SOCI 258: Gender Race and Poverty

Rural Reality

Rural Reality


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We have a specific goal in mind when it comes to the takeaways the listener has. We hope that the audience will learn that there are economic issues in the immediate area, even though it may not seem like it when looking at the area superficially. Additionally, we hope our audience will be inspired to try to make a difference and actively work to help support others in need. To do this, we set up our podcast in a way that clearly stated our topic then gave supporting research to back up our claim. While we did not work with members of the community, we did observe locals, which was very informative. We also talked with fellow students and faculty to understand their habits as well. This helped us talk about the contrast between the two. We incorporated some feedback from our peers, specifically the addition of census data for not just lewisburg but the areas around it as well. We added this as we thought it would be a great addition to support our thesis.

Publication Date

Winter 12-8-2023

Rural Reality