Dreamed Landscapes

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Fall 10-2022

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Imagine entering the world of a scenic painting, no longer confined by its frame. That is just what these composers have done figuratively in this remarkable collection of piano works, bringing limitless images and paths of exploration to the mind of the listener. Daniel Temkin’s Dreamed Landscapes—receiving its world- premiere recording here—draws inspiration from nature, just as Janáček did with In the Mists and Ravel with Jeux d’eau.

In a larger sense, these “soundscapes”—together with Adès’s Mazurkas, Ravel’s Sonatine, and Albéniz’s Iberia—cohere as a group through their pictorial sweep and pianistic idioms, unfolding as if in a dream. Sometimes these dreams recall times or places in memory—Janáček perhaps yearning for the beloved daughter he lost or Albéniz reminiscing nostalgically about the beauties of his native Spain. Other times the dreams evoke music of the past, with Ravel recalling Rameau and Couperin, and Adès wistfully conjuring the ghosts of Chopin and Szymanowski. With their mixture of new and old, the textures, techniques, and sonic worlds of these pieces speak to one another in a unique continuum, captured on this album.

Marking the debut professional recording of critically-acclaimed pianist Qing Jiang, these pieces come to life in her fingers, with each composer’s imaginative musical brushstrokes and layers of piano resonance building into rich canvases of sonic color.


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Albany Records



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