Journal Submissions from 2018


Game—Introduction to Reverse Auctions: The BucknellAuto Game, Matthew D. Bailey and Chun-Miin Chen


Compressions of the Shift on the Bidisk and their Numerical Ranges, Kelly Bickel and Pamela Gorkin

Derivatives of Rational Inner Functions: Geometry of Singularities and Integrability at the Boundary, Kelly Bickel, James Pascoe, and Alan Sola

An alternative derivation of second law results to better relate derivation to practical exergy analysis, Indranil Brahma

Nanomechanics of Slip Avalanches in Amorphous Plasticity, Penghui Cao, Karin A. Dahmen, Akihiro Kushima, Wendelin Wright, Harold S. Park, Michael P. Short, and Sidney Yip


Vibrational Relaxation in CO2 (1000)–CO2 Collisions, Karen Castle

The Impact of Psychosocial Factors on Health and Retention Outcomes for People Living With HIV: Implications for Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators, Yung-Chen Jen Chiu, K B. Boomer, and Liza M. Conyers


Nonuniform sampling by quantiles, D. Levi Craft, Reilly E. Sonstrom, Virginia G. Rovnyak, and David Rovnyak

Incorporation of Metallic Species into Midblock-Sulfonated Block Ionomers, Jing Deng, Jiaqi Yan, Joseph Tilly, Liyuan Deng, Kenny Mineart, and Richard Spontak

Simulation of colony pattern formation under differential adhesion and cell proliferation, JiaJia Dong and S Klumpp


Effect of torpor on host transcriptomic responses to a fungal pathogen in hibernating bats, Kenneth A. Field, Brent J. Sewall, Jenni M. Prokkola, Gregory G. Turner, Marianne Gagnon, Thomas M. Lilley, J Paul White, Joseph S. Johnson, Christopher L. Hauer, and DeeAnn M. Reeder


Demand, Values and Prices in Marx: Contrasting Simultaneous and Temporal Approaches, David Kristjanson-Gural


Phylogeny of the Australian Solanum dioicum Group Using Seven Nuclear Genes: Testing Symon’s Fruit and Seed Dispersal Hypotheses, Christopher T. Martine, Ingrid E. Jorden-Thaden, Angela J. McDonnell, Jason T. Cantley, Daniel S. Hayes, Morgan D. Roche, Emma S. Frawley, Ian S. Gilman, and David C. Tank


Aftershocks in Slowly Compressed Bulk Metallic Glasses: Experiments and Theory, Louis W. McFaul, Wendelin Wright, Xiaojun Gu, Jonathan T. Uhl, and Karin A. Dahmen


Energy conserving thermoregulatory patterns and lower disease severity in a bat resistant to the impacts of white-nose syndrome, Marianne S. Moore, Kenneth A. Field, Melissa J. Behr, Gregory G. Turner, Morgan E. Furze, Daniel WF Stern, Paul R. Allegra, Sarah A. Bouboulis, Chelsey Diana Musante, Megan E. Vodzack, Matthew E. Biron, Melissa B. Meierhofer, Winifred F. Frick, Jeffrey T. Foster, Daryl Howell, Joseph A. Kath, Allen Kurta, Gerda Nordquist, Joseph S. Johnson, Thomas M. Lilley, Benjamin W. Barrett, and DeeAnn M. Reeder

Snapchat as a new tool for sexual access: Are there sex differences?, James Moran, Kelsey Salerno, and T. Joel Wade


The convergence of psychology and neurobiology in flavor-nutrient learning, Kevin P. Myers

A review of tethers: elastic connections between separating partner chromosomes in anaphase, Leocadia V. Paliulis and Arthur Forer


The hidden Heuchera: How science Twitter uncovered a globally imperiled species in Pennsylvania, USA, Scott Schuette, Jason T. Cantley, Ryan Folk, and Christopher T. Martine

Anchoring in Ecosystemic Kinds, Matthew H. Slater

Psychoanalytic Thinking and the Sexual Politics of Style, Scott St. Pierre

Seasonal and Diel Signature of Eastern Hellbender Environmental DNA, Mizuki Takahashi, Mark J. Meyer, Carolyn McPhee, Jordan Gaston, Matthew Venesky, and Brian Case


Radical Black Drama-as-Theory: The Black Feminist Dramatic on the Protracted Event-Horizon, Jaye Austin Williams


Influence of Impact Conditions on Feedstock Deposition Behavior of Cold-Sprayed Fe-Based Metallic Glass, Constance Ziemian, Wendelin Wright, and David E. Cipoletti

Journal Submissions from 2017

Market Response to FIN 48 Adoption: A Debt Covenant Theory, Raquel Alexander


Identification of Edible Oils by Principal Component Analysis of H-1 NMR Spectra, Shauna L. Anderson, David Rovnyak, and Timothy Strein

Promoting healthy food preferences from the start: a narrative review of food preference learning from the prenatal period through early childhood, Stephanie Anzman-Frasca, Alison K. Ventura, Sarah Ehrenburg, and Kevin P. Myers

Co-segregation of sex chromosomes in the male black widow spider Latrodectus mactans (Araneae, Theridiidae), Jeffrey G. Ault, Kristen D. Felt, Ryan N. Doan, Alexander O. Nedo, Cassondra A. Ellison, and Leocadia V. Paliulis

Appearances Can Be Deceiving: Costume and Identity in Apuleius' Metamorphoses, Florida, and Apology, Ashli Baker

Properties of Beurling-Type Submodules via Agler Decompositions, Kelly Bickel and Constanze Liaw

Characterizations of A2 Matrix Power Weights, Kelly Bickel, Naba Mukhtar, and Katherine Lunceford


“La Frida no Envejeció, Yo soy la Frida Envejecida”. La Ultima Performance de Pedro Lemebel, Fernando A. Blanco

Memento Mori: To Honor the Dead, Fernando A. Blanco


Testing a theory of sense of community and community responsibility in organizations: An empirical assessment of predictive capacity on employee well-being and organizational citizenship., Neil Boyd and Branda Nowell

A Fast Isomorphism Test for Groups Whose Lie Algebra Has Genus 2, Peter A. Brooksbank, Joshua Maglione, and James B. Wilson


What Would Lady Mary Do?: Teaching the Modern Novel in the Wake of Downton Abbey, Erica Delsandro


Universal Slip Dynamics in Metallic Glasses and Granular Matter – Linking Frictional Weakening with Inertial Effects, Dmitri V. Denisov, Kinga A. Lorincz, Wendelin J. Wright, Todd C. Hufnagel, Aya Nawano, Xiaojun Gu, Jonathan T. Uhl, Karin A. Dahmen, and Peter Schall

Exit time moments and eigenvalue estimates, Emily Dryden

Spectral geometry of the Steklov problem on orbifolds, Emily Dryden

"Das Herrnhutische Archivwesen im 21. Jahrhundert und die Herausforderung der Digitalen Geisteswissenschaften", Katherine Faull

Speaking about Marriage: Notes from the 1744 Married Choir Conferences, Katherine Faull

Segregation of the amphitelically-attached univalent X chromosome in the spittlebug Philaenus spumarius., Kristen D. Felt, Makayla Lagerman, Nigel Ravida, Lu Qian, Samantha Powers, and Leocadia V. Paliulis


HindSight: Encouraging Exploration through Direct Encoding of Personal Interaction History, MI Feng, Cheng Deng, Evan M. Peck, and Lane Harrison

Elastic ‘tethers’ connect separating anaphase chromosomes in a broad range of animal cells., Arthur Forer, Michelle Duquette, Leocadia V. Paliulis, Eleni Fegaras, Matthew Ono, Daryl Preece, and Michael Berns

“If Only I Did Not Have That Label Attached to Me”: Foregrounding Self-Positioning and Intersectionality in the Experiences of Immigrant and Refugee Youth, Ramona Fruja

Prospects for energy recovery during hydrothermal and biological processing of waste biomass, Leda Gerber Van Doren, Roy Posmanik, Felipe A. Bicalho, Jefferson W. Tester, and Deborah L. Sills

Moebius transformations and Blaschke products: the geometric connection., Pamela Gorkin, Ulrich Daepp, Andrew Shaffer, and Karl Voss

Quiz 1: What color was George Washington's white horse? The mathematical version, Pamela Gorkin, Ulrich Daepp, and Karl Voss

Ellipses and compositions of finite Blaschke products, Pamela Gorkin and Nathan Wagner

Geoengineering, marine microalgae, and climate stabilization in the 21st century, Charles H. Greene, Mark E. Huntley, Ian Archibald, Leda N. Gerber, Deborah L. Sills, Joe Granados, Colin M. Beal, and Michael J. Walsh

Maximizing Mentoring in Public Accounting: The Effects of Structure on Outcomes for Male and Female Protégés., Cindy Guthrie and Ambrose Jones III

Whistleblowing on Fraud for Pay: Can I Trust You?, Cindy Guthrie and Eileen Z. Taylor

Gendered Labour, Migratory Labour: Reforming Sugar Regimes in Xinavane, Mozambique, Alicia Hayashi Lazzarini

Context and Pedagogy: A Quarter-Century of Change in an Undergraduate Introductory Management Course, Tammy Bunn Hiller, Jamie R. Hendry, Eric C. Martin, and Neil M. Boyd

Attempts to Prime Intellectual Virtues for Understanding of Science: Failures to Inspire Intellectual Effort, Joanna Huxster, Melissa Hopkins, Julia Bresticker, Jason Leddington, and Matthew Slater

Understanding “understanding” in Public Understanding of Science, Joanna K. Huxster, Matthew H. Slater, Jason Leddington, Victor LoPiccolo, Jeffrey Bergman, Mack Jones, Caroline McGlynn, Nicolas Diaz, Nathan Aspinall, Julia Bresticker, and Melissa Hopkins


Farming the front line, Martin Isleem

Nanoindentation of Compliant Materials Using Berkovich and Flat Tips, Congrui Jin and Donna M. Ebenstein

(Re)thinking Like an Economist: pluralism, critical thinking and economic pedagogy, David Kristjanson-Gural

Film Melodrama and Opera: La Tosca in Italian Cinema, Bernhard Kuhn

Il teatro e la vita non son la stessa cosa? Self-references and their Cultural Context in Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci, Bernhard Kuhn

Solanum jobsonii, a novel andromonoecious bush tomato species from a new Australian national park, L. Mae Lacey, Jason T. Cantley, and Chris Martine

Exit Time Moments and Eigenvalue Estimates, Jeffrey J. Langford, Emily Dryden, and Patrick McDonald


Syntactic Change and the Rise of Transitivity, James Lavine


Manifestations of classical physics in the quantum evolution of correlated spin states in pulsed NMR experiments, Martin K. Ligare


Immune responses in hibernating little brown myotis (Myotis lucifugus) with white-nose syndrome, Thomas M. Lilley, Jenni M. Prokkola, Elisabeth Jeanine Rogers, Sarah Gronsky, Allen Kurta, DeeAnn Reeder, and Kenneth A. Field


Molecular Detection of Candidatus Bartonella mayotimonensis in North American Bats, Thomas M. Lilley, Cali Ann Wilson, Riley F. Bernard, Emma V. Wilcox, Eero J. Vesterinen, Quinn MR Webber, Laura Ann Kurpiers, Jenni M. Prokkola, Imran Ejotre, Allen Kurta, Kenneth A. Field, DeeAnn M. Reeder, and Arto T. Pulliainen

To Battle, Erik R. Lofgren

Review: Mabey, R. The Cabaret of Plants (W.W. Norton and Company, 2015)., Chris Martine

Civil Society as Social Movement, Organization, Network and Government: the Rapidly Changing Relationship Between Governments, Ngos, and the Voluntary Sector in Ukraine, Eric C. Martin

The Formality of Informal Civil Society: Ukraine’s EuroMaidan, Eric C. Martin

Lymph Node Effective Vascular Permeability and Chemotherapy Uptake, Eelco F. J. Meijer, Cedric Blatter, Ivy X. Chen, Echoe Bouta, Dennis Jones, Ethel R. Pereira, Keehoon Jung, Benjamin J. Vakoc, James W. Baish, and Timothy P. Padera


Reproducibility and Stability of Aqueous Metabolite Levels in Extracted Serum by NMR Spectroscopy, Matthew M. Miele, Brian A. Irving, Broc R. Wenrich, Philliip L. Martin, and David Rovnyak


The Collapse of Intermediate Structures?, Carl Milofsky and Margaret Harris


Museum collections: Natural history training bridges time, space, and digital platforms., Anna Monfils, Karen Powers, Christopher J. Marshall, James F. Smith, Chris Martine, and L. Alan Prather

Short-term mate poaching in heterosexual men: The effect of dissimilarity in couples attractiveness and mate poaching, James Moran, Barry X. Kuhle, T. Joel Wade, and Mark Seid

Role of Vascular Normalization in Benefit from Metronomic Chemotherapy, Fotios Mpekris, James W. Baish, Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos, and Rakesh K. Jain


Sensory-specific satiety is intact in rats made obese on a high-fat, high-sugar choice diet., Kevin P. Myers


Honey Bee Deformed Wing Virus Structures Reveal that Conformational Changes Accompany Genome Release, Lyndsey J. Organtini, Kristen L. Shingler, Robert E. Ashley, Elizabeth A. Capaldi, Kulsoom Durrani, Kelly A. Dryden, Alexander M. Makhov, James F. Conway, Marie Pizzorno, and Susan Hafenstein


Pseudogymnoascus destructans transcriptome changes during white-nose syndrome infections, Sophia M. Reeder, Jonathan M. Palmer, Jenni M. Prokkola, Thomas M. Lilley, DeeAnn M. Reeder, and Ken Field

A Portrait of the Animal as a Young Artist: Animality, Instinct, and Cognition in Joyce’s Early Prose, John Rickard


Waiting as Resistance: Lingering, Loafing, and Whiling Away, Harold Schweizer


An empirical assessment of administration & planning activity and their impact on the realization of sustainability related initiatives and programs in higher education, Elizabeth Semeraro and Neil Boyd


Immanent Frames: Meiji New Buddhism and the 'Religious Secular', James Shields


Pluto and the Platypus: An Odd Ball and an Odd Duck — On Classificatory Norms, Matthew H. Slater

Dynamics of a thermally driven film climbing the outside of a vertical cylinder, Linda Smolka


Greening Gray: Climate Action for an Aging World, Mick Smyer

Jonas Losch and Augsburg’s Artisan Singers, B. Ann Tlusty

Manuscript Fragments of Pesiqta Rabbati from the Cairo Geniza and European Collections., Rivka Ulmer


Planar granular shear flow under external vibration, Brian Utter and Eric P. Hoppmann


Emergent Eigenstate Solution to Quantum Dynamics Far from Equilibrium, Lev Vidmar, Iyer Deepak, and Marcos Rigol

Anomalous Dimension in a Two-Species Reaction–Diffusion System, Benjamin Vollmayr-Lee, Jack Hanson, R. Scott McIsaac, and Joshua D. Hellerick

Sex differences in reconciliation behavior after romantic conflict, T. Joel Wade, Justin Miogilski, and Rachael Schoneberg

Sex and the perceived effectiveness of short-term mate poaching acts in college students., T. Joel Wade and James Moran

Unreciprocated love or sexual attraction: Which is most upsetting?, T. Joel Wade, James Moran, and Kelsey Salerno

Generativity or Reproduction of Privilege? How Institution and Family Affect Legacy Students, Jarrett B. Warshaw, Richard Henne-Ochoa, and Joseph L. Murray


Black Lives, Sacred Humanity, and the Racialization of Nature, or Why America Needs Religious Naturalism Today, Carol W. White

Understory dominance and the new climax: Impacts of Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) invasion on native plant diversity and recruitment in a riparian woodland, Matthew Wilson, Anna E. Freundlich, and Chris Martine

Formulation and Validation of Minimum Brace Stiffness For Systems of Compression Members, Ronald D. Ziemian and Constance W. Ziemian

Journal Submissions from 2016

Strategic Adjustment of Parental Care in Tree Swallows: Life-History Trade-Offs and the Role of Glucocorticoids, Caglar Akcay, Adam Z. Lendvai, M. Stanback, Mark F. Haussmann, Ignacio T. Moore, and Frances Bonier