Faculty Colloquium


Publication Date

Spring 4-1-2015



Dead Zone Vertigo: A Collaboration in Poetry and Visual Art with Two Cypriot Artists

Paula Closson Buck has recently returned from the divided island of Cyprus, where her Fulbright Scholar grant supported work on a poetry / visual art collaboration with Greek-Cypriot Andros Efstathiou and Turkish-Cypriot Ruzen Atakan. At the center of that project is the Varosha quarter of Famagusta, a world-class coastal resort of six square kilometers that has lain abandoned since the conflict of 1974. The work deals with this deserted city as the specter of tourist development and political confrontation, but also with the power of art to re-imagine dead spaces as living spaces and to help us see ourselves and our histories in new ways. Professor Closson Buck will read poems and present visual art from the project, contextualizing both with a talk on her experience collaborating with artists on both “sides” in the freighted context of the Cypriot political landscape.


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poetry, visual art