Submissions from 2020

Byron Now, Ghislaine McDayter

Submissions from 2019

Anecdotes of Bishop Thomas Barnard, Greg Clingham

‘I stole his likeness’: An Unknown Drawing of Samuel Johnson and James Boswell, Greg Clingham


Johnson and Borges: Some Reflections, Greg Clingham


Johnson and China: Culture, Commerce, and the Dream of the Orient in Mid-eighteenth-century England, Greg Clingham

Lady Anne Barnard: Remnants and Renewal, Greg Clingham


Arthur Mervyn; or, Memoirs of the Year 1793, Michael J. Drexler


Contesting Slavery in the Global Market: John Brown’s Slave Life in Georgia, Michael Drexler and Stephanie Scherer

Pocket Maps and Public Poetry in the English Renaissance, Katarzyna Lecky


Astarte’s Shadow: The Iconography of Forgiveness in Byron’s Manfred, Ghislaine McDayter

Evolving Secrets: Eudora Welty and the Mystery Genre, Harriet Pollack

New Essays on Eudora Welty, Class, and Race, Harriet Pollack

The Made-Up Man, Joseph Scapellato


The Writer's Intention vs. the Work's Intention, Joseph Scapellato

Mistress, Chet'la Sebree


Eriugena's Irish Background, Alf Siewers


Excavating Children : Archaeological Imagination and Time-Slip in the Early 1900s, Virginia Zimmerman

Submissions from 2018

A Slant of Light : Reflections on Jack Wheatcroft, Peter Balakian, Bruce Smith, Cynthia Hogue, Shara McCallum, Dennis O'Brien, Deirdre O'Connor, and Gary Sojka

Playing Rough: Johnson and Children, Greg Clingham

Chismes, Mills Fox Edgerton


Blackout on Broadway: Affiliation and audience in In the Heights and Hamilton, Elena Machado Sáez


Bodega Sold Dreams: Middle-Class Panic and the Crossover Aesthetics of In the Heights, Elena Machado Sáez


Generation MFA: Neoliberalism and the Shifting Cultural Capital of U.S. Latinx Writers, Elena Machado Sáez


Politically ethical aesthetics : Teaching Emerson's Poetry in the Context of Diversity in the United States, Saundra Morris

The Genealogy of Elevators: a Fable, Harold Schweizer