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Geography 326 (GEOG 326) - Thinking Space and GEOG 204 - Applied Geography

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Spring 5-2017


The Borough of Mount Carmel, PA, has struggled to deal with abandoned and dilapidated properties. Such properties cause a range of social and economic implications for the borough of Mount Carmel. To fight blight, one must recognize it as a dynamic issue, in that the status of a blighted home is constantly in flux based on a wide array of factors which need to be documented and tracked by local government. This report describes ArcCollector, a potential tool that could be used to track such information. ArcCollector is a spatial management program that has specifically been tailored to the discussed needs of the borough of Mount Carmel.

This report is the result of a student group project for Geography 326 Thinking Space taught by Prof. Vanessa Massaro. The GIS component of the project was part of work for Geography 204 Applied Geography taught by Prof. Duane Griffin.



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Coal Region Field Station


Mount Carmel, PA

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