The Sustainability Symposium celebrates sustainability and environmental related research, teaching, creative works, practice, and action where faculty, staff, students, and community stakeholders from regional institutions share their completed and ongoing works, network for ongoing or new initiatives, and are inspired by shared keynote activities. This annual meeting showcases work from the natural sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, engineering, management, and humanities exploring emerging themes such as climate change, energy, human rights, food, and resilience.

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2021 - Adapting in Uncertain Times
2019 - Envisioning the Future: Energy, Climate, and Human Rights
2018 - Climate Changes: All Hands on Deck
2017 - Generations of Power
2016 - Global Sustainabilities
2015 - Imagination, Design, and Creativity
2014 - Reimagining Prosperity
2013 - Envisioning a Sustainable University