Journal Submissions from 2013


Interplay Between Finite Resources and a Local Defect in an Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process, L. Jonathan Cook, Jiajia Dong, and Alexander LaFleur


Mass Transport Perspective on an Accelerated Exclusion Process: Analysis of Augmented Current and Unit-Velocity Phases, Jiajia Dong, Stefan Klumpp, and R K P Zia

Anomalous Velocity Distributions in Active Brownian Suspensions, Andrea Fiege, Benjamin Vollmayr-Lee, and Annette Zippelius

Infrared Parallaxes of Young Field Brown Dwarfs and Connections to Directly Imaged Gas-Giant Exoplanets, M. C. Liu, T. J. Dupuy, and Katelyn N. Allers

The Extremely Red, Young L Dwarf PSO J318.5338-22.8603: a Free-Floating Planetary-Mass Analog to Directly Imaged Young Gas-Giant Planets, Michael C. Liu, Eugene A. Magnier, Niall R. Deacon, and Katelyn N. Allers

Microscopic Picture of Aging in SiO2, Katharina Vollmayr-Lee, Robin Bjorkquist, and Landon M. Chambers

Temperature-Dependent Defect Dynamics in the Network Glass SiO2, Katharina Vollmayr-Lee and Annette Zippelius

Journal Submissions from 2012


Brown Dwarf Binaries, Katelyn N. Allers


Barriers to front propagation in ordered and disordered vortex flows, Dylan Bargteil and Tom Solomon


Entrainment and Unit Velocity: Surprises in an Accelerated Exclusion Process, Jiajia Dong

Entrainment and Unit Velocity: Surprises in an Accelerated Exclusion Process, Jiajia Dong, Stefan Klumpp, and R.K.P. Zia

Modeling the infrared emission in Cygnus A, Jack F. Gallimore

β-Delayed Proton Emission in the 100Sn Region, G. Lorusso, A. Becerril, A. Amthor, T. Baumann, D. Bazin, J. S. Berryman, B. A. Brown, R. H. Cyburt, H. L. Crawford, A. Estrade, A. Gade, T. Ginter, C. J. Guess, M. Hausmann, G. W. Hitt, P. F. Mantica, M. Matos, R. Meharchand, K. Minamisono, F. Montes, G. Perdikakis, J. Pereira, M. Portillo, H. Schatz, K. Smith, J. Stoker, A. Stolz, and R.G.T. Zegers

Invariant barriers to reactive front propagation in fluid flows, John Mahoney, Dylan Bargteil, Mark Kingsbury, Kevin Mitchell, and Tom Solomon


A remotely interrogated all-optical Rb-87 magnetometer, B. Patton, O. O. Versolato, D. C. Hovde, E. Corsini, James M. Higbie, and D. Budker


High-speed acousto-optic shutter with no optical frequency shift, W J. Schwenger and James M. Higbie

Journal Submissions from 2011

Measurement of neutrino-induced charged-current charged pion production cross sections on mineral oil at E(ν) similar to 1 GeV, A. Aguilar-Arevalo and Sally Koutsoliotas

Measurement of νμ-induced charged-current neutral pion production cross sections on mineral oil at E(ν) is an element of 0.5-2.0 GeV correlation functions of a driven granular fluid in steady state, A. Aguilar-Arevalo and Sally Koutsoliotas


A Keck LGS AO search for brown dwarf and planetary mass companions to upper Scorpius brown dwarfs, B. Biller, Katelyn N. Allers, Michael Liu, Laird Close, and Trent Dupuy


Search for plant biomagnetism with a sensitive atomic magnetometer, Eric Corsini, Victor Acosta, Nicolas Baddour, James M. Higbie, Brian Lester, Paul Licht, Brian Patton, Mark Prouty, and Dmitry Budke


Magnetometry with mesospheric sodium, James M. Higbie, Simon M. Rocheste, Brian Patton, Ronald Holzlöhner, Domenico Bonaccini Calia, and Dmitry Budker

Interactions between forming stars and dense gas in the small low mass cluster Cederblad 110, Edwin F. Ladd, T. Wong, T. L. Bourke, and K. L. Thompson


Small-sized dichroic atomic vapor laser lock, Changmin Lee, G. Z. Iwata, E. Corsini, James M. Higbie, S. Knappe, M. P. Ledbetter, and D. Budker


Propagation of quantized fields in negative-index media, Martin K. Ligare and J. Mod

Pinning and mode-locking of reaction fronts by vortices, G. M. O'Malley, M. S. Paoletti, M. E. Schwartz, and Thomas H. Solomon