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Kevin Hasson & Tom Kelly

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Kevin Hasson & Tom Kelly


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The Bogside Artists have created a mural gallery on the walls of houses in the Bogside of Derry facing the walls of the central city. They have become an iconic representation of the history of Bloody Sunday which happened on the site of the murals. This tape is a discussion of how the muralists have secured permission to paint murals on the sides of buildings and how they raise funds for the materials they need to do the painting. This tape was done as they were planning and beginning to execute a new mural where the home resident was somewhat resistant to the request to have a mural on her home.



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Kevin Hasson & Tom Kelly

Video characteristics

The two men are sitting on either side of a table, facing the camera, and responding to interview questions. The interview was carried out in the Bogside Artists' studio indoors and there is a buzz from fluorescent lighting that is noticable. The interviewer's voice is loud and somewhat harsh and the men talk in softer voices, but they are easy to understand.

Topics covered

The tape discusses the overall philosophy of their mural painting, how and why they gain community support, and what the process is of developing and executing a mural project.

Kevin Hasson & Tom Kelly


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