Submissions from 2016

Optimal Product Bundling with Dependent Valuations: The Price of Independence, Mihai Banciu and Fredrik Odegaard

Submissions from 2015


The Quixotic Quest for Fairness: The SEC's Role in the Rise of High Frequency Trading, Jan Traflet and William R. Gruver

Submissions from 2013

Hierarchical Approach for Survivable Network Design, Anantaram Balakrishnan, Mihai Banciu, Karolina Glowacka, and Prakash Mirchandani

New Results Concerning Probability Distributions with Increasing Generalized Failure Rates, Mihai Banciu and Prakash Mirchandani

Submissions from 2010

Bundling Strategies When Products Are Vertically Differentiated and Capacities Are Limited, Mihai Banciu, Esther Gal-Or, and Prakash Mirchandani