Colloquia Submissions from 2017


"Texts Lost and Found: Peregrinationsof a Codex", Barbara K. Altmann


Syntactic Change and the Rise of Transitivity, James Lavine

Journal Submissions from 2016


Matteo Garrone's Reality:The Big Brother Spectacle and its Rupture, Anna Paparcone Bronner

Savoir dérouter. Pierre Senges, érudit égarant, Nathalie Dupont

“Count Him a Human Being”: David Grossman’s See Under: Love and Holocaust Perpetrators in Israeli Fiction, Or Rogovin

Ka-Tzetnik's Moral Viewpoint, Or Rogovin

Journal Submissions from 2015

Digital Learning in an Undergraduate Context: Promoting Long Term Student-Faculty Collaboration., Katherine Faull and Diane K. Jakacki

Journal Submissions from 2014

L'Oeuvre assassine d'Éric Chevillard, Nathalie Dupont

Valère Novarina – opus incertum, Nathalie Dupont


Schleiermacher and Transcendentalist Truth-Telling: Ethics, Gender and Speech in 19th century New England, Katherine Faull


Developing Attitudes toward Learning Arabic as a Foreign Language among American University and College Students, Martin Isleem


(R)evolution: From Edelleute to Edelmenschen – Bertha von Suttner’s Pathway to Peace, Helen G. Morris-Keitel

Journal Submissions from 2013

Poetic Becomings: Studies in Contemporary French Literature, Nathalie Dupont

Masculinity in the Eighteenth-Century Moravian Mission Field:: Contact and Negotiation, Katherine Faull

Druze linguistic landscape in Israel: indexicality of new ethnolinguistic identity boundaries, Martin Isleem

Journal Submissions from 2012

Charting the Colonial Backcountry: Joseph Shippen's Map of the Susquehanna River, Katherine Faull

"Framing Counterspaces: Forms and Meanings of Graffiti in Berlin's Linguistic Landscape", Bastian Heinsohn

The Operatics of Cabiria (1914): Intermediality in Early Italian Cinema, Bernhard Kuhn


The Visual, the Epic, and Pasternak’s ‘Devjat’son pjatyj god’, Ludmila Lavine

Journal Submissions from 2011


Poema of Lieutenant Schmidt’s End: Pasternak’s Dialogue with Tsvetaeva through the Prism of Genre., Ludmila Lavine

Journal Submissions from 2010

Case and Events in Transitive Impersonals, James Lavine

Case and Events in Ukrainian Experiencer Predicates, James Lavine

Mood and a Transitivity Restriction in Lithuanian: The Case of the Inferential Evidential, James Lavine

From Lyric Indulgence to Epic Utopia: Vladimir Mayakovsky’s The Backbone Flute and War and the Universe., Ludmila Lavine

Journal Submissions from 2005


Aleksandr Blok's The Twelve: The Transformation of Commedia dell'arte into an Epic, Ludmila Lavine