Date of Thesis

Spring 2021


A biking market in this thesis is defined by three major contributors: (a) the built environment such as the engineering and construction of bike lanes, parking corrals, and other aspects of the physical infrastructure for biking, (b) the societal environment which includes the norms and communal acceptance of biking, and (c) individual beliefs, behaviors and attitudes toward biking. These three areas form the foundation of the factors that stimulate the demand for biking in the biking market, which in turn drives the supply of biking and biking services. This thesis intends to conduct research on the built environment, societal environment, and attitudes and beliefs to determine which factors would be most likely to increase the demand for biking.


Biking, electric bikes, built environment, Bucknell, sustainability, carbon neutral

Access Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Type

Bachelor of Arts



Second Major

Environmental Studies

First Advisor

Geoff Schneider

Second Advisor

Andrew Stuhl

Third Advisor

Jeremy Chow