Colloquia Submissions from 2017


"Texts Lost and Found: Peregrinationsof a Codex", Barbara K. Altmann


Farming the front line, Martin Isleem


Integrating Colloquial Arabic in the Classroom: A Study of Students’ and Teachers’ Attitude and Effect, Martin Isleem


Syntactic Change and the Rise of Transitivity, James Lavine

Journal Submissions from 2016


Matteo Garrone's Reality:The Big Brother Spectacle and its Rupture, Anna Paparcone Bronner

Savoir dérouter. Pierre Senges, érudit égarant, Nathalie Dupont

Arabic-Hebrew codeswitching: the case of the Druze community in Israel, Martin Isleem


Linguistic Landscape in the School Setting: the Case of the Druze in Israel, Martin Isleem

“Count Him a Human Being”: David Grossman’s See Under: Love and Holocaust Perpetrators in Israeli Fiction, Or Rogovin

Ka-Tzetnik's Moral Viewpoint, Or Rogovin

Journal Submissions from 2015

Digital Learning in an Undergraduate Context: Promoting Long Term Student-Faculty Collaboration., Katherine Faull and Diane K. Jakacki

Sociolinguistic Status of Arabic in Israel: A Contextual Examination, Martin Isleem

Journal Submissions from 2014

L'Oeuvre assassine d'Éric Chevillard, Nathalie Dupont

Valère Novarina – opus incertum, Nathalie Dupont


Schleiermacher and Transcendentalist Truth-Telling: Ethics, Gender and Speech in 19th century New England, Katherine Faull


Developing Attitudes toward Learning Arabic as a Foreign Language among American University and College Students, Martin Isleem


(R)evolution: From Edelleute to Edelmenschen – Bertha von Suttner’s Pathway to Peace, Helen G. Morris-Keitel

Journal Submissions from 2013

Poetic Becomings: Studies in Contemporary French Literature, Nathalie Dupont

Masculinity in the Eighteenth-Century Moravian Mission Field:: Contact and Negotiation, Katherine Faull

Druze linguistic landscape in Israel: indexicality of new ethnolinguistic identity boundaries, Martin Isleem

Journal Submissions from 2012

Charting the Colonial Backcountry: Joseph Shippen's Map of the Susquehanna River, Katherine Faull

"Framing Counterspaces: Forms and Meanings of Graffiti in Berlin's Linguistic Landscape", Bastian Heinsohn

The Operatics of Cabiria (1914): Intermediality in Early Italian Cinema, Bernhard Kuhn


The Visual, the Epic, and Pasternak’s ‘Devjat’son pjatyj god’, Ludmila Lavine

Journal Submissions from 2011


Poema of Lieutenant Schmidt’s End: Pasternak’s Dialogue with Tsvetaeva through the Prism of Genre., Ludmila Lavine