, and Jennifer Lovett

Comparing Finite Sequences of Discrete Events with Non-Uniform Time Intervals, Abby Flynt, Brian King, and Alexander Murph


Vaccinating the Oldest Against Covid-19 Saves Both the Most Lives and Most Years of Life, Joshua R. Goldstein, Thomas Cassidy, and Kenneth W. Wachter

Making Ellipses by Folding Disks, Pamela Gorkin

Curves of Geodesic Centers and Poncelet Ellipses, Pamela Gorkin and Gregory Adams

The need to incorporate communities in compartmental models, Michael J. Kane and Owais Gilani

Positioning Students to Explore Math with Technology, Allison W. McCulloch, Jennifer N. Lovett, Lara Dick, Charity Cayton, and Michael Meagher


Critical Consumption of Online Resources, Emily Shapiro, Lara Dick, and Amanda Sawyer

Submissions from 2020


Growing a greater understanding of multiplication through lesson study: Mathematics teacher educators’ professional development, Mollie Appelgate, Lara Dick, Melissa Soto, and Dittika Gupta


Enhancing models and measurements of traffic-related air pollutants for health studies using dispersion modeling and Bayesian data fusion, Stuart A. Batterman, Veronica J. Berrocal, Chad Milando, Owais Gilani, Saravanan Arunachalam, and K. Max Zhang

Applications of Envelopes, Kelly Bickel, Pamela Gorkin, and Trung Tran

Applications of envelopes, Kelly Bickel, Pamela Gorkin, and Trung Tran

Crouzeix’s Conjecture and Related Problems, Kelly Bickel, Anne Greenbaum, Pamela Gorkin, Thomas Ransford, Felix Schwenninger, and Elias Wegert

Level Curve Portraits of Rational Inner Functions, Kelly Bickel, Alan Sola, and James Pascoe

Estimates for Sums of Eigenvalues of the Free Plate via the Fourier Transform, Barbara Brandolini, Francesco Chiacchio, and Jeffrey J. Langford


Exact sequences of inner automorphisms of tensors, Peter A. Brooksbank


On the ranks of string C-group representations for symplectic and orthogonal groups, Peter A. Brooksbank


Improved Algorithms for Alternating Matrix Space Isometry: From Theory to Practice, Peter A. Brooksbank, Yinan Li, Youming Qiao, and James B. Wilson