The symposium focuses on the impact of dams on the Susquehanna River, ranging from pre-historic glacial ice dams, to historic mill, canal, and logging dams, to the modern hydroelectric, flood control, and recreational dams. Many communities, railroads, and industrial plants rely upon electricity generated from four major hydropower facilities built on the lower Susquehanna - Conowingo, Holtwood, Safe Harbor, and York Haven dams.

Dams can provide a source of renewable energy, flood control, and recreational boating to millions of citizens in the Susquehanna watershed, but they can also impact the fisheries, water quality, and aquatic life in river and the Chesapeake Bay.

Learn how environmental consultants and the hydropower facility owners are assessing the environmental impacts and evaluating various management alternatives as part of the federal energy relicensing process. The solutions are complex, difficult, and require trade-offs.

A Program was shared at the event.

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