Journal Submissions from 2018


Blackout on Broadway: Affiliation and audience in In the Heights and Hamilton, Elena Machado Saez


Generation MFA: Neoliberalism and the Shifting Cultural Capital of U.S. Latinx Writers, Elena Machado Saez


Bodega Sold Dreams: Middle-Class Panic and the Crossover Aesthetics of In the Heights, Elena Machado Sáez

Journal Submissions from 2017

A Portrait of the Animal as a Young Artist: Animality, Instinct, and Cognition in Joyce’s Early Prose, John Rickard


Waiting as Resistance: Lingering, Loafing, and Whiling Away, Harold Schweizer

Journal Submissions from 2016

The U.S. Occupation of Haiti and the Hispanic Caribbean, Rafe Dalleo


Reframing the Archive: Vietnamese Refugee Narratives in the Post-9/11 Period, Mai-Linh Hong


come wishes be horses, Rebecca Meyers

Journal Submissions from 2015

Cultural Difference in George Macartney’s "An Embassy to China 1792-1794”, Greg Clingham

"Dead Zone Vertigo: A Collaboration in Poetry and Visual Art with Two Cypriot Artists", Paula Closson Buck

Shayma Interviewed by a Medical Red Cross Staff Member in Corigliano, Calabro, Harold Schweizer

The Curating Child: Runaways and Museums in Children's Fiction, Virginia Zimmerman

Journal Submissions from 2014

"The independence so hardly won has been maintained": C.L.R. James and the U.S. Occupation of Haiti., Rafe Dalleo


F'Stein, 115-116 Radial, Jonathan Lyons


The Helvetica Story, Jonathan Lyons


Tower Defenses, Jonathan Lyons


Waterloo Talking, Jonathan Lyons

Deja Vu, Deirdre O'Connor

"But Do Not Let Them Know You Were Alone When You Died", Harold Schweizer

From Testament Part IV: Infolds & Unspires, G. C. Waldrep

Storm and Stone: Accidental Archaeology at Skara Brae in Orkney, Virginia Zimmerman

Journal Submissions from 2013


''Get Your Asphalt Off My Ancestors!'': Reclaiming Richmond's African Burial Ground, Mai-Linh Hong

murmurations, Rebecca Meyers

Of a Far-Off Sky, Rebecca Meyers

"The Materialist Dreams of Angels", Harold Schweizer