Submissions from 2018


Simulation of colony pattern formation under differential adhesion and cell proliferation, JiaJia Dong and Stefan Klumpp


Linear Energy Stable Methods for an Epitaxial Growth Model with Slope Selection, Gregory M. Seyfarth and Benjamin Vollmayr-Lee

Submissions from 2017


Manifestations of classical physics in the quantum evolution of correlated spin states in pulsed NMR experiments, Martin K. Ligare


Planar granular shear flow under external vibration, Brian Utter and Eric P. Hoppmann


Emergent Eigenstate Solution to Quantum Dynamics Far from Equilibrium, Lev Vidmar, Iyer Deepak, and Marcos Rigol


Anomalous Dimension in a Two-Species Reaction–Diffusion System, Benjamin Vollmayr-Lee, Jack Hanson, R Scott McIsaac, and Joshua D. Hellerick

Submissions from 2016

The Radial and Rotational Velocities of PSO J318.5338-22.8603, a Newly Confirmed Planetary-mass Member of the β Pictoris Moving Group, Katelyn N. Allers

Slow and Long-Ranged Dynamical Heterogeneities in Dissipative Fluids, Karina E. Avila, Horacio E. Castillo, Katharina Vollmayr-Lee, and Annette Zippelius


Untangling Entanglement, Deepak Iyer

Universal Scaling in the Aging of the Strong Glass Former SiO2, Katharina Vollmayr-Lee, Christopher H. Gorman, and Horacio E. Castillo

Submissions from 2015


Spatial Structures in a Simple Model of Population Dynamics for Parasite-Host Interactions, JiaJia Dong

On the Binary Frequency of the Lowest Mass Members of the Pleiades with Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera 3, E. V. Garcia, Trent J. Dupuy, Katelyn N. Allers, Michael C. Liu, and Niall R. Deacon

Experimental Studies of Coherent Structures in an Advection-Reaction-Diffusion System, Savannah Gowen and Thomas H. Solomon

Glass Formers Display Universal Non-Equilibrium Dynamics on the Level of Single-Particle Jumps, J. Helfferich, Katharina Vollmayr-Lee, F. Ziebert, H. Meyer, and J. Baschnagel

Frozen Reaction Fronts in Steady Flows: A Burning-Invariant-Manifold Perspective, John R. Mahoney, John Li, Carleen Boyer, and Thomas H. Solomon

Pinning of Reaction Fronts by Burning Invariant Manifolds in Extended Flows, P. W. Megson, M. L. Najarian, Katie Lilienthal, and Thomas H. Solomon

Two Transiting Earth-Size Planets Near Resonance Orbiting a Nearby Cool Star, Erik A. Petigura, Joshua E. Schlieder, Ian J.M. Crossfield, Andrew W. Howard, Katherine M. Deck, David R. Ciardi, Evan Sinukoff, Katelyn N. Allers, William M.J. Best, Michael C. Liu, Charles A. Beichman, Howard Isaacson, Brad M.S. Hansen, and Sebastien Lepine

Dynamic Blockage in an Exclusion Process, Mamata Sahoo, Jiajia Dong, and Stefan Klumpp

An Embedded Active Nucleus in the OH Megamaser Galaxy IRAS16399-0937, Dinalva Sales, Andy Robinson, David J. Axon, Jack F. Gallimore, Preeti Kharb, Rachel L. Curran, Christopher P. O'Dea, Stefi A. Baum, Moshe Elitzur, and Rupal Mittal

Submissions from 2014

Strong Dynamical Heterogeneity and Universal Scaling in Driven Granular Fluids, Karina E. Avila, Horacio E. Castillo, Andrea Fiege, Katharina Vollmayr-Lee, and Annette Zippelius

Dynamic blockage in an exclusion process, JiaJia Dong

Probing the Mechanical Properties of Magnetosome Chains in Living Magnetotactic Bacteria, Andre Koernig, Jiajia Dong, Mathieu Bennet, Marc Widdrat, Janet Andert, Frank D. Mueller, Dirk Schueler, Stefan Klumpp, and Damien Faivre

A Stellar Census of the Tucana-Horologium Moving Group, Adam L. Kraus, Evgenya L. Shkolnik, Katelyn N. Allers, and Michael C. Liu

Submissions from 2013

A Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Young Field Ultracool Dwarfs, Katelyn N. Allers and Michael C. Liu


Interplay Between Finite Resources and a Local Defect in an Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process, L. Jonathan Cook, Jiajia Dong, and Alexander LaFleur