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Belfast Harbour Tour

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Belfast Harbour Tour


Carl Milofsky


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This camera is sitting to the back-right of the female tour guide. This is usually a MS shot of her waist and up. The camera is shaky throughout and can be distracting at many moments. Most of the time, you only see the back of the woman's head which is annoying. The quality of the camera is fair. The audio is poor due to the noise of the engine, traffic, and the poor sound system of the bus.


Tour guide through Belfast. Topics covered are the Titanic Shipping Yard, Murals of Belfast



Topics covered

Titanic Ship Yard, Murals (UFF, Ulster Past Defenders, Cuchulainn, release of political prisoners). Historical events and Irish History in a neutral way, neighborhoods, employment rights, northern irish population


Titanic, Belfast Murals, Historical Events, Neighborhoods, Employment Rights, Linen Library Hall, Queen Victoria, Victorian Era, Customs Hall, Odyssey, Discovery Center, IRA, INLA, Loyalist, Ulster Freedom Fighters, UFF, UK, United Kingdom, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Cuchulainn, Ulster, Protestant, Catholic, Thorndyke Street, the Troubles, East Belfast

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Belfast Harbour Tour


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