Submissions from 2000


Hearing with the mind's eye, G. Schlaug, C. Chen, D. Press, Andrea Halpern, A. Warde, Q. Chen, and A. Pascual-Leone

Use of Mental Health Services by Persons With A Mental Illness in Nursing Facilities: Initial Impacts of OBRA87., Dennis G. Shea, Patricia A. Russo, and Michael A. Smyer

Engineering Design: the Information Component, James A. Van Fleet and Michael E. Hanyak Jr.

CO2 emissions related to the Yellowstone volcanic system: 2. Statistical sampling, total degassing, and transport mechanisms, Cindy Werner, S. L. Brantley, and K B. Boomer

A factor-analytic reinterpretation of the Clark-Trow "educational philosophies", D.H. Wilder; H.F. McKeegan; and Robert McKinley Midkiff, Jr.

Submissions from 1999

Transformations in flagellar structure in Rhotobacter sphaeroides and their possible relationship to changes in swimming speed, J. Armitage, T. Pitta, Margot A.S. Vigeant, H. Packer, and R. Ford

How Many Elders Receive Assistance?: A Cross-National Comparison, Adam Davey, Elia Femia, Dennis G. Shea, Steven H. Zarit, Gerdt Sundström, Stig Berg, and Michael A. Smyer

Measurement of Advance Directive and Medical Treatment Decision-Making Capacity of Older Adults, Lori Frank, Michael A. Smyer, Thomas Grisso, and Paul Applebaum


When that tune runs through your head: A PET investigation of auditory imagery for familiar melodies, Andrea Halpern and R.J. Zattore


Critical Intercultural Dialogue, Michael James


Tribal Sovereignty and the Intercultural Public Sphere, Michael James


Prediction accuracy of young and middle-aged adults in memory for familiar and unfamiliar texts, S.K. Johnson and Andrea Halpern

Histories/Geographies of the Imperial Present: Rose Kingsley's 19th c. Travels in Mexico, Karen M. Morin

Peak Practices: Englishwomen's “Heroic” Adventures in the Nineteenth-Century American West, Karen M. Morin

Review of Thresholds in Feminist Geography: difference, methodology, representation, eds. J.P. Jones III, H. Nast, S. Roberts, Karen M. Morin

Review of Writes of Passage: Reading Travel Writing, eds. J. Duncan and D. Gregory, Karen M. Morin

Surveying Britain’s informal empire: Rose Kingsley’s 1872 reconnaissance for the Mexican National Railway, Karen M. Morin

Emplacing Current Trends in Feminist Historical Geography, Karen M. Morin and L. D. Berg

The effects of training on resident assistant job performance, J.L. Murray; B.R. Snider; and Robert McKinley Midkiff, Jr.

Spatial Distribution of Green Mold Foci in 30 Commercial Mushroom Crops, D. J. Royse, K B. Boomer, Y Du, Mark Handcock, P. S. Coles, and C. P. Romaine


Córdoban Discourses: A Drama of Interreligious Dialogue, James Shields


Eros and Transgression in an Age of Immanence: Georges Bataille’s (Religious) Critique of Kinsey, James Shields

Accuracy of Recognition and Diagnosis of Comorbid Depression in the Nursing Home, Michael A. Smyer and Paige E. Goodwin

Die sozio-ökonomische Verwendung von Normalsprache: Naguib Mahfouz (Midaq Alley) und Scholem Aleichem (Di Kleine Menschelekh) (The socio-economic use of everyday language in Naguib Mahfouz Midaq Alley and Sholem Aleichem Di Kleine Menshelekh), Rivka Ulmer

Borrow or buy? cost-effective delivery of monographs, James A. Van Fleet and Jennifer Clarke

Submissions from 1998


Identification of speeded and slowed familiar melodies by younger, middle-aged, and older musicians and nonmusicians, M.W. Andrews, W.J. Dowling, J.C. Bartlett, and Andrea Halpern


Perception of Mode, Rhythm, and Contour in Unfamiliar Melodies: Effects of Age and Experience, Andrea R. Halpern, James C. Bartlett, and W. Jay Dowling


Poetry, Prose, and Pushkin's Egyptian Nights, Ludmila Lavine

British Women Travellers and Constructions of Racial Difference Across the Nineteenth-Century American West, Karen M. Morin

Historical Geography at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Fort Worth, Texas, April 1997, Karen M. Morin

Review of Mapping Men and Empire: A Geography of Adventure, Karen M. Morin

Review of The Frontiers of Women's Writing: Women's Narratives and the Rhetoric of Westward Expansion, Karen M. Morin

Trains Through the Plains: The Great Plains Landscape of Victorian Women Travelers, Karen M. Morin

Strategies of Representation, Relationship, and Resistance: British Women Travelers and Mormon Plural Wives, c. 1870-1890, Karen M. Morin and J.K. Guelke

Folklore, food, and national identity: urban legends of llama meat in La Paz, Bolivia, Clare A. Sammells

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of a PNA·DNA·PNA Triple Helix in Aqueous Solution, George C. Shields, Charles A. Laughton, and Modesto Orozco

Childhood Adoption: Long-Term Effects in Adulthood, Michael A. Smyer, Margaret Gatz, Nicole L. Simi, and Nancy L. Pedersen

Water of Life, Water of Death: The Controversy over Brandy and Gin in Early Modern Augsburg, B. Ann Tlusty

Die Macht des Auges in der rabbinischen Literatur (The power of the eye in rabbinic literature), Rivka Ulmer

Discourse in Midrash: Textual Strategy and the Use of Personal Pronouns in Halakhic Midrash, Rivka Ulmer

The Halakhic Part of the Yelammedenu in Pesiqta Rabbati, Rivka Ulmer

Submissions from 1997

A project-oriented course in probability and statistics for undergraduate electrical engineering students, Maurice Aburdene and R.J. Kozick

The Politics of Purchasing Power: Feminist Tourism and Women's Development in Nepal, Coralynn V. Davis

Measurement Properties of the Short Multi-Dimensional Observation Scale for Elderly Subjects (MOSES), Manfred Diehl, Diana L. Spore, and Michael A. Smyer

Parallel-recusive filter structures for the computation of discrete transforms, R.J. Kozick and Maurice Aburdene

Political Culture and Suffrage in an Anglo-American Women's West, Karen M. Morin

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the d(TAT) Triple Helix, George C. Shields, Charles A. Laughton, and Modesto Orozco

Comparison of Experimental and Theoretical Structures of a Transition State Analogue Used for the Induction of Anti-Cocaine Catalytic Antibodies, George C. Shields, Edward C. Sherer, Ginger Yang, and Gordon M. Turner

The advancement of arguments in exegetical midrash compared to that of the Greek ΔΙΑΤΡΙΒΗ, Rivka Ulmer

Interactions between motile Escherichia coli and glass in media with various ionic strengths, as observed with a three-dimensional-tracking microscope, Margot A.S. Vigeant and R. Ford

The Impact of Greek Affiliation on Students’ Educational Objectives: Longitudinal Change in Clark-Trow Educational Philosophies, D.H. Wilder; H.F. McKeegan; Robert McKinley Midkiff, Jr.; R.C. Skelton; and R.E. Dunkerly

Submissions from 1996

Parallel recusive algorithms for inverse discrete Legendre transform and inverse discrete Laguerre transform, Maurice Aburdene, Jianqing Zheng, and R.J. Kozick

Medical Decision-Making Capacity in Elderly Hospitalized Patients, Cheryl Dellasega, Lori Frank, and Michael A. Smyer


The effects of aging and musical experience on the representation of tonal hierarchies, Andrea Halpern, S.Y. Kwak, J.C. Bartlett, and W.J. Dowling


Garbage, Recycling, and Illicit Burning or Dumping, Thomas C. Kinnaman

Review of Inscribed Landscapes: Travel Writing from Imperial China, Karen M. Morin

Review of Writing Women and Space: Colonial and Postcolonial Geographies, Karen M. Morin

A Measurement Model of Cortisol Reactivity of Healthy Older Adults, Michel Préville, Elizabeth Susman, Steven H. Zarit, Michael A. Smyer, James D. Reid, and Hayden B. Bosworth

Differential block coding of bilevel images, G. R. Robertson, Maurice F. Aburdene, and R. J. Kozick

Quantum Mechnical Investion of Cyclic 3',5'- Adenosine Monophosphate, the Second Hormonal Messenger, George C. Shields and Karl N. Kirschner

Use of the Supermolecule Approach To Model the Syn and Anti Conformations of Solvated Cyclic 3‘,5‘-Adenosine Monophosphate, George C. Shields, Karl N. Kirschner, and Edward C. Sherer

A Semiempirical Transition State Structure for the First Step in the Alkaline Hydrolysis of Cocaine. Comparison between the Transition State Structure, the Phosphonate Monoester Transition State Analog, and a Newly Designed Thiophosphonate Transition State Analog, George C. Shields, Edward C. Sherer, Gordon M. Turner, Tricia N. Lively, and Donald W. Landry

Some questions in respect to the editing of Hebrew manuscripts, Rivka Ulmer

The Depiction of Magic in Rabbinic Texts: The Rabbinic and the Greek Concept of Magic, Rivka Ulmer

Higher Educational Impact on Student Objectives: Longitudinal Change in Clark-Trow "Educational Philosophies", D.H. Wilder; Robert McKinley Midkiff, Jr.; R.E. Dunkerly; R.E. Skelton; and H.F. McKeegan


Hearing in the mind's ear: A PET investigation of musical imagery and perception, Robert J. Zatorre, Andrea R. Halpern, David W. Perry, Ernst Meyer, and Alan C. Evans

Submissions from 1995

Computation of discrete cosine transform using Clenshaw's recurence formula, Maurice F. Aburdene, Zheng Jianqing, and R. J. Kozick


Recognition of Familiar and Unfamiliar Melodies in Normal Aging and Alzheimers-Disease, James C. Bartlett, Andrea R. Halpern, and W. Jay Dowling


Recognition of familiar and unfamiliar music in normal aging and Alzheimer's disease, J.C. Bartlett, Andrea Halpern, and W.J. Dowling


Aging and experience in the recognition of musical transpositions, Andrea Halpern, J.C. Bartlett, and W.J. Dowling

A 'Female Columbus' in 1887 America: Marking New Social Territory, Karen M. Morin

Review of Feminist Geography: The Limits of Geographical Knowledge, Karen M. Morin

Review of Forgotten Places: Unseen Development in Rural America, Karen M. Morin

Review of The Girl's Own: Cultural Histories of the Anglo-American Girl, 1830-1915, Karen M. Morin

Review of Travel, Gender, and Imperialism: Mary Kingsley and West Africa, Karen M. Morin

Competence of Long-Term Care Residence to Participate in Decisions About Their Medical Care: A Brief, Objective Assessment, Rachel A. Pruchno, Michael A. Smyer, Miriam S. Rose, Paula E. Hartman-Stein, and Donna L. Henderson-Laribee

Semiempirical Study of the Bergman Reaction: Towards a Computationally Efficient and Accurate Method for Modeling Enediyne Anticancer Antibiotics, George C. Shields and Heather A. Brummel

Investigation of the Potential Energy Surface for the First Step in the Alkaline Hydrolysis of Methyl Acetate, George C. Shields, Edward C. Sherer, and Gordon M. Turner

A Computationally Efficient Procedure for Modeling the First Step in the Alkaline Hydrolysis of Esters, George C. Shields, Gordon M. Turner, and Edward C. Sherer

Decision-Making Incapacity Among Nursing Home Residents: Results From the 1987 NMES Survey., Michael A. Smyer, Paige Goodwin, and Tamra Lair

Consistency and Change in Rabbinic Literature as Reflected in the Terms 'Rain' and 'Dew', Rivka Ulmer

Submissions from 1994

Review of Relations of Rescure: The Search for Female Moral Authority in the American West, 1874-1939, Karen M. Morin

Determinants of the Use of Specialist Mental Health Services by Nursing Home Residents, Dennis G. Shea, Andrea Streit, and Michael A. Smyer

Mental Health Services for Nursing Home Residents: What Will It Cost?, Dennis G. Shea, Andrea Streit, and Michael A. Smyer

The Physical Chemistry Sequence at Liberal Arts Colleges The Lake Forest College Approach, George C. Shields

Hydrogen bonding of nucleotide base pairs: Application of the PM3 method, George C. Shields, Marcus W. Jurema, and Tricia N. Lively

Using the Franck-Hertz Experiment To Illustrate Quantization Energy States of the Neon Atom by Electron Impact, George C. Shields and Michael M. Kash

Quantum-Mechanical Investigation of Large Water Clusters, George C. Shields and Karl N. Kirschner

Good Work and Good Care in Nursing Homes, Michael A. Smyer and Diane Brannon

The Provision and Use of Mental Health Services in Nursing Homes: Results from the National Medical Expenditure Survey, Michael A. Smyer, Dennis Shea, and Andrea Streit

Defining "Drunk" in Early Modern Germany, B. Ann Tlusty

Gender and Alcohol Use in Early Modern Augsburg, B. Ann Tlusty

Die Bewertung der Proselyten im rabbinischen Schrifttum (The evaluation of proselytes in rabbinic literature), Rivka Ulmer

Discovering Mosaistics: Israel's Egyptian Roots, Rivka Ulmer

Postmoderne talmudische Hermeneutik (Postmodern talmudic hermeneutics), Rivka Ulmer

Submissions from 1993

An integrated environment for filter design, J.K Andersen and Maurice Aburdene

The National Conference on Graduate Education on the Applications of Developmental Science Across the Life Span, Celia B. Fisher, John P. Murray, John R. Dill, John W. Hagen, M. Janice Hogan, Richard M. Lerner, George W. Rebok, Irving Sigel, Anita Miller Sostek, Michael A. Smyer, Margaret Beale Spencer, and Brian Wilcox


Memory Biases in Left Versus Right Implied Motion, Andrea R. Halpern and Michael H. Kelly

Ability of the PM3 Quantum Mechanical Method to Model Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonding between Neutral Molecules, George C. Shields and Marcus W. Jurema

Modeling of Magic Water Clusters(H20)2 and (H20)21H+ with the PM3 Quantum-Mechanical Method, George C. Shields, Marcus W. Jurema, and Karl N. Kirschner