Submissions from 2023


Looking at Library and IT Services Through a DEI Lens, Katherine Furlong, Craig Milberg, and David Consiglio

Submissions from 2022


Stick It to the Wall, Jill Hallam-Miller, Nancy Frazier, and Benjamin Hoover

Submissions from 2021


Building Information Literacy Through Consideration of Claims in Psychology: Evaluating Credibility and Evidence in Sources, Eloise Stevens and Deanne Buffalari

Submissions from 2018


Metadata--a five part introduction, Tammy Troup

Submissions from 2017

Using ACS data to study the 2016 election in the classroom: A case study from Bucknell University, Todd Suomela, Carrie M. Pirmann, and Janine Glathar


Digital Humanities: Tools and Technologies for the Study of the American West, Tammy Troup

Submissions from 2016

The Necessity for Adopting a Strategic Vision for Technology, Param Bedi


A Conversation about Digital Preservation, Tammy Troup


Digital Project Planning, Tammy Troup


METS Schema: a general review, Tammy Troup

Submissions from 2015


Making a Difference: Moving Your Organization from Transactional to Transformational, Param Bedi and Jason Snyder


Designing with Children, database review, Tammy Troup

Submissions from 2014


Rock the Boat, film review, Tammy Troup

Submissions from 2013


Paths of Discovery: Comparing the Search effectiveness of EBSCO Discovery Service, Summon, Google Scholar, and Conventional Library Resources, Andrew Asher, Lynda M. Duke, and Suzanne Wilson

Submissions from 2012


Tags in the Catalogue: Insights From a Usability Study of LibraryThing for Libraries, Carrie M. Pirmann

Submissions from 2011

Search Magic: Discovering How Undergraduates Locate Information, Andrew Asher

Submissions from 2006


In the Loop: One Librarian's Experiences Teaching Within First-Year Learning Communities, Nancy Frazier

Submissions from 2000

Engineering Design: the Information Component, James A. Van Fleet and Michael E. Hanyak Jr.

Submissions from 1999

Borrow or buy? cost-effective delivery of monographs, James A. Van Fleet and Jennifer Clarke

Submissions from 1992

Library support for science research and education at Bucknell University: pulling it all together, James A. Van Fleet

Developing a model of library user education for freshman science students, James A. Van Fleet and D. S. Thompson