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Maureen Heatherington

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Maureen Heatherington


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Maureen Heatherington talked about the projects that she works on and her personal experiences and how that has translated to the workplace. She also talks at the end of how Northern Ireland can change for the better, but it is taking too long.


Maureen Heatherington, Derry City Council, mediation, reconciliation, conciliation, peace process, conflict resolution, community relations, youth, healing, anti-sectarianism, moving on

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Maureen Heatherington

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A sitting Maureen Heatherington is found and the lighting is good and she is easily seen. The audio from Ms. Heatherington was OK. Any questions or comments from the interviewers were awful to hear, but the subject was heard well enough. Throughout the entire video, the video quality was fair.

Maureen Heatherington


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