The oldest speaker series at Bucknell University, the Faculty Colloquium series was established in the early 1980s with the purpose of allowing the Bucknell faculty to share their scholarly research with colleagues across the disciplines, divisions, and colleges. From its inception, the Series was seen as a serious academic endeavor that offered Bucknell faculty an insight into subject-matters that for the most part lie outside their immediate area of specialization. Likewise, Colloquium speakers often find the comments from colleagues within and outside their discipline helpful as they offer a new perspective on the subjects of their research.


Colloquia Submissions from 2017


Studying Prevention through Design: Sociology Meets Civil Engineering, Deborah Abowitz and Mike Toole


"Texts Lost and Found: Peregrinationsof a Codex", Barbara K. Altmann


From the Seaward Glens: Lessons of Environmental History along the Atlantic Coast, Claire Campbell

"Raised on Christian Milk": The Symbolic Power of Food in Early Christianity, John David Penniman

Colloquia Submissions from 2016


The Emission Wars, Indranil Brahma


Machines Reading Humans Reading Machines: or, Why Online Privacy Was Always Already Impossible, John Hunter


Untangling Entanglement, Deepak Iyer


Mutant, Creole, Hybrid, Queer: Agro-Eugenics and the Racial Violence of Capitalist Ecologies, Emma Mullaney

Colloquia Submissions from 2015

"Dead Zone Vertigo: A Collaboration in Poetry and Visual Art with Two Cypriot Artists", Paula Closson Buck


Visualizing the Imaginary, Pamela Gorkin

"His Name is Garbage": "Loser Names" as Mystical Warfare in West Africa, Michelle C. Johnson


Positrons are Another Matter: Working with Anti-Matter, David Schoepf


Kicking Away the Ladder Too: Central Banks in Historical Perspective, Matias Vernango

Colloquia Submissions from 2014


"The Biodiversity Problem: Ethics, Science, and Policy", Matthew H. Slater


Gastronomes in Short Pants: Educating the Nation's Taste in France, John Westbrook

"The Chinese Communist Party at 93: Many Happy Returns?", Zhiqun Zhu

Colloquia Submissions from 2013

Can You Hear the Shape of a Drum?, Emily Dryden

“What Happens When Pollinators Get Sick? Behavioral Impacts of Honeybee Viruses”, Elizabeth Capaldi Evans and Marie Pizzorno


Bedrock: Genesis and Evolution of a Republican Bastion, Union County, Pennsylvania, John Peeler

Colloquia Submissions from 2012

"Framing Counterspaces: Forms and Meanings of Graffiti in Berlin's Linguistic Landscape", Bastian Heinsohn

"Anteroposterior Patterning: How the Hox Genes Help Us Tell Our Heads from Our ***es", Elizabeth Marin

"Flirts and Other "Voluptuous Tyrants":Wollstonecraft, Rousseau and the Politics of Desire", Ghislaine McDayter

Chemical Research with Undergraduate Collaborators: Building Cyclic Polymers, Eric Tillman

Colloquia Submissions from 2011

More than Tunes in Your Head: Dynamic Aspects of Auditory Imagery for Music, Andrea Halpern


Devising: Pioneering Uncharted Territory in Theater, Anjalee Deshpande Hutchinson

Play!, Joe Tranquillo