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UNIV 200-03 Rural Climate Resilience (Integrated Perspectives IP)

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As the population gets older, and means of transportation get more expensive, the need for increased public transportation has increased exponentially. To develop recommendations for the Lower Anthracite Transportation System (LATS) in Northumberland County, this report compared various forms of multimodal transportation throughout the United States, and other foreign countries, and compared them with the current standards and practices set by LATS service. According to the United State Census Bureau, Shamokin is a small 3rd class city in Northumberland County Pennsylvania, with a population of 6,901, a poverty rate of 35.9%, and is in the LATS service area. Shamokin is vital for the LATS system, as it is the only city the system covers, and is the largest urban area. This report analyzes public transportation in rural communities and large-scale metropolitan areas to suggest changes to LATS. By speaking with the director of LATS and analyzing similar transportation systems, this report recommends that creating HVAC and solar capable bus shelters at popular bus stops in the greater Shamokin region will be a valuable amenity to add.

This report was completed as part of requirements for an undergraduate integrated perspectives course at Bucknell University, “UNIV 200-13: Rural Climate Resilience” taught by Shaunna Barnhart and Taylor Lightman. The entry includes the final report as well as supplementary materials including a powerpoint presentation and a two page summary edited by Matt McMullen and Shaunna Barnhart.


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Summary Report for LATS Bus Shelters.pdf (442 kB)
Two page summary of key points from report.

Hansel, Cianfrocca, Varkaris 2023 - Analyzing Transportation Amenities in the City of Shamokin PPT.pdf (1079 kB)
Powerpoint slides highlighting key points from report.