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Bishops 2005



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This is the third time the two retired Bishops visited our classes. In the first 15 minutes of each tape Edward Daly, the Catholic Bishop, and James Mehaffey, the Anglican Bishop, briefly tell their life histories. This tape has two significant substantive aspects. First, there is discussion of integrated education in Northern Ireland and how the Bishops view this educational innovation. Bishop Daly is critical of what he considers mechanical procedures to force integration. He thinks to achieve peace in Northern Ireland root political problems must be addressed. The second important content on this tape is Bishop Daly's account of working with and being pastors to hunger strikers in 1980 and 1981. This part of the tape runs about 20 minutes and it is very effective.


Northern Ireland Conflict, Bishops, civil rights movement, Edward Daly, James Mehaffey, Inner City Trust, Paddy Dougherty, integrated education, diversity, religion, religiosity, integrated neighborhoods, hunger strikes, hunger strikers, Dirt Strike, Bobby Sands, Sinn Fein, IRA



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Bishops Edward Daly and James Mehaffey

Video characteristics

Medium Shot view from ten feet away, two bishops sitting at a table. Bright lighting seems to be flourescent (e.g., very white), positioned above in front of them so there are few shadows. It's not warm but images are clear. Sound is quite good although when students ask questions we usually cannot understand what they are saying. Bishop Daly has a slight speech impediment due to his stroke so occasionally when he speaks softy you can't understand a few words.

Topics covered

This is a visit to the Bucknell class by Edward Daly, retired Roman Catholic Bishop of Derry, and James Mehaffey, retired Anglican Bishop of Londonderry. They give short life histories and tell about their friendship during their time of leadership in the 1970s and 1980s. There are two highpoints. One discussion of ambilavent feelings they have about ntegrated education. The other is Bishop Daly's account of ministering to Catholic hunger strikers between 1980 and 1982.

Bishops 2005


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