Journal Submissions from 2011

Six-month-olds Comprehend Words That Refer to Parts of the Body, Ruth Tincoff

Jealousy induction methods, sex, and the Big-5 personality dimensions, T. Joel Wade

Jealousy induction: Which tactics are perceived as most effective?, T. Joel Wade

Journal Submissions from 2010

Effects of Damage to Auditory Cortex on the Discrimination of Speech Sounds by Rats, Owen Floody


We Did It Our Way: Motivations, Satisfactions, and Accomplishments of Senior Academic Women, Eugenia P. Gerdes


Memory for melodies, Andrea Halpern and J.C. Bartlett


Inspiring Art and Science, Andrea R. Halpern


Perception of emotion in sounded and imagined music, B.L. Lucas, E. Schubert, and Andrea Halpern


Mental reversal of imagined melodies: A role for the posterior parietal cortex, R.J. Zatorre, Andrea Halpern, and M. Bouffard

Journal Submissions from 2009


Brain activation during anticipation of sound sequences, A.M. Leaver, J. Van Lare, B. Zielinski, Andrea Halpern, and J.P. Rauschecker

Journal Submissions from 2008


Melody recognition at fast and slow tempos: Effects of age, experience, and familiarity, W.J. Dowling, J.C. Bartlett, Andrea Halpern, and M.W. Andrews


I know what I like: Stability of aesthetic preference in Alzheimer's disease, Andrea Halpern, J. Ly, S. Elkin-Franklin, and M.G. O'Connor


An ERP study of major-minor classification in melodies, Andrea Halpern, J.S. Martin, and T.D. Reed


Effects of timbre and tempo change on memory for music, Andrea Halpern and D. Mullensiefen


An ERP Study of Major-Minor Classification in Melodies, Andrea R. Halpern, Jeffrey S. Martin, and Tara D. Reed

Does Mental Illness Affect Consumer Direction of Community-Based Care? Lessons From the Arkansas Cash and Counseling Program, Ce Shen, Michael A. Smyer, Kevin J. Mahoney, Dawn M. Loughlin, Lori Simon-Rusinowitz, and Ellen K. Mahoney

Journal Submissions from 2007


Commentary on "Timbre as an Elusive Component of Imagery for Music" by Freya Bailes, Andrea Halpern

The Meanings of Work for Older Workers, Michael A. Smyer and Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes

Journal Submissions from 2006

Mental Health and Aging at the 2005 White House Conference on Aging: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back, Deborah DiGilio and Michael A. Smyer

Journal Submissions from 2005

The Resilience of Self-Esteem in Late Adulthood, Amy L. Collins and Michael A. Smyer

Life on the Edge: Patterns of Formal and Informal Help to Older Adults in the United States and Sweden, Adam Davey, Elia E. Femia, Steven H. Zarit, Dennis G. Shea, Gerdt Sundström, Michael A. Smyer, and Jyoti Salva

Exploring the musical mind-brain, Andrea Halpern

The rhetoric of the grant proposal, Andrea Halpern and T.R. Blackburn


Musical stem completion: Humming that note, J.A. Warker and Andrea Halpern


Mental concerts: Musical imagery and auditory cortex, Robert J. Zatorre and Andrea R. Halpern