Submissions from 2021

Caribbean Literature in Transition, 1920-1970. Volume 2, Rafe Dalleo and Curdella Forbes

On Lingering and Literature, Harold Schweizer

Submissions from 2020

Masturbatory Ecologies: Pornography, Ecosexuality, and Perverted Environmental Justice, Jeremy Chow

Prime Mates: The Simian, Maternity and Abjection in Brobdingnag, Jeremy Chow


Haiti and the Early American Imagination, Michael Drexler

Byron Now, Ghislaine McDayter


The Next Chicago Police Chief Takes Actions to Address the Chicago Murder Rate, Joseph Scapellato


Bringing Egypt Home: Children's Encounters With Ancient Egypt in the Long Nineteenth Century, Virginia Zimmerman

Submissions from 2019

Anecdotes of Bishop Thomas Barnard, Greg Clingham

‘I stole his likeness’: An Unknown Drawing of Samuel Johnson and James Boswell, Greg Clingham


Johnson and Borges: Some Reflections, Greg Clingham


Johnson and China: Culture, Commerce, and the Dream of the Orient in Mid-eighteenth-century England, Greg Clingham

Lady Anne Barnard: Remnants and Renewal, Greg Clingham


Arthur Mervyn; or, Memoirs of the Year 1793, Michael J. Drexler


Contesting Slavery in the Global Market: John Brown’s Slave Life in Georgia, Michael Drexler and Stephanie Scherer

Pocket Maps and Public Poetry in the English Renaissance, Katarzyna Lecky


Astarte’s Shadow: The Iconography of Forgiveness in Byron’s Manfred, Ghislaine McDayter

Evolving Secrets: Eudora Welty and the Mystery Genre, Harriet Pollack

New Essays on Eudora Welty, Class, and Race, Harriet Pollack

The Made-Up Man, Joseph Scapellato


The Writer's Intention vs. the Work's Intention, Joseph Scapellato

Mistress, Chet'la Sebree


Eriugena's Irish Background, Paul Siewers


Excavating Children : Archaeological Imagination and Time-Slip in the Early 1900s, Virginia Zimmerman

Submissions from 2018

A Slant of Light : Reflections on Jack Wheatcroft, Peter Balakian, Bruce Smith, Cynthia Hogue, Shara McCallum, Dennis O'Brien, Deirdre O'Connor, and Gary Sojka