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In 2021-22, Lewisburg borough participated in a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection program that partnered local governments with universities and the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives to create local climate action plans. This work included managing a greenhouse gas inventory, undergoing a months-long process to collaboratively draft a climate action plan for the borough, and conducting surveys to better understand and incorporate community input. In recognition that transportation was the majority source (58.7%) of greenhouse gas emissions for the borough, coupled with the public interest in safer biking, the draft Lewisburg Climate Action Plan includes a number of recommended actions to improve biking infrastructure and support an active transportation system. According to a 2022 survey conducted to inform the climate action plan development, 46.7% of respondents were unsatisfied with the safety of biking while 78.9% believed that encouraging more walking and biking is an important objective for the Borough of Lewisburg. When asked to project what is important for Lewisburg’s future, a bikeable community ranked even higher, with 82.95% classifying it as important.

Recognizing the importance of bikeability for Borough residents, the Bucknell Center for Sustainability & the Environment and Lewisburg Neighborhoods conducted a further survey specifically on bikeability in the Lewisburg region to assess the experiences and perceptions of cyclists. The goal of this summary report is to present and discuss the findings of this survey for community partners and stakeholders and to inform strategies for how the Borough can become more cyclist-friendly.

The research for this report was funded by Bucknell University's Presidential Fellows program and the Bucknell Center for Sustainability & the Environment.


active transportation, biking, sustainability, transportation, community planning


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