Contributions to Books from 2018


Fallibility for Infallibilists, Jason Leddington


Review of Tomáš Koblížek (ed.), The Aesthetic Illusion in Literature and the Arts, Jason Leddington


Sounds Fully Simplified, Jason Leddington


Anchoring in Ecosystemic Kinds, Matthew H. Slater


A pragmatic approach to the possibility of de-extinction, Matthew H. Slater and Hayley Clatterbuck


Denialism as Applied Skepticism: Philosophical and Empirical Considerations, Matthew H. Slater, Joanna K. Huxster, Julia E. Bresticker, and Victor LoPiccolo

Journal Submissions from 2017

Attempts to Prime Intellectual Virtues for Understanding of Science: Failures to Inspire Intellectual Effort, Joanna Huxster, Melissa Hopkins, Julia Bresticker, Jason Leddington, and Matthew Slater

Understanding “understanding” in Public Understanding of Science, Joanna K. Huxster, Matthew H. Slater, Jason Leddington, Victor LoPiccolo, Jeffrey Bergman, Mack Jones, Caroline McGlynn, Nicolas Diaz, Nathan Aspinall, Julia Bresticker, and Melissa Hopkins


“Why (not) philosophy of stand-up comedy?”, Sheila Lintott


Pluto and the Platypus: An Odd Ball and an Odd Duck — On Classificatory Norms, Matthew H. Slater

Journal Submissions from 2016

The Experience of Magic, Jason Leddington


Superiority in Humor Theory, Sheila Lintott


Sex Objects and Sexy Subjects: A Feminist Reclamation of Sexiness, Sheila Lintott and Sherri Irvin


Inclusive Pedagogy: Beyond Simple Content, Sheila Lintott and LIssa Skitolsky

Journal Submissions from 2015

Friendship and Bias: Ethical and Epistemic Considerations, Sheila Lintott


Sheila Lintott, “Friendship and Bias: Ethical and Epistemic Considerations,”, Sheila Lintott


Natural Kindness, Matthew H. Slater

Journal Submissions from 2014

Leaving the Garden: al-Razi and Nietzsche as Wayward Epicureans, Peter S. Groff

A Novel Exercise for Teaching the Philosophy of Science, Gary Hardcastle and Matthew H. Slater


"The Biodiversity Problem: Ethics, Science, and Policy", Matthew H. Slater

Journal Submissions from 2013

Cell Types as Natural Kinds, Matthew H. Slater

Books from 2012

Reference and Referring, William P. Kabasenche, Michael O'Rourke, and Matthew H. Slater

Essays on Personhood and Transhumanism/H+, Jonathan Lyons

The Environment: Philosophy, Science, and Ethics, Matthew H. Slater, William P. Kabasenche, and Michael O'Rourke

Books from 2011

Carving Nature at its Joints: Natural Kinds in Metaphysics and Science, Joseph Keim Campbell, Michael O'Rourke, and Matthew H. Slater