Submissions from 2018


Inner World of Music (And Other Sounds), Andrea Halpern

Snapchat as a new tool for sexual access: Are there sex differences?, James Moran, Kelsey Salerno, and T. Joel Wade


The convergence of psychology and neurobiology in flavor-nutrient learning, Kevin P. Myers

Aging and Mental Health, Third Edition, Daniel L. Segal; Michael A. Smyer; Sara Honn Qualls; and Recorded Books, Inc.

Journal Submissions from 2017

Promoting healthy food preferences from the start: a narrative review of food preference learning from the prenatal period through early childhood, Stephanie Anzman-Frasca, Alison K. Ventura, Sarah Ehrenburg, and Kevin P. Myers

Short-term mate poaching in heterosexual men: The effect of dissimilarity in couples attractiveness and mate poaching, James Moran, Barry X. Kuhle, T. Joel Wade, and Mark Seid


Sensory-specific satiety is intact in rats made obese on a high-fat, high-sugar choice diet., Kevin P. Myers


Greening Gray: Climate Action for an Aging World, Mick Smyer

Sex differences in reconciliation behavior after romantic conflict, T. Joel Wade, Justin Miogilski, and Rachael Schoneberg

Sex and the perceived effectiveness of short-term mate poaching acts in college students., T. Joel Wade and James Moran

Unreciprocated love or sexual attraction: Which is most upsetting?, T. Joel Wade, James Moran, and Kelsey Salerno

Journal Submissions from 2016

Exploring Emerging Adults’ Relational Spirituality: a Longitudinal, Mixed-methods Analysis, Chris Boyatzis, Kaye Cook, Cynthia Kimball, and Kathleen Leonard

A Neuroimaging Review of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, David W. Evans

Asymmetry of Fusiform Structure in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Trajectory and Association with Symptom Severity, David W. Evans

Inter-Method Inconsistencies and Inter-Site Variability of Brain Volume in Autism, David W. Evans

Neural Substrates of Schizophrenia-Spectrum Behavior in Typically-Developing Children: Further Evidence of a Normal-Pathological Continuum, David W. Evans

Relationship Between Repetitive Behaviours and Fears Across Normative Development, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Down Syndrome, David W. Evans

Relationship Between Restricted and Repetitive Behaviours in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Their Parents, David W. Evans

Differential Gaze Patterns on Eyes and Mouth During Audiovisual Speech Segmentation, Laina G. Lusk and Aaron D. Mitchel


Modern ‘Junk Food’ and Minimally-processed ‘Natural Food’ Cafeteria Diets Alter the Response to Sweet Taste but Do Not Impair Flavor-Nutrient Learning in Rats, Kristen M. Palframan and Kevin P. Myers

Ghrelin Receptor (GHS-R1A) Antagonism Alters Preference for Ethanol and Sucrose in a Concentration-Dependent Manner in Prairie Voles, Jennie Stevenson, Lisa Francomacaro, Amelia Bohidar, K. A. Young, B. F. Pesarchick, J. M. Buirkle, Elyse McMahon, and C. M. O'Bryan


Does Skin Color, Facial Shape, and Facial Width to Height Ratio (FWHR) Play a Role in Black Male Facial Evaluation, T. Joel Wade


Sex and the Perceived Effectiveness of Flirtation Techniques, T. Joel Wade and Andrea Feldman

Journal Submissions from 2015


In Search of Flavour-Nutrient Learning: A Study of the Samburu Pastoralists of North-Central Kenya, Jeffrey M. Brunstrom, Peter J. Rogers, Kevin P. Myers, and Jon D. Holtzman

Religiousness and Spirituality Among Highly Religious Emerging Adults, Kaye Cook, Chris Boyatzis, Cynthia Kimball, and Kathleen Leonard