Submissions from 2023


India’s COVID-19 Response: Examining an Outlier to Explain Subnational Variation, Soundarya Chidambaram


The Origins and Consequences of Congressional Party Election Agendas, Scott Meinke


Why Theorizing and Measuring Shared Experience in Descriptive Representation Is “A Mess Worth Making”, Christina Xydias

Security, Development and Sustainability in Asia : A World Scientific Reference on Major Policy and Development Issues of 21st Century Asia, Zhiqun Zhu

Submissions from 2022


Constructing Political Representation: "A Mess Worth Making", Christina Xydias


Left, Right, and Center: Women’s Political Incorporation in the OECD, Christina Xydias

Submissions from 2021


India's Inexorable Path to Autocratization: Looking Beyond Modi and the Populist Lens, Soundarya Chidambaram

The Rise of Multiple-Measures Rules in the House of Representatives, Scott Meinke

Submissions from 2020


How Do Institutions and Infrastructure Affect Mobilization Around Public Toilets vs. piped Water? Examining Intra-slum Patterns of Collective Action in Delhi, India, Soundarya Chidambaram

The Civil Society Roots of BJP’s Majoritarian Nationalism, Soundarya Chidambaram


“Spanish Citizenship and Responsibility for the Past: The Case of the Sephardim, Moriscos, and Saharawis”, Michael James


This Was the One for Me: AfD Women’s Origin Stories, Christina Xydias

Submissions from 2019


Can the right to internal movement, residence, and employment ground a right to immigrate?, Michael James


Rising to Leadership in an Era of Political Change: Bob Michel and the 1970s House Republican Party, Scott Meinke

Submissions from 2018


Data Analysis and Data Visualization as Active Learning in Political Science, Alexis L. Henshaw and Scott Meinke


Distributive Politics and Party Participation in the U.S. House, Scott Meinke

Submissions from 2017


Putting Inequality in Context : Class, Public Opinion, and Representation in the United States, Christopher Ellis

Submissions from 2015

Trade and Democracy: A Factor-Based Approach, John A. Doces and Christopher S. Magee

Constituency Deliberation, Michael James

Two Concepts of Constituency, Michael Rabinder James

Reconsidering Regime Type and Growth: Lies, Dictatorships, and Statistics, Christopher S. Magee and John A. Doces

Submissions from 2014

Public Attitudes Toward Social Spending in the United States: The Differences Between Direct Spending and Tax Expenditures, Christopher Faricy and Christopher Ellis

Democratization, Education Reform, and the Mexican Teachers' Union, Douglas Hecock

The Political Economy of FDI in Latin America 1986-2006: A Sector-Specific Approach, Douglas Hecock and Eric M. Jepsen


Geographies of Tolerance: Human Development, Heteronormativity, and Religion, Alexis Henshaw