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Genome-Wide Changes in Genetic Diversity in a Population of Myotis lucifugus Affected by White-Nose Syndrome
Thomas M. Lilley, Ian W. Wilson, Kenneth A. Field, DeeAnn Reeder, Megan E. Vodzak, Gregory G. Turner, Allen Kurta, Anna S. Blomberg, Samantha Hoff, Carl J. Herzog, Brent J. Sewall, and Steve Paterson


Longitudinal dynamics and behavioural correlates of telomeres in male wire-tailed manakins.
Ben Vernasco, R. Dakin, Ariana Majer, Mark F. Haussmann, T. B. Ryder, and Ignacio T. Moore


Low-Temperature Compounding of Flax Fibers with Polyamide 6 via Solid-State Shear Pulverization (SSSP): Towards Viable Engineering Thermoplastic/Natural Fiber Composites
Katsuyuki Wakabayashi, Simon H.E. Vancoillie, Mekdes G. Assfaw, David H. Choi, Frederick Desplentere, and Aart W. Van Vuure


Honey Bee and Bumble Bee Antiviral Defense
Alexander J. McMenamin, Daughenbaugh F. Katie, Fenali Parek, Marie C. Pizzorno, and Michelle L. Flenniken


Cluster J mycobacteriophages: intron splicing in capsid and tail genes
Welkin H. Pope, Deborah Jacobs-Sera, Aaron A. Best, Gregory W. Broussard, Pamela L. Connerly, Rebekah M. Dedrick, Timothy A. Kremer, Susan Offner, Amenawon H. Ogiefo, Marie Pizzorno, Kate Rockenbach, Daniel A. Russell, Emily L. Stowe, Joseph Stukey, Sarah A. Thibault, James F. Conway, Roger W. Hendrix, and Graham F. Hatfull


Temperate Eurasian Origins of Hawaiian Chenopodium (Amaranthaceae) plus description of a new species endemic to Moloka‘i
Jason T. Cantley, Angela J. McDonnell, J Branson, S R. Long, W Garnett, and Christopher T. Martine

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