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Geography 326 (GEOG 326) - Thinking Space

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Vacant and abandoned properties are something that has been prevalent for decades. Whether it be in areas suffering national disasters, a job-loss shock, or a population shift, abandoned houses are a concern in many places. Mount Carmel has experienced an outflux of its population which has had a negative effect on the already vacant housing issue. This project investigates solutions to the vacant and abandoned property issue occurring in Mount Carmel through case studies of other towns that have also experienced the challenges of abandoned properties.

Additionally, using an Arc Collector App that students created of Mount Carmel last year, this project team added additional properties and pictures to create a visual that can be used to manage vacant and abandoned housing. With the changes and additions the team made to the map app, users will be able to understand where the abandoned properties are currently located, what condition the properties are in, and why they are located where they are with a map they can visualize effectively.

This report is the result of a student group project for Geography 326 Thinking Space taught by Prof. Vanessa Massaro. The report builds on a group project from Spring 2017, "Inventorying Blighted Properties in Mount Carmel, PA: Presenting ArcCollector, An Online Spatial Management System," found here.

Included in this entry are the final report and a powerpoint presentation.



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GEOG 326 Spring 2018 - Mount Carmel Abandoned Property Issue Presentation Slides.pdf (2813 kB)
Powerpoint Presentation Slides: Mount Carmel Abandoned Property Solutions