Department Chair: Ben Vollmayr-Lee

Physics is the fundamental science of the natural world. The study of physics and astronomy leads to a deeper appreciation and awareness of the world around us. From the quantum mechanical behavior at the smallest scale, to the workings of the cosmos at the largest scale, physics consists of a few general principles that explain a vast range of phenomena. The Physics & Astronomy Faculty Scholarship collection contains records filtered by department from Faculty Books, Faculty Conference Papers and Presentations, Faculty Contributions to Books, Faculty Journal Articles, and Other Faculty Research and Publications. The Physics & Astronomy Student Scholarship collection contains records filtered by department from the Honors Thesis and Masters Thesis collections.

The main Physics & Astronomy site includes a department description, faculty and staff contact information, and major and minor requirements. Past versions of the department website are archived by the Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) using the Archive-It web archiving services; capture began in 2015. Finding aids for departmental records are also available online.


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