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Ben and Jimmy Podcast

Ben and Jimmy Podcast



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With our podcast, Ben and I were hoping to gain a better understanding of how a college or university impacts the local business of their town. By having a better understanding of this topic Ben and I hoped to find different ways in which we could help these businesses when students are not on campus. In order to find these solutions, we interviewed the local businesses to understand how their business changes when students are not on campus and what they do differently to go about their business. After listening to our podcast, Ben and I hoped people would have a better understanding about how important universities are to local businesses. We hoped our audience would be more willing to shop at local businesses when they are at their universities in order to support them. For the design and structure of our podcast, we envisioned that we would first discuss our purpose for making our podcast, then conduct the interview, and lastly we would debrief the interview answers and discuss their connection to class material and impacts for the future. We followed this layout because we believed that it would flow very well and would create a clear beginning, middle, and end to our podcast which it did. Ben and I worked with members of our local community in order to complete the interview questions and this worked very well. The local bar was willing to answer all of our questions which gave us more insight into the impacts that universities have on their local businesses. The feedback that we received from our peers was very helpful and allowed us to pick up on some of the flaws in our original first podcast. For example, we were only able to hear the audio out of one side of the headphones in our original podcast so for the final podcast we made sure to fix this so you could hear the podcast out of both sides.

Publication Date

Winter 12-7-2023




Agricultural and Resource Economics | Community-Based Research

Ben and Jimmy Podcast