The Next Page

Publication Date

Spring 2018


The Next Page is a semi-annual newsletter published by Bucknell University's Library and Information Technology department. The publication serves the community by providing software, project, and service updates. Regular features include a letter from the Vice President for L&IT, new staff updates, and interviews. This issue includes the following articles: "Designing Meaningful Information Literacy Assignments," "From the Vice President for Library and Information Technology," "Smart Assistants for Campus Information," "A New System for Identity and Access Management," "Anything But Routine: Strategic Planning from the Ground Up," "Spotlight on Academic Strategic Initiatives," "Save the Data! Librarians and Faculty Working Together to Raise Awareness about Endangered Data," "Faculty Scholarship Reception," "NSF Grant to Fast-Track Research Computing at Bucknell," "Tech Table Arrives in the Langone Center mall," "New Library and Information Technology Staff."





Publisher Statement

Copyright 2018, Library and Information Technology, Bucknell University.