Submissions from 2024


‘Somos bilingües’: Translanguaging socialization of DLBE teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Grace Jue Yeon Kim

Submissions from 2023


Comparing Time Allocation for Teaching Science as Inquiry in Two Educator Preparation Science Methods Courses, Lori A. Dira


Trauma-Informed Practices: A Whole School Policy Framework, Nicole C. Reddig and Janet VanLone

Submissions from 2022


Pre-Service Teacher Preparation in Trauma-Informed Pedagogy: A Review of State Competencies, Nicole C. Reddig and Janet VanLone

Submissions from 2021


I Know You Are Trying To Help Me, But …”: Complexity in Supporting Immigrant Youth and Communities Through Schooling, Ramona Fruja and Evelyn Baca

Submissions from 2020


Two-Way Cultural Transmission in Study-Abroad: U.S. Host Families and Japanese College Students in Short-Term Homestay Programs, Ramona Fruja, Joseph L. Murray, and Junko Torii

Submissions from 2019


Students and Stocks: A Critical Reading of the Stock Market Game™, Abe Feuerstein


Teacher Education and Refugee Students, Ramona Fruja and Kevin Roxas


(Re)Acquaintance with Praxis: A poetic inquiry into shame, sobriety and the case for a curriculum of authenticity, Sarah K. MacKenzie


If We Build It, Who Will Come? Explorations of Campus Design, Location, and Student Culture, Joseph Murray

Emerging adulthood and Higher Education : a New Student Development Paradigm, Joseph L. Murray and Jeffrey Jensen Arnett

Submissions from 2018

Black Bodies in Schools : Dewey’s Democratic Provision for Participation Confronts the Challenges of ‘Fundamental Plunder, Sue Ellen Henry


Intimate Uncertainties: A mother returns to poetic inquiry, Sarah K. MacKenzie

Submissions from 2017

“If Only I Did Not Have That Label Attached to Me”: Foregrounding Self-Positioning and Intersectionality in the Experiences of Immigrant and Refugee Youth, Ramona Fruja

Generativity or Reproduction of Privilege? How Institution and Family Affect Legacy Students, Jarrett B. Warshaw, Richard Henne-Ochoa, and Joseph L. Murray

Submissions from 2016

Multicultural Education and Newcomer Youth: Re-imagining a More Inclusive Vision for Immigrant and Refugee Students, Ramona Fruja and Kevin Roxas

Submissions from 2015

Analyzing the Visual Discourse of Charter Schools in the News, Abe Feuerstein

Parent Trigger Laws and Framing in Educational Politics, Abe Feuerstein

Rituals of Verification: Department Chairs and the Dominant Discourse of Assessment in Higher Education, Abe Feuerstein

Who Is Responsible for Saving the Language? Performing Generation in the Face of Language Shift, Richard Henne-Ochoa and Richard Bauman

Submissions from 2014


News Framing and Charter School Reform, Abe Feuerstein

Course-based Research on Students’ Own Institution Introduces Historical Inquiry, Joseph L. Murray

Personalizing History Using Course-based Research on a Student's Own University, Joseph L. Murray, Sean D. Fortney, Anna E. Gioni, Zoey G. Goldnick, Kevin L. LeValley, and Scott R. Sechler

Submissions from 2013

Knuckling Under? School Superintendents and Accountability-Based Educational Reform, Abe Feuerstein

Submissions from 2011

The Politics of Accountability and Teacher Preparation: A Case Study from Pennsylvania, Abe Feuerstein