Date of Thesis

Spring 2019


In more recent years, Diversity has been a driving force in universities across the country. As underrepresented groups in the United States have gained more traction in the political and legal realms, they have gained the agency and the ability to advocate for their inclusion in institutions and structures that previously denied their access. This gaining of agency within these public realms is what has fueled higher education institutions across the country to really push for diversity, in both their faculty and student populations. The ideology behind this push is multiculturalism or multiracialism; this idea by its premise, the inclusion and appreciation of all cultures and races within a society, seems inherently beneficial and benevolent. However, by holding Multiculturalism/Diversity up and viewing it through a critical lens, I aim to illuminate how its application in higher education institutions such as Bucknell University, University of California, and Yale University, continues to isolate, exclude, and degrade African Americans.


Multiculturalism, Diversity, Antiblackness, Blackness, Higher Education

Access Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Type

Bachelor of Arts


Africana Studies

Second Major


Minor, Emphasis, or Concentration

Race and Ethnicity

First Advisor

Dr. Jaye Austin Williams

Second Advisor

Dr. P. Khalil Saucier