Date of Thesis

Spring 2024


This thesis presents a comprehensive study on the characterization and application of a rotating drum sampler for air quality monitoring, with a focus on aerosol composition analysis using Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICPMS). The study aimed to determine (1) the cut-off points of the drum sampler to better understand its performance characteristics and (2) to investigate indoor air quality, specifically within makerspaces on Bucknell University’s campus. The research highlighted the novelty of applying LA-ICPMS for time-resolved aerosol composition analysis, demonstrating the potential for low-cost pollution concentration studies. The characterization experiments did not yield expected results, but the results provided valuable insights into the sampler's operation and suggested improvements for future research. The indoor air quality monitoring did not reveal significant diurnal variations in metal aerosol concentrations, suggesting effective ventilation in the studied locations. This work lays the groundwork for future studies on aerosol sampling and analysis, emphasizing the need for further methodological development in LA-ICPMS standards and data processing techniques.


aerosols, ICPMS, LA-ICPMS, rotating drum sampler, aerosol monitoring

Access Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Type

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering


Chemical Engineering

Minor, Emphasis, or Concentration


First Advisor

Timothy Raymond

Second Advisor

Dabrina Dutcher