Browse the contents of Susquehanna River Symposium -- Chronological list of all events:

2019 -- 14th symposium
Healthy Rivers, Healthy Communities
2018 -- 13th symposium
Science Conservation and Heritage
2017 -- 12th symposium
Spirit of Two Great Rivers: Susquehanna and Delaware
2016 -- 11th symposium
A Tale of Two Rivers: The Susquehanna and Delaware
2015 -- 10th symposium
The River, Its Landscapes and Our Lives
2014 -- 9th symposium
Science and the River: Ongoing projects and research in the Susquehanna watershed
2013 -- 8th symposium
A Fragmented System: Dams on the Susquehanna River
2012 -- 7th symposium
Wasn't That A Mighty Storm! Flooding in the Susquehanna Watershed
2011 -- 6th symposium
River Towns in the 21st Century: Supporting local development in the Susquehanna Valley by recognizing regional community assets
2010 -- 5th symposium
Exploring Our Vital Resource
2009 -- 4th symposium
Cultures at the Confluence: Native Americans, Ecology, and the Susquehanna Valley
2008 -- 3rd symposium
The Susquehanna River and Agriculture
2007 -- 2nd symposium
The Susquehanna River and Agriculture
2006 -- 1st symposium
From the Branches to the Confluence: The Upper Susquehanna River Basin and its Communities