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Fall 2015

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R. Luke DuBois handles data like origami, transforming a mundane instrumental base material into something unexpected, even beautiful. A More Perfect Uniontransforms the language from 19 million online dating profiles into an atlas of American love, and Hindsight is Always 20/20 turns each presidential State of the Union address into a linguistic eye chart.

DuBois similarly folds time into new shapes. Academycompresses 75 years of Oscar winning films into 1-minute vignettes. Vertical Music stretches 4.5 minutes of musical performance into 45 minutes of cinema, and SSBpresents a version of the Star Spangled Banner that takes 4 years to play (and never quite the same way twice.) These are not just music and video works played on fast-forward or slow motion; each is purposefully programmed or composed for an unfamiliar timeframe that allows us to experience nuances of gesture, composition, color, and narrative.

Richard Rinehart
Director, Samek Art Museum


Art & Art History