Submissions from 1994

Hydrogen bonding of nucleotide base pairs: Application of the PM3 method, George C. Shields, Marcus W. Jurema, and Tricia N. Lively

Using the Franck-Hertz Experiment To Illustrate Quantization Energy States of the Neon Atom by Electron Impact, George C. Shields and Michael M. Kash

Quantum-Mechanical Investigation of Large Water Clusters, George C. Shields and Karl N. Kirschner

Good Work and Good Care in Nursing Homes, Michael A. Smyer and Diane Brannon

The Provision and Use of Mental Health Services in Nursing Homes: Results from the National Medical Expenditure Survey, Michael A. Smyer, Dennis Shea, and Andrea Streit

Defining "Drunk" in Early Modern Germany, B. Ann Tlusty

Gender and Alcohol Use in Early Modern Augsburg, B. Ann Tlusty

Die Bewertung der Proselyten im rabbinischen Schrifttum (The evaluation of proselytes in rabbinic literature), Rivka Ulmer

Discovering Mosaistics: Israel's Egyptian Roots, Rivka Ulmer

Postmoderne talmudische Hermeneutik (Postmodern talmudic hermeneutics), Rivka Ulmer

Submissions from 1993

An integrated environment for filter design, J.K Andersen and Maurice Aburdene

The National Conference on Graduate Education on the Applications of Developmental Science Across the Life Span, Celia B. Fisher, John P. Murray, John R. Dill, John W. Hagen, M. Janice Hogan, Richard M. Lerner, George W. Rebok, Irving Sigel, Anita Miller Sostek, Michael A. Smyer, Margaret Beale Spencer, and Brian Wilcox


Memory Biases in Left Versus Right Implied Motion, Andrea R. Halpern and Michael H. Kelly

Ability of the PM3 Quantum Mechanical Method to Model Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonding between Neutral Molecules, George C. Shields and Marcus W. Jurema

Modeling of Magic Water Clusters(H20)2 and (H20)21H+ with the PM3 Quantum-Mechanical Method, George C. Shields, Marcus W. Jurema, and Karl N. Kirschner

Aging and Decision-Making Capacity, Michael A. Smyer

Mental Health and Aging: Progress and Prospects, Michael A. Smyer

Summary of the Report of the Ad Hoc Task Force on Psychopharmacology of the American Psychological Association, Michael A. Smyer, Robert L. Balster, Dan Egli, Dale L. Johnson, M. Marlyne Kilbey, Nancy J. Leith, and Antonio E. Puente

Nursing Home Aides' Work and Family Connections, Michael A. Smyer, Laurence Marks, and M. Cohn

The Quiet Wealth: Exploring Sources Beneath the Surface, B. Ann Tlusty

Drei ÖR Beiträge in jüdischer Sicht, Rivka Ulmer


Effect of unilateral temporal-lobe excision on perception and imagery of songs, R.J. Zatorre and Andrea Halpern

Submissions from 1992

Autonomy, Competence and Informed Consent in Long-Term Care: Legal and Psychological Perspectives., William M. Altman, Patricia A. Parmalee, and Michael A. Smyer

The Psychosocial Quality of Nursing Home Work, Diane Brannon, Andrea Streit, and Michael A. Smyer

The Mental Health System and Older Adults in the 1990s, Margaret Gatz and Michael A. Smyer

The Effects of Self-Esteem and Expectancies for Success on Affective Reactions to Achievement, Robert McKinley Midkiff, Jr. and F.A. Griffin

Review of The Cowgirls, Karen M. Morin

Experiment in Quantization: Atomic Line Spectra, George C. Shields and Michael M. Kash

Improving Nursing Home Care Through Basic and Applied Research From the Viewpoints of Investigators in the Psychology of Aging., Michael A. Smyer, Diane Brannon, and M. Cohn

Improving Nursing Home Care Through Training amd Job Redesign, Michael A. Smyer, Diane Brannon, and M. Cohn

Stress, Adaption and Successful Aging (Abstract), Michael A. Smyer, Steven Zarit, and J. Reid

The Relationship of Antipsychotic Drug Use, Resident Behavior, and Diagnoses Among Nursing Home Residents, Diana L. Spore, Ann L. Horgas, Michael A. Smyer, and Lorin N. Marks

Die Kontrolle über das Trinken in Augsburg in der frühen Neuzeit, B. Ann Tlusty

Zwischen agyptischer Vorlage und talmudischer Rezeption: Josef und die Agypterin (The Egyptian paradigm and its talmudic interpretation: Joseph and the Egyptian woman), Rivka Ulmer


A coal mining song, James A. Van Fleet

Library support for science research and education at Bucknell University: pulling it all together, James A. Van Fleet


Wolf Carbide Cap Lamps, James A. Van Fleet and J. Lackey

Developing a model of library user education for freshman science students, James A. Van Fleet and D. S. Thompson

Submissions from 1991

Examination of Priorities for Therapeutic Drug Utilization Review, Manfred Diehl, Daniel Lago, Frank Ahern, Michael A. Smyer, Sharon Hermanson, and Vincent Rabatin

P-Technique Factor Analyses of the Multiple Affect Adjective Checklist (MAACL), Adam J. Garfein and Michael A. Smyer

Exploring Engineering, B.S. Hoyt, D.J. Cartwright, R.G. McGinnis, and Maurice Aburdene

Crystal structure of a CAP-DNA complex: the DNA is bent by 90 degrees, Georgia H. Kalkanis and George C. Shields

An empirical examination of the integration of causal attribution and social learning theories in achievement situations, Robert McKinley Midkiff, Jr. and J.P. Burke

Variation of vector quantisation and speech waveform coding, A. K. Nandi, Maurice F. Aburdene, A. G. Constantinides, and I. Dologlou

AM1 and PM3 Calculations of the Potential Energy Surfaces for CH2OH Reactions with NO and NO2, George C. Shields and Georgia H. Kalkanis

State Pharmaceutical Assisstance for the Elderly and Disabled: Planning Issues for Program and Non-Program States, Michael A. Smyer, Daniel Lago, and S. Hermanson

Assessing Nursing Assistants' Knowledge of Behavioral Approaches to Mental Health Problems, Diane Spore, Michael A. Smyer, and M. D. Cohn

Eine Anfrage uber Homosexualitat im judischen Gesetz (A question in respect to homosexuality in Jewish Law), Rivka Ulmer

Euthanasie: Rabbinische Perspektiven zu einem aktuellen Problem (Euthanasia: Rabbinic perspectives in respect to a contemporary problem), Rivka Ulmer

The Power of the Evil Eye and the Good Eye in Midrashic Literature, Rivka Ulmer

Submissions from 1990

Caregiving as Work: How Nurses' Aides Rate It., Diana Brannon, M. D. Cohn, and Michael A. Smyer

Who Will Provide Long-Term Care in the Future?, Diane Brannon and Michael A. Smyer

The Experience of Micro and Macro Events: A Life-Span Analysis, Peter Martin and Michael A. Smyer

Crystallization of Escherichia coli Catabolite Gene Activator Protein with its DNA Binding Site: The use of Modular DNA, Steve C. Schultz, George C. Shields, and Thomas A. Steitz

Evaluating Counseling Outcomes, Michael A. Smyer and Bob Intrieri

Franz Rosenzweig's Judisches Lehrhaus in Frankfurt: A Model of Jewish Adult Education, Rivka Ulmer

Submissions from 1989

Integrated engineering workstations in electrical engineering laboratories, Maurice F. Aburdene and M. El-Sharkawy

Applied Developmental Psychology as an Implementation of the Life-Span View of Human Development, R. C. Birkel, Richard M. Lerner, and Michael A. Smyer

Parallel vector processing of multidimensional orthogonal transforms for digital signal processing applications, M. El-Sharkawy, W. Tsang, and Maurice Aburdene


Memory for the absolute pitch of familiar songs, Andrea Halpern


Lucky numbers: Choice strategies in the Pennsylvania Daily Number game, Andrea R. Halpern and S.D. Devereaux

A causal model of mathematics performance in early adolescence: the role of sex, Robert McKinley Midkiff, Jr.; J.P. Burke; and G.C. Helmstadter

Submissions from 1988

State-Level Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs for the Elderly: A national survey., Greta L. Berry, Michael A. Smyer, and Dan Lago

A Job Diagnostic Survey of Nursing Home Caregivers: Implications of Job Redesign, Diane Brannon, Michael A. Smyer, Margaret Cohn, Lawrewnce Borchardt, Julie A. Landry, Gina M. Jay, Adam J. Garfein, Eileen Malonebeach, and Carla Walls

Response Bias Using Two-Stage Data Collection: A study of elderly participants in a program., Marianne Goodfellow, Nancy-Ellen Kierman, Frank Ahern, and Michael A. Smyer

Use of a State-Level Pharmaceutical Assistance Program Among Urban and Rural Elders, Marianne Goodfellow, Jon G. Tubman, Julie A. Landry, Frank Ahern, Dan Lago, and Michael A. Smyer


, Andrea Halpern


Perceived and Imagined Tempos of Familiar Songs, Andrea Halpern


Mental Scanning in Auditory Imagery for Songs, Andrea R. Halpern

Validation of Two Methods of Data Collection of Self-Reported Medicine Use Among the Elderly, Julie A. Landry, Michael A. Smyer, Jonathan G. Tubman, William Simonson, Dan J. Lago, and Jay Roberts

Nursing Homes as a Setting for Psychological Practice: Public Policy Perspectives., Michael A. Smyer

Fragen in der Homilie: Ein Mittel der Text-oder der Formkonstitution?, Rivka Ulmer

Submissions from 1987

Perceptions of Mental Health Training in Nursing Homes: Congruence Among Administrators and Aides, Margaret P. Cohn, Michael A. Smyer, Adam J. Garfein, Athena Droogas, and Eileen E. Malonebeach

Linking Research and Practice: The Fellowship Program in Applied Gerontology, Brian F. Hofland, Michael A. Smyer, Terrie Wetle, and Adrian R. Walter

An action research strategy for selecting and conducting program evaluations., Robert McKinley Midkiff, Jr. and Burke J.P.


Doubly charged ion mass spectra of alkyl-substituted furans and pyrroles, P.R. Nelson, C.A. Fung Kee Fung, J.B. Sedgwick, George C. Shields, L.E. Abbey, and T.F. Moran

Competition between single and double electron transfer in collisions of doubly charged molecular pyrrole ions with neutral pyrrole molecules, J.B. Sedgwick, B.P. Paulson, George C. Shields, and T.F. Moran

Charge transfer reactions of organic ions containing oxygen: Correlation between reaction energetics and cross sections, George C. Shields, P.A. Steiner IV, P.R. Nelson, M.C. Trauner, and T.F. Moran

Structural Studies of Three DNA Binding Proteins: Catabolite Gene Activator Protein, Resolvase, and the Klenow Fragment of DNA Polymerase I, T.A. Steitz, L. Beese, B. Engelman, P. Freemont, J. Friedman, M. Sanderson, S. Schultz, George C. Shields, and J. Warwicker

Gattungstheorie und rabbinische Literatur, Rivka Ulmer

Jüdische Reisende des 15. Jahrhunderts in Ägypten, Rivka Ulmer

Submissions from 1986

Evidence for Long-lived Excited States of CnH22+ Carbodications, J.R. Appling, George C. Shields, and T.F. Moran

Training in Mental Health: Evaluation of the Telephone Conference Network, Christian M. Connell and Michael A. Smyer

Parental Divorce in Young Adulthood: Some Preliminary Findings, Teresa M. Cooney, Michael A. Smyer, O. G. Hagestad, and Robin C. Klock


Memory for Tune Titles after Organized or Unorganized Presentation, Andrea Halpern

The role of self-concept of academic attainment in achievement-related behaviors, Robert McKinley Midkiff, Jr.; J.P. Burke; J.P. Hunt; and G.C. Ellison

Doubly-charged ethane ions: Solution to the dilemma of stability predicted by theory and instability observed in experiment, George C. Shields and T.F. Moran

Doubly-charged gas phase cations, George C. Shields and T.F. Moran

Polarizabilites of organic ions, George C. Shields and T.F. Moran

Sensitivity of charge transfer reactions to hydrocarbon ion structures, George C. Shields, L. Wennberg, J.B. Wilcox, and T.F. Moran

Intervention Research Approaches, Michael A. Smyer and Margaret Gatz

Submissions from 1985

The role of self-esteem in affective reactions to achievement-related situations, J.P. Burke; Robert McKinley Midkiff, Jr.; and R.V. Williams

Structures, energetics and fragmentation pathways of CnH22+ carbodications, George C. Shields, G. W. Burdick, J. R. Appling, and T. F. Moran

Molecular Charge-Transfer Cross Sections and Their Correlation with Reactant Ion Structures, George C. Shields and T.F. Moran

Post-Holocaust Response, Rivka Ulmer

Submissions from 1984


The organization of memory for familiar songs, Andrea Halpern


Perception of Structure in Novel Music, Andrea R. Halpern

Life Events and Interdependent Lives: Implications for Research and Intervention, Rachel Pruchno, Frederic C. Blow, and Michael A. Smyer

Aging and Social Policy: Contrasting Western Europe and the United States, Michael A. Smyer

Life Transitions and Aging: Implications for Counseling Older Adults, Michael A. Smyer