Submissions from 2017


Libraries Embrace the Engineering Grand Challenges, James A. Van Fleet

Submissions from 2016


Validating the client focused considering work model for people living with HIV, Liza M. Conyers and K B. Boomer


Learn Piano with BACh: An Adaptive Learning Interface that Adjusts Task Difficulty based on Brain State, Beste F. Yuksel, Kurt B. Oleson, Lane Harrison, Evan M. Peck, Daniel Afergan, Remco Chang, and Robert JK Jacob

Submissions from 2014

Hydraulic Conductivity of Sand-Bentonite Backfills Containing HYPER Clay, Michael A. Malusis and Gemmina Di Emidio

Submissions from 2012


Modernizing the Microcontroller Laboratory with Low-Cost and Open-Source Tools, Kenneth J. Hass and Juliana Su

Submissions from 2011


Green Worlds and Ecosemiotics, Alf Siewers


The Early Medieval Sublime, Alf Siewers


The Ecosemiosphere: Story and Region in Insular Medieval Literatures, Alf Siewers

The visualization of database search results, James A. Van Fleet

Submissions from 2010


Synthesizing Optimal Fixed-point Arithmetic for Embedded Signal Processing, Kenneth J. Hass

Submissions from 2009

A recursive matrix approach to spectral transformations for digital filters, Maurice F. Aburdene and T. J. Goodman

Submissions from 2007

Obstacles to cross-sector cooperation in post-conflict Bosnia: Perceptions from the field, Eric Martin

Disaster planning and preparedness: defining a library "disaster", James A. Van Fleet

Scholarly communication issues: raising awareness on many fronts, James A. Van Fleet

Submissions from 2006

Probability and Image Enhancement, Maurice Auburdene and Thomas Goodman

Interpolation Using the Discrete Pascal Transform, Maurice Auburdene and T. J. Goodman

Talking to scholars = scholarly communication, James A. Van Fleet, K McQuiston, D Thompson, and J Zebrowski

Submissions from 2005

A Tool For Consolidating Results From Learning Assessment, Maurice Auburdene and Samuel Craig

Probability, Computer Networks, and Simulation, Maurice Auburdene and Thomas Goodman

Approaches To Undergraduate Instruction In Computer Security, Maurice Auburdene, Xiannong Meng, and Luiz Perrone

Analysis of Wireless and Mobile Computer Networks Courses, Maurice Auburdene, Luiz Perrone, Xiannong Meng, and Gregory Mokodean

Empty Handed Demonstrations for Engineers: Think Inside the Box, Beverly Jaeger, Susan Freeman, and Maurice Auburdene

Bucknell University's implementation of SirsiRooms, James A. Van Fleet, B Burkholder, and J Clarke

The use of portal technology in library user education, James A. Van Fleet and B Stockland

Submissions from 2004

Analysis of Computer Networks Courses In Undergraduate Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Science Programs, Xiannong Meng, Maurice Auburdene, and Gregory Mokodean

Submissions from 2003

Creating And Testing Vlans Using Network Switches, Maurice Aburdene, John Jantzi, and Xiannong Meng

Submissions from 2002

An Undergraduate Networked Systems Laboratory, Ralph Droms, Brian Hoyt, Daniel Hyde, John Jantzi, Xiannong Meng, and Maurice Auburdene

Submissions from 2001

Discrete polynomial transform representation using binary matrices and flow diagrams, Maurice F. Aburdene

Teaching Kalman Filters to Undergraduate Students, Maurice Auburdene, Andrew Love, and Rami Zarrouk

Submissions from 2000

Interactive Signals and Systems Laboratories Using Notebooks, Jaskeerat S. Baweja, Richard J. Kozick, and Maurice Auburdene

Interactive Tutorial for an Introductory Electrical Engineering Course, Ryan S. Magargle, Rami W. Zarrouk, and Maurice Auburdene

Evolving libraries and computer centers, James A. Van Fleet


Engineering Design: the Information Component, James A. Van Fleet and Michael E. Hanyak Jr.

Submissions from 1999

Shrinking the reference collection, James A. Van Fleet

Submissions from 1998

Student selected microcontroller and digital design projects, Maurice F. Aburdene

Submissions from 1997

An Electronic Design And Laboratory Lesson Using A Switched Series Parallel Network, Maurice Auburdene and E.J. Mastascusa

Submissions from 1996

Parallel computation of discrete, Maurice F. Aburdene and J. E. Dorband

A Dynamic Parameter Estimation Experiment That Is Remotely Accessible Via Internet, Maurice Auburdene and Richard J. Kozick

An Introductory Electrical Engineering Lesson on Operational Amplifiers, Maurice Auburdene, Paul Lo, Sia Yiu, and E J. Mastascusa

Submissions from 1994

Implementation of a discrete Legendre adaptive IIR filter using DSP56001, Maurice F. Aburdene, Ji Zhonghe, and R. J. Kozick

Submissions from 1993

Concurrent tutorial and applications, Maurice F. Aburdene and E. J. Mastascusa

Submissions from 1992

On the computation of discrete Legendre polynomial coefficients, Maurice F. Aburdene and J. E. Dorband

Submissions from 1991

Multivariate median filters and their extensions, Maurice F. Aburdene and S. A. Kassam

Submissions from 1989

A new idea for speech waveform coding using vector quantization and solution to the matching problem in L∞-norm, Maurice F. Aburdene, A. K. Nandi, A. G. Constantinides, and I. Dologlou

Submissions from 1988

Parallel frequency domain adaptive line enhancer, M. El-Sharkawy and Maurice Auburdene