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Lewisburg has more than 900 officially recorded street trees, which are a significant part of the everyday scenery along the streets. This report explains the work that was done in summer 2019 to update the inventory of those 900 trees, and includes results from a survey of Lewisburg residents' knowledge about street trees and their related responsibilities. Both projects are intended to help the Borough and the Shade Tree Commission better manage their street trees and make planting and pruning decision in the future, and to make suggestions of how to best use the data to drive policy. The project completed repair for 700 of the 900 trees, with the remaining ones being updated, or located within borough parks.

This research was supported by the Lewisburg Shade Tree Commission (STC) and the Bucknell Center for Sustainability & the Environment (BCSE). The primary researcher on this project was Jiaxuan Zhao, a Bucknell Senior majoring in Statistics, who was supervised by Shade Tree Commissioners Dr. Brian Gockley and Dr. Mark Spiro. Dr. Gockley provided daily supervision and research guidance, with Dr. Spiro assisting in the training for recognition of species in the field. Arc-GIS instruction was provided by Luyang Ren of Bucknell’s GIS team.

The research was funded by a Hillsdale Grant provided through the Bucknell Center for Sustainability & the Environment.


trees, GIS, environmental policy, local governance


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