Journal Submissions from 2003

Review of Moving Lives: 20th-Century Women's Travel Writing, Karen M. Morin

Rosalie, Karen M. Morin

Teaching in Russia: Notes from the Field, Karen M. Morin

The University as Space of Feminist Praxis, Karen M. Morin

United States: Midwest, Karen M. Morin

Historical Geography, Karen M. Morin, Craig Colton, Peter Hugill, and Terence Young

Travels with Feminist Historical Geography, Karen M. Morin and M. Domosh

Contributions to Books from 2002

Mining Empire: Journalists in the American West, 1870, Karen M. Morin

Postcolonialism and Native American Geographies: The Letters of Rosalie La Flesche Farley, 1896-1899, Karen M. Morin

Review of Putting Women in Place: Feminist Geographers Make Sense of the World, Karen M. Morin

A Forgotten 'Greater Ireland': The Transatlantic Development of Irish Nationalism, Adrian N. Mulligan

Journal Submissions from 2001

Review of Landscapes of the New West: Gender and Geography in Contemporary Women's Writing, Karen M. Morin

Review of North American Exploration: A Continent Defined and North American Exploration: A Continent Comprehended, Karen M. Morin

Gendering Resistance: British Colonial Narratives of Wartime New Zealand, Karen M. Morin and L. D. Berg

Gender, Nature, Empire: Women Naturalists in Nineteenth Century British Travel Literature, Karen M. Morin and Jeanne Guelke

(Troubling) spaces of mountains and men: New Zealand's Mount Cook and Hermitage Lodge, Karen M. Morin, R. Longhurst, and L. Johnston

Journal Submissions from 2000

(Anti?) Colonial Women Writing War, Karen M. Morin

Review of The Spirit of Yellowstone: The Cultural Evolution of a National Park by J.L. Meyer, Karen M. Morin

Contributions to Books from 1999

"Autobiography," "Literary Criticism," "Metaphor," "Mimesis," "Narrative," "Narrative Closure," "Tourism," "Tourist Gaze," "Sex Tourism," "Writing", Karen M. Morin

Histories/Geographies of the Imperial Present: Rose Kingsley's 19th c. Travels in Mexico, Karen M. Morin

Peak Practices: Englishwomen's “Heroic” Adventures in the Nineteenth-Century American West, Karen M. Morin

Review of Thresholds in Feminist Geography: difference, methodology, representation, eds. J.P. Jones III, H. Nast, S. Roberts, Karen M. Morin

Review of Writes of Passage: Reading Travel Writing, eds. J. Duncan and D. Gregory, Karen M. Morin

Surveying Britain’s informal empire: Rose Kingsley’s 1872 reconnaissance for the Mexican National Railway, Karen M. Morin

Emplacing Current Trends in Feminist Historical Geography, Karen M. Morin and L. D. Berg