Submissions from 2019

Death to Fascism : Louis Adamic's Fight for Democracy, John P. Enyeart


Women in the Gambia, Cymone Fourshey


The Digital Humanities and "Critical Theory": an Institutional Cautionary Tale, John Hunter

The Wild and the Toxic : American Environmentalism and the Politics of Health, Jennifer Thomson

Submissions from 2018


The Fallout from Residential Segregation, Jennifer Thomson


Decolonizing Society: The Legacy of 1968, Jennifer Thomson and Mehmet Döşemeci

Submissions from 2017


From the Seaward Glens: Lessons of Environmental History along the Atlantic Coast, Claire Campbell

Jonas Losch and Augsburg’s Artisan Singers, B. Ann Tlusty

Submissions from 2016


Toxic Residents: Health and Citizenship at Love Canal, Jennifer Thomson

Submissions from 2015

Revolutionizing Cultural Pluralism: The Political Odyssey of Louis Adamic, 1932-1951, John P. Enyeart

'Set Alight to Her Husband’s House': Teaching as Scholarship and Activism in the Gambian Archives, Cymone Fourshey

Invincible Blades and Invulnerable Bodies: Weapons Magic in Early Modern Germany, B. Ann Tlusty

Invincible Blades and Invulnerable Bodies: Weapons Magic in Early-Modern Germany, B. Ann Tlusty

Submissions from 2014

Full Cups, Full Coffers: Tax Strategies and Consumer Culture in the Early Modern German Cities, B. Ann Tlusty

Submissions from 2013

The Turkish Drawbridge: European Integration and the Cultural Economics of National Planning, Mehmet Dosemeci


Consommation d'alcool et culture masculine dans l'Europe de l'époque moderne, B. Ann Tlusty

Submissions from 2012


Augsburg during the Reformation Era: An Anthology of Sources, B. Ann Tlusty


"Trinkkultur," "Zutrinken", B. Ann Tlusty


Sixteenth Century Street Songs and Language History "From Below", B. Ann Tlusty and Helmut Graser

Submissions from 2011

Beyond the Archives: A Practical Guide for Ethical Research in Latin America, David Del Testa


Re-Evaluating Vietnam’s Nghe-Tinh Soviets (1930-1931) using a Historical GIS: Some Preliminary Observations, David W. Del Testa

Public Drinking in the Early Modern World: Voices from the Tavern, 1500-1800, B. Ann Tlusty

The Martial Ethic in Early Modern Germany: Civic Duty and the Right of Arms, B. Ann Tlusty


[Clemens Jäger], Hochzeitsbuch der Augsburger Herrenstube, B. Ann Tlusty and Helmut Graser

Submissions from 2010


"Seit ir Juden oder Landsknecht?" Waffenpflicht, Waffenrecht und gesellschaftliche Ausgrenzung in der Frühen Neuzeit, B. Ann Tlusty