Submissions from 2023

Human Nature: A Biosocial View, Alexander Riley

Submissions from 2021

Reciprocity Rules : Friendship and Compensation in Fieldwork Encounters, Edmund Searles and Michelle C. Johnson

Submissions from 2020

Remaking Islam in African Portugal : Lisbon, Mecca, Bissau, Michelle C. Johnson

Experiential and Performative Anthropology in the Classroom : Engaging the Legacy of Edith and Victor Turner, Michelle C. Johnson and Edmund Searles

Submissions from 2019


The Influence of Country of Origin and Nativity Status on the Colorectal Cancer Screening Practices of Latinos Residing in the United States, Benjamin Barrett and Elizabeth Durden


Black and White Self-Identified Latinx Respondents and Perceived Psychological Distress and Impairment, Jasmine Mena, Elizabeth Durden, Sarah E. Bresette, and Taylor McCready

The Totalitarian Legacy of the Bolshevik Revolution, Alexander Riley and Paul Siewers


Production, Trade, Reciprocity and Markets, Clare Sammells


'Fresh seal blood looks like beauty and life': #Sealfies and subsistence in Nunavut, Edmund Searles

We're still here : pain and politics in the heart of America, Jennifer M. Silva

Submissions from 2018


Associations of Four Community Factors with Longitudinal Change in Hemoglobin A1c Levels in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes, Elizabeth Durden


Banking on Remittances? How Bank Account Possession in the United States Affects Mexican Migrants Sending Money Home, Elizabeth Durden


The Southwest’s Unven Welcome: Immigrant Inclusion and Exclusion in Arizona and New Mexico, Elizabeth Durden


Who Drives Diaspora Development? Replication of Mexico’s 3x1 Program in Yucatán, Elizabeth Durden

Caribbean Masala : Indian Identity in Guyana and Trinidad, Linden F. Lewis

Handbook of Community Movements and Local Organizations in the 21st Century, Carl Milofsky, Neil Boyd, Ben Marsh, Janet Jones, Jennifer Silva, Jordi Comas, and Amy Golightly

Submissions from 2017


Two Approaches, One Problem: Cultural Constructions of Type II Diabetes in an Indigenous Community in Yucatán, Mexico, Elizabeth Durden


The Collapse of Intermediate Structures?, Carl Milofsky and Margaret Harris

Submissions from 2016

'Nothing Is Sweet in My Mouth': Food, Identity, and Religion in African Lisbon, Michelle C. Johnson


Re-Building Coal Country: A Church/University Partnership, Carl Milofsky and Brandn Green

Restaurants, Fields, Markets, and Feasts: Food and Culture in Semi-Public Spaces, Clare Sammells and Edmund Searles

To Sell Or Not to Sell: Country Food Markets and Inuit Identity in Nunavut, Edmund Searles

Submissions from 2015


Implementing the Affordable Care Act in Central Pennsylvania, Brandn Green, Kristal Jones, and Carl Milofsky


His Name is Garbage: Loser Names as Mystical Warfare in West Africa, Michelle C. Johnson

Understanding the Role of Social Factors in Farmworker Housing and Health, Ben Marsh, Carl Milofsky, Edward Kissam, and Thomas A. Arcury