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Ed Cairns


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This video provides some of the psychological problems associated with the Troubles. Ed Cairns starts off with listing and explaining a few Freudian theories associated with the NI conflict. Then he talks about some associated myths with psychology, which then leads to the social identity theory which he spends a good deal of time talking about. At the very end, he opens the floor up to questions and fields a few before the tape ends.


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Ed Cairns

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For the first half of the video, Ed Cairns is standing next to the screen displaying his presentation which is easily seen. Then he moves to his right for some reason which makes most of the screen unable to be viewed. But throughout the tape, Ed Cairns' waist and up is shown as he stands behind a table. The video quality is good. The lighting may be a little difficult because there are bright windows right behind the subject, but it shouldn't be a big deal. The audio quality is excellent because Ed has a mic on him which picks up everything that he says. But because of this, the audience's questions are difficult to hear. But since there is only a couple questions on this tape, the audio overall is very good.

Ed Cairns


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