Colloquia Submissions from 2017

"Raised on Christian Milk": The Symbolic Power of Food in Early Christianity, John David Penniman

Manuscript Fragments of Pesiqta Rabbati from the Cairo Geniza and European Collections., Rivka Ulmer


Black Lives, Sacred Humanity, and the Racialization of Nature, or Why America Needs Religious Naturalism Today, Carol W. White

Journal Submissions from 2015

Fed to Perfection: Mother's Milk, Roman Family Values, and the Transformation of the Soul in Gregory of Nyssa, John David Penniman

"The Health-Giving Cup": Cyprian's Ep. 63 and the Medicinal Power of Eucharistic Wine, John David Penniman

Journal Submissions from 2014

The Gandhi Story: An Official Indian Comic Book History of the Mahatma, Karline McLain

Teaching the Millennial Generation in the Religious and Theological Studies Classroom, Karline McLain, Whitney Bauman, Joseph A. Marchal, Maureen O'Connell, and Sara M. Patterson

Journal Submissions from 2013

Symposium on Iris Murdoch: A Response to Nora Hamalainen and David Robjant, Maria Antonaccio

Pesiqta Rabbati: a text-linguistic and form-analytical analysis of the rabbinic homily, Rivka Ulmer

The Contours of the Messiah in Pesiqta Rabbati, Rivka Ulmer

The Contours of the Messiah in Pesiqta Rabbati, Rivka Ulmer

Submissions from 2012

Caves. Rabbinic Judaism., Rivka Ulmer

Consolation. Rabbinic Judaism., Rivka Ulmer

Journal Submissions from 2011


Be United, Be Virtuous: Composite Culture and the Growth of Shirdi Sai Baba Devotion, Karline McLain

Baraita of the 32 Rules, Rivka Ulmer

Bet Midrash, Rivka Ulmer

Construction, Destruction and Reconstruction: The Temple in Pesiqta Rabbati, Rivka Ulmer

Judaica, Rivka Ulmer

Judaica, Rivka Ulmer

Psalm 22 in Pesiqta Rabbati: The Suffering of the Jewish Messiah and Jesus, Rivka Ulmer

The Culture of Apocalypticism: Is the Rabbinic Work Pesiqta Rabbati Intertextually Related to the New Testament Book The Revelation to John?, Rivka Ulmer

Midrash and the Exegetical Mind, Rivka Ulmer and Lieve Teugels

Submissions from 2010

Rabbinic Judaism, Rivka Ulmer

The Egyptian Gods in Midrashic Texts, Rivka Ulmer

The Jerusalem Temple in Pesiqta Rabbati: From Creation to Apocalypse, Rivka Ulmer